I decided I wouldn’t go into the office today.

I had planned to but the sun is shining here in the UK, something that has been a rare occurrence lately so I decided I’d take my family to Whitby for the day. Then I’m off to the Yorkshire dales for a couple of days visiting friends.

This made me realise just a few short years ago this would not be possible. How many people are lucky enough to say ‘sod it’ I’m not going into work today?

Now I’m not trying to brag here, I’m trying to let you know that if I can do this anyone can.

I come from a background where the only jobs I qualified for was factory work and manual labour. In fact I worked as a human robot for over 10 years in a car plant. So if you can relate to this it can be done.

In fact I still have to pinch myself because of the lifestyle I lead. Let me give you an example…

This year my oldest son turned 17 and straight away he started to learn to drive, he passed his driving test in May and a week later I bought him his first car with one years insurance. Ouch! Insuring a 17 year old is expensive.

The point I am trying to make here is a few years ago I could never afford to pay for my sons driving lessons never mind buy him a car.

And all this has happened because I sell information on the Internet. Never forget people are prepared to pay for information. Information you can create.

So if you are just starting out and wondering if it can be done, it can. The information age is still in it’s infancy. Anyone can sell information on the Internet and that includes you!

But you have to keep it going, you have to keep churning out product after product.

In fact I have released a brand new information product this week and I plan to release another in a few weeks time but as it’s something I enjoy doing I don’t see it as real work.

Work used to be waking up to an alarm and being told what to do, do you know I even had to ask to use the toilet, how degrading is that? Now I get up when I wake up. I do what I want when I want and that sure beats building cars for a living.

So if you are reading this and you still haven’t created your first information product do it, it really could change your life.

Now this is where I should recommend a product but that’s not what this post is about, it’s about letting you know you can change your life by selling information. In fact if you need help creating a product let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.

I just want to show you if I can do it believe me anyone can.

I look forward to your replies.

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    • Randy Smith

      If I’d known you were coming to Yorkshire John, I’d have had a beer waiting πŸ˜‰

      Great post – as it reminds me that thanks to you … I too can do similar.
      I’ll freely admit that the money I make pays the bills with never enough left over for the things I might like to do…

      But having the choice to do what I want when I want is just brilliant!
      Plus the income does keep increasing as time goes by πŸ™‚
      (Then again – I’m sure it could increase faster if I worked more – but that’s the point… I choose to enjoy life, and I can thanks largely to you!)


    • Paul Hooper

      Hi John,

      An inspirational post, but also a very important message that you relay too. To make a success online can give you the freedom you may never have dreamed of before. You’re right, it is an incredible job and I have never spoken to anyone who works in internet marketing who doesn’t enjoy it.
      I have followed your success for a while John and watched and learned from you on many occassion, including being on your coaching class. But I always get another great lesson from you when ever I read your Blog posts and that is to keep going until you succeed. I love the fact that you still love this job and have to pinch yourself sometimes also.
      Thanks again John.


    • Craig Stringham

      Hello John,
      You are an inspiration to many, and to see where you came from and where you are today gives us REAL HOPE in achieving our dreams also.
      Enjoy your family time…because there will always be time for working.
      Carry On…
      and GREAT JOB!! by the way πŸ˜‰

    • Stanley Ng Wai Yu

      Hi John,

      I really enjoy each time I read your blog.
      I also wanted to have a lifestyle as yours, do whatever we wish to do and do not tie down to 9-5 day job.

      I am in the midst of creating my very own information product. I have a dream whereby If I really earn my budget in my internet business. Can I have the permission to meet you in real person? To have a appreaciation to you for being so honest to all your readers. I would bring our Malaysian most famous coffee to you.

      Thanks. :O)


    • Keith Dean

      Great post John and very inspiring especially for newbies like me to Internet Marketing. I am doing this full time and learning a lot from established people such as yourself.

      It gives me motivation to get to the stage where I can take a day off with my kids who are 21, 18 and 16 all this year!

      Keep it going John and enjoy your day out in Whitby.

      Keith Dean

    • Nikki

      Hi John,

      What an excellent and timely reminder. I also live in the UK so have been amazed at the bit of sunshine we’re having today, and on my drive to work this morning to sit in the office I was thinking “there has to be more to life than this”.

      So thank you for providing the reminder that yes, there are alternatives to the cube farm of an office block, and that we really can make our lives into something that we enjoy.

      Now it’s just finding something to create! How do you get inspiration for what kind of product to create next?



    • Ray Johnson

      Hi John

      Im SO excited when I hear your story mate…


      Because my story is so similar.

      My family hail from the North East, in Ashington (Newcastle) and my stepdad, his family and me all worked for Jaguar Cars, me in the “Vehicle Durability Test” department.

      I used to think this was a great job, getting driven around test tracks in almost “supercars” and listening for squeaks and rattles but even that doesn’t compare to the life I lead now…

      Now OK Im not as financially comfortable as you YET, but I have a good lifestyle, I make a nice income, we have all the luxuries we thought we’d never have, I drive a BMW 7 SERIES (I’m a traitor to Jaguar I know) – but I KNOW the formula for success and will keep going until I get there… it is just a matter of time… you know I’m a battler JT πŸ™‚

      Anyone can do IM, the biggest challenge is sticking with it in the early days…

      Anyways just my 2 cents, have a cool trip to the Dales mate.

      PS What car did you buy your son? I remember my first quote on my first BMW 328i was Β£10,000 (the car was worth Β£6000) LOL

    • Kelwyn S

      Hi John,
      I have been following your work and in all honesty, you seem to be one of the more genuine guys out there. Please keep up the good work.

      Actually, I have been working on an ebook which is made up of screen shots of one of your ebooks about making profits on eBay. I would love to discuss it with you some time soon.

    • Denise A Sinclair

      Thank you John for this post it is really inspirational and I am happy for you.

    • Patrick Wooley


      You’re truly an inspiration to hundreds, if not thousands, of people starting out on the internet. Your coaching class is awesome and the products you create are not only great products, but very educational in their presentation also. You’ve built an incredible business online and still you remain one of the most ethical people online, a rarity in the internet marketing world.

      I’m happy to have a mentor that actually cares about their students and know that by following your advice I am setting myself up for success online. This can be seen in your other very successful students also. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, you deserve it. Take care and have a great trip. See you in the masterclass.

      Patrick Wooley

    • Eddy Rush

      Well done John.

      I also worked in a plastics factory for 7 years and saw grown men cry with frustration.

      The factory was sweltering hot in the summertime from the heat of the machines and air conditioning was non existant. To make matters worse, we had to be fully clothed at all times to guard against lead poisoning and in the winter the factory was freezing.

      The machines were never turned off and you had to eat ‘on the hoof’ and ask to go to the toilet – it sounds like a victorian workhouse doesn’t it but I swear it’s all true.

      I hope to be doing as well you one day and intend to stick at it til I do.



      P.S. Whitby is place close to mine and my girlfriends hearts, especially the Magpie Restaurant and the Duke of York pub in the bay πŸ™‚

    • Jacinta Dean

      Hi John,

      Congratulations on your achievements!! You are an inspiration to us all both as an achiever, as well as an excellent mentor and teacher.

      You are one of those rare Internet Marketers that actually walks the talk! You started like most of us but the best thing of all is that you share your knowledge and teach what you have learned as well.

      As one of your students I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am now online if it wasn’t for learning from you.

      Thank you for being an awesome inspiration and teacher, and thank you for being REAL!

      I look forward to constantly learning from you.

      Kind Regards

      Jacinta πŸ˜€

    • Suzanne Morrison

      Hi John,

      Great inspirational post! I always enjoy reading your emails & blog posts.

      Quite right of you to take advantage of a sunny day in the UK as days like that are so random & unpredictable here (even more so up in Scotland where I am).

      I started working full time online a couple of years ago and I like to do the same thing whenever I can. One of the best things about working for yourself is that there is no boss to answer to πŸ™‚


    • Andrew Vaughan

      Hi John,

      I hope there’s some budding entrepreneurs out there who will take your advice.

      I did and with John’s help, I now have my first product completed.

      Thanks John and keep up the great work.


    • Kathy Dobson

      This is exactly why I am taking your MasterClass course. I want Freedom! It’s not that it doesn’t take hard work…especially in the beginning, but I want to decide when to do that work…around my schedule and lifestyle. I am simply tired of answering to others.
      It’s stories like the one you just told that keep me focused and aware of the fact that I too can achieve this kind of financial and personal freedom.
      Keep the inspiration coming!

    • Eddie


      I have to admit you and a few of your other partners have inspired me to build an online empire. I am just starting out and recently completed your Resell Right Blueprint course it has been doing wonders for me. I have learned SOOO much. I am quite determined and motivated to reach the same status level in the near future. I am working with PLR right now however I am gathering my information and getting ready to start on my own product. I have taken much of your advice and confident I am on the right path. SOME DAY SOON I WILL NOT HAVE TO GO TO WORK TOO!! Thanks John.

    • Barry Wells

      Hi John, hope that you have a great day with your family.

      I know exactly what you mean about your sons car and insurance. My son has also started driving recently and the insurance is just unbelievable, Β£2,500 3rd party fire & theft on a car that cost Β£1,000.

      I’ve taken a leaf out of your book John and have created my very own ebook. It’s about easing the finacial squeeze that most people are under at the moment with the power of eBay. It shows you how to research the market on ebay, along with setting up a shop, sourcing the products to sell from it, tips and techniques for successful listing.

      Why am i telling you about it? You wrote me a testamonial for my sales page! “Thank you”. Well John it has now gone live and you can find it at:

      Thanks again for all the help and encouragement John, you’re a TOP MAN.

      Have a great family day and enjoy your weekend.
      Respect & Regards

    • Alex

      Hi john,

      Love this post, really inspiring.

      I am currently not working due to the industry I was in going dead.

      I recently got the Butterfly Marketing course through your link and have watched some of the videos but not all yet as I am trying to write the content for the site. Creating the product is not a problem the subject I have chosen I know a lot about and love it. When it will come to writing the sales page I am a bit worried that it will not be good enough or give my product justice do you have any advice for when I get to this stage.

      Always appreciate and trust your advice.

      Thanks again.


    • Tim

      Inspiring John, that’s what I’m hoping to be able to do through IM not having lots of money particularly (although that would be nice), but to be able to have the choice whether you go into work or not and also being able to look after those around you. I’d love to be in the position to buy my Girlfriend and my Sister a new car (not brand new just new to them), I have this vision of having 5 – 8 cars lined up for them to test drive and then presenting them with the keys to the one they’ve chosen at the end.
      The problem is when you’re just starting out this seems like a million miles away, like an apple at the top of the tree always just out of reach – But today after reading your post I do feel a little more inspired – thanks John

    • Reg B.

      Hi John…
      Love that new blog… Been following you and Jim Ccckrum for a few years…I just lost my JOB last Friday… Let me tell you the shoet version I’m 60 yrs. old and I’m too young too retire and too old for anyone to hire me… Ok I have bought the resale rights program got all your video’s (which are good). But know I have to make this work, eraning money online… You know what scares me the most is doing my first one… Getting the PLR to a server, putting in my optin form, knowing the right things to say in my follow through e-mails on Aweber. Yes you inspire me everytime I read one of your e-mails you and Jim are not like the other Gurus… See I understand we need to give something before we make money. I have always been for helping people.. That’s what I will be doing with my spare time but I need to erand some money to live first. Ok I talked too much.
      Have a wonderful Hoilday with your family.

      Your customer
      Reg B. USA

    • Mandy Allen

      Great post, John. I aspire to be in your shoes very soon! I’m sure Masterclass will be my stepping stone to that success.

      Enjoy the journey.


    • Paul Lear

      Hi John,

      A very inspiring & motivational post, I’m just starting out and plan to create my first info product soon. I’m going to start working on a free report of some kind first though to help build my list.

      Is your latest product JV Auction Profits? Or is there another you’ve brought out recently that I’ve missed.


    • Gwen

      Thanks for the post John. As one of your coaching students (you may not even remember me because I’m months and months and months behind! LOL) I think the biggest hurdle for me and others is getting that first product complete! I recently posted on my blog that I won’t deny myself the pleasure of coming so close to finishing and then stopping. You and your MasterClass students and my fellow coaching students are an inspiration to me and have gotten me re-motivated to finish my first ebook πŸ™‚

    • Beth from LiveYour24.com

      John – What an inspirational post that was! You are honestly one of a few “internet marketers” that I truly respect. The fact that you share who you are with millions of people says a lot.

      I have been fortunate enough to take a flying leap out of the 9-to-5 world. People like you who share your honest experiences gave me the courage to say ‘sod it’ as you would say..lol.

      Instead of rushing around this morning to get dressed, chug some coffee and head off for an hour commute to a darn boring and un-fulfilling job, I took the opportunity to take a lovely walk around the neighborhood just as the sun was rising above tree level and before it gets too hot/humid.

      Thank you for all that you do πŸ™‚ And ENJOY the sunshine!

    • Ralph

      Inspiring post! Enjoyed the eBay Powerseller CD and also your Auction Profit Streams book so I will be taking advantage of this crazy low price and buying JV Auction Profits right away! Take care,

    • John Edwards

      Hi John,

      I can strongly relate to your story at this moment in time , i work twelve hour nights in a plastic moulding company where i have to ask to go for a drink so my FOUR machines can be relieved and covered, i am on your masterclass program and i am creating a product including illustrations on “selling skincare products on eBay”!

      I detest my job that much, that i am hoping and even praying when i launch on Clickbank it will start my first of many income streams, leading to me being free forever, my friend encourages me as he knows what i go through at work, and i am trying hard.

      I am going to call my business “The Digital Word” and within that i will have three business models that you have taught me, “My own products” “Resale rights products from PLR” and “Butterfly marketing sites”, i have tried online ventures before that failed so badly, without sounding dramatic left me virtually a broken man, knowing i was still trapped at the JOB!

      However, even my friend has looked at the masterclass course and told me
      ” This is the one, keep going”!

      Anyway John (rambling over), thanks for your post, excellent,you are a good man, and enjoy you`re success, you might remember me from the masterclass webinar as the (Turtle keeper)!

      Thanks John….John.

    • Daniel Howard

      Hi John

      Great post, with the recession still going on, people just don’t have a job for life anymore, people fear that starting an online business can be hard work, and long hours and that’s correct, but working for yourself in this business can have some great benefits’.

      Have a great time with the family john,



    • John McNally

      Quite an inspiration John, thanks for this. Enjoy your break to Whitby and the Dales, hope the weather keeps good for you.

    • Darrel Ferguson

      John, You enjoy the day. I appreciate everything you have done for me.

      I am one of your Master Class students with 27 week of your training under my belt. Well my first info product is in clickbank for review as we speak. I agree anyone can make a lot of money on line, but there is just one think.

      You must have a mentor “like You” that breaks all the steps down into bit size videos. Sort of like how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. LOL I just know that your present Master Class of 80+ students are all doing well and I know I speak for them when I say. Thanks so much for all your help. Oh! by the way I am also taking the day Off.

      Of course I am just going to the sunny beaches in Pensacola, Florida.


      Thanks so much for all your hard work helping us.

      Darrel Ferguson

    • Graeme Ashe

      Hi John

      Great post.

      The suns shining up here in Glasgow too, what a rarity that is!!

      I’ve worked in factory too so I know what its like, but to tell you the truth after motivating myself to get out of the factory while working there I studied at college at night to do computer programming. I gained employment in that and to tell you the truth its not much better than the factory still getting told what to do still feel as if your on a production line having to produce tons of programs. You are an inspiration to us all.

      I hope you enjoy your break and enjoy the time before your son gets on the road, lol.

      Take care


    • David J Swan

      Hi there John,

      You deserve a well earned rest with your Family, and whitby is a great place to go, I have taken on everything that you have shown us and although I am well behind, I am not in a race with anyone but myself. The info on the Resell Rights is a corker and I am astonished at the changes you were able to do to reach your latest ebook, great work and an inspiration to me!

      Kind regards


    • James Hughes

      Hi John

      Excellent post.

      Just goes to show with the right focus and determination you can get out of the ‘having to work’ situation.

      Creating more freedom for yourself to spend days with family and friends is what its all about!

      Best Regards


    • Ron Marshall

      Howdy John,

      Thanks, – I needed to read that post — Gives me the encouragement I need to keep on going.

      Thanks again,

    • Rod Macbeth

      I’m a believer in what you can do with information products but posts like this always help keep one motivated. Thanks!

      Thanks also, John, for all the free help and information you’ve provided me. It’s been a great help.


    • Jay Mueller

      Hey JT,

      The weather is really nice here in Virginia today also. I was planning on working hard on promoting my new product and all, but with the sun and cool breeze out my Harley was calling me. So I decided to go for a 4 hour ride in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

      I feel rejuvinated now, so am just getting back to computers business.

      Thanks for the update. You sure don’t post much anymore.


    • Dave Nicholson

      Hey John,

      I had exactly the same idea, except I went to visit the grandparents and then do a spot of gardening, I’m now the proud owner of a new apple tree in my garden!
      Hope it stays sunny! πŸ™‚



    • Karmen

      I have been following u and I love how you make this process seem doable for everyone.I have been debating whether I should join you or Jim’s program. I sometimes suffer from internet ADD and lack focus . I have a partner who helps me and holds me accountable .

      Thanks for the inspiration !!



    • Andy Burton

      Thanks John, we all need a reminder now and again that money can be made if we work hard.
      Its been great watching you become successful over the years, how long is it I’ve known you now, 5 years?
      Don’t time fly πŸ™‚ when your having fun
      best wishes for the future.
      regards Blute

    • Nona Sangalang

      Hi John

      What an inspiring story! It’s the reason why I love the internet and how it connects people all around the world. I am also thankful I am alive in this period of time. I could have lived in the 15th century without these technological advances we are enjoying right now.

      Thank you for sharing your story ~ it proves IM can really change your life for the better. If you can do it, there is no reason why we can’t, regards.


    • Al Vaughan

      Hey John

      Whitby Fish & Chips, the best in the world, almost makes me want to take another trip over. Thanks for your insperational posts, I always look forward to reading them.
      My best to you and your family.

    • Andy Cockayne

      Great post John, it inspires to inspire!

      Having just returned from a week on the Algarve and desperately wanting to return permanently, your post really makes me believe anything is possible!



    • Mike Mott

      Hi John

      Nice post.

      Look forward to the day when I can reep the same rewards! Thanks for all your help and advice.

    • Eruwan Gerry

      Great post John,

      I keeps me motivated to achieve my own goals in life!

      Keep it coming…

    • Steve

      Hi John,

      Nice to know you can appreciate the position you have reached and also that you still remember what it’s like to be part of the “daily grind”. I hope one day to be able to have this lifestyle, it won’t be for the want of trying !

      All the best,

    • Ralph

      As an inaugural student in Dean Holland’s Starting With Marketing Academy class, I’d like to tell you a taste of what I have learned 3 weeks into the 6 week class:
      1) Online marketing needs a positive attitude–it ain’t easy.
      Believe it and achieve it.
      2) This is about BUSINESS.
      3) Social networking / new media is a new effective advertising source.

      Take a peek at my “class notes” over at my blog if you’d like to learn more. the new class starts in about a month….

    • Ann Martinez

      Thanks John,
      Your story is so inspiring. You paint a very clear picture of where you have been and show gratitude for your life today, plus a sincere and honest desire to help others along the way.
      I am so grateful for all that I’ve already learned from your mentoring.

      In gratitude,


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    • Mary

      Good on you, John, and Dave too!

    • Sokol

      I can really relate to being quilified for factory work only. At 18 I got hired by a big 3 supplier. I worked there until I was layed off in june of 2008, in august of 2009 I got a job at another GM and Chrysler suupplier as a Material-Handler again and I just quit it by Dec 9th 2009. it hit me that I really had enogh of as you said (robot work). I just turned my shoulds into musts and I’m so happy. I believe in Ready, Fire, Aim attitude to success. now Im going through the ready stage, thats how I got to your website.

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