I finally have my office set up the way I want it and I can now show you round.

I know an office isn’t for everyone but this may help you decide if an office environment is for you. Let me tell you this is one of the best things I have done to build my business. To take the video tour and find out more simply click here.

As always feel free to share your comments.

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    • Lee Jones

      Thanks for the Video – Nice clean and very tidy John – You put me to shame, as my office is always in a mess

      All the best to you John

      Lee Jones

    • Tracey

      Great to see your new office.

      My ‘office’ is still a desk in my living room – and yes I have a lot of distractions but it suits me fine for now.

      Take care

    • Simon

      Totally agree with you John. We moved into our office back in February this year and productivity has boosted significantly. Also, being able to invite clients into the office and meetings rooms portrays such a professional look for the business.

      Keep up the good work John, always good to see your successful progress.

      Take care

    • Mandy Allen

      Great video, John. Thanks for sharing this with us. I guess the difference is you are now working for yourself instead of working for someone else. Dedicated space for your work is really important.

      Enjoy the journey.


    • Dan Briffa

      Alright John,

      Love the new office there!

      It looks very neat and tidy.. πŸ™‚

      I love the idea of an office, and something i have been thinking about for a little while, but my business is still growing and in early stages, so perhaps mabye not just yet..

      But i will deffo be looking for one in the future.

      Well done for reaching this far, your always a great inspiration..

      Will have to arrange another meetup soon with the rest of the guys that were in London last!

      Went to a seminar last weekend with Dean Holland, and we met Chris Freville and some others for a drink there which was pretty cool..

      Anyhow, good luck with the new office mate, and hopefully i will catch up with you very soon.


    • Eddy Rush

      John your office looks fantastic – you are living the life I would love to live.

      Just get up and go to the office for a cuople of hours when you want and then come home and forget about it.

      No boss to deal with, no office politics, no enforced breaktimes – the ideal working lifestyle.

      Well done John you’ve earned it.

    • The Model Train Club

      John what you say is so true. I have the problem that because I work at home my lovely Wife thinks I can get a quick load of washing done every now and again and other little 5 minute tasks…

      I think the main point is that IM is a business, so an office is a necessary expense. The extra productivity far outweighs any savings from working at home.

      Well done John and keep showing us the way…



    • Stanley Ng Wai Yu

      Hi John,

      Great to see you have a nice and tidy office!!

      Beside that I can see your professionalism on your online business.
      Well done!!


    • Newbie Traffic Guide

      Hi John,

      Most of the top marketers have been talking about moving into offices and out of the spare bedroom in the past couple of years.

      Got to say it is vital to distinguish between work and play. I spend far too much time online with the TV on thinking I’m getting stuff done, but making little or no progress.


    • Lee McKenna

      Hi John,

      Very nice office. Ive been thinking of getting an office myself and now watching this I know I will do it one day soon.

      Keep up the good work.

      Lee Mckenna

    • Daniel Howard

      Hey John

      Congrats with your new office… looks awesome

      Like you said to grow your business, you simply need an office to stay productive, and focused on entirely on the business itself, not watching sky sports while working like me.

      Look forward to new videos.

      And well done

      Daniel Howard

    • Randy Smith

      Nice office John πŸ™‚

      2 things though….

      1 – I hope you have a lift!!!!!
      Otherwise I can see why the day would be productive – who would fancy nine floors to run back up if you forgot to turn off the pc….lol

      2 – I didn’t see the Priority piece of furniture….. The Coffee Maker!!

      One must have caffeine if one is expected to work…hehe

      P.S. – Hope you’re still OK for Monday, looking forward to buying you lunch πŸ™‚

    • Nona Sangalang

      Hello John
      This is a great video of your new office and am glad to see the face of my mentor! At your level in the IM totem pole I guess you need an office to be more creative in your field. It is also a good advertisement to your clients that you have arrived so to speak. In my case my office is simply my cluttered bedroom at the moment, but I don’t lose sight that someday I will also be successful and who knows will need a bigger office! Thanks for keeping me in the loop, warm regards.

    • Lori Pirog

      Thanks for sharing John!

      There ARE too many distractions at home. Seeing what you’ve achieved gives me something to aim for. I’m not ready quite yet to handle the additional expense but I’m hoping that will change soon.


    • Patrick Wooley


      Congratulations in your next phase of continuing success. The view is nice from up there. But more importantly, now you have the space without the household distractions to get to business.

      Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Separation of home and business is important for productivity and drives the point home that it is in fact a business, not just a hobby. Great for the mindset. I wish you all the best and thanks for sharing of yourself. Take care.



      Hi, John. Thanks for showing me the great new office.

      Gooshh~ That makes me to have a nice office like yours. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Stuart Turnbull


      Inspirational stuff, as always, John.

      I know an office will boost my business as I too have many distractions at home.

      My business needs to grow before I can afford the cost but I know with your continued advice and support I will get there.

      Stuart Turnbull

    • Andres Luna

      Well done John, even when it’s only My wife and I at our home and we have 3 spare bedrooms since our daugthers had married and moved away. I do believe that having your own office somewhere, where you can invite guest for interviews or whatever business related matters will look better that having them sitting at your home office or living room. Thank you for showing us that it can be done.

      Andres Luna

    • Paul Brown

      Hi John,

      Now I am jealous, My revamped office is a spare room with countless distractions. I agree that without the distractions a lot more work can be done but for now I’m going to have to working at home and juggling work, home life and anything else that comes along.

      Well done to you, You worked for it and well deserve the success you have. If it wasn’t for you I would not be doing this now, You are a great inspiration to many and I am sure that with the new office more excellent products will be coming.

      Keep up the good work

      Paul Brown

    • Blog Setup Tutorials

      Hey John,

      Like the new office, very spaceous πŸ˜‰

      Have you got the golf putter thingy yet, that all the execs have lol !!

      Best of Luck

      Speak Soon


    • Mark McWilliams

      You office looks superb John and the layout appears to be good from what I can tell, you’ve picked up a nice little work area where you can get things done without disturbing the family! πŸ™‚

      I’d love to get an office of my own, or at least a place I can just get on with it!… I’m sitting here right now with the TV in my sights, watching the tennis! – So it’s unavoidable at the moment, we just simply don’t have enough room, and I don’t have the cash needed to invest in an office! (Soon I hope though!)

      BTW I’m sure that Rubik’s Cube causes you a few distractions, the camera-man did a bad job trying to hide that! πŸ˜‰ Although I’m sure the view could distract you from time to time?

      I just need to come down and visit now! πŸ˜€


    • Steve

      Congrats on the office John, you certainly look very happy.

      I have my office at home at the moment and can’t wait to get an office of my own. No more doing the chores when I’m supposed to be working:)
      Good luck with the office you deserve every success.

    • Richard Darby

      That just what i want to do. Develop my it online business and get a small office working for myself.
      Thankyou for showing what can be achieved with a bit of ACTION.
      Youve really taken your business to new “heights”
      Get it!!! Ok never mind
      Thanks Again

    • anton

      Hi John,

      Congrats mate I expect we can see some new products from you soon.

      It is hard working from home as you say with all the distractions seeing as my daughter has jusy moved in next door it’s even harder.

      Guess I’ll have to get myself one of those


    • Darrel Ferguson


      Nice office. I know it will help your production.

      I run my own business and had to get my own set up. I will send you a video of my set up one. day.

      Thanks again for all your help in the Master Class.

      Darrel Ferguson

    • Ben Johnson

      Hi John

      Like the new office, I am in the process of leaving my full time job as we speak. I have built up an income I am happy with and the next step for me is to move away from my ‘day job’. I hope one day to be able to make the step after that which will be to have my own office.

      I totally agree there will be less distrations, initially I will be working from home but I have set up the spare room so I can shut the door after work and not go back in.

      Good luck in your new space.

      Ben πŸ™‚

    • John Edwards

      Hi John,

      Like everything in your business to me you have sensibly moved and grown with the tide of your business, when i think about what you have achieved from where you where in the factory is immense and inspirational because i still work in one now on twelve hour nights and i want to look back like you do now!

      But more importantly, i respect you most because you have kept your feet on the ground, good luck and enjoy the new office!

      Cheers John….John.

    • AWord

      Hello Mr. Thornhill…great office. I agree with you, creation and creative contemplation and manifestation always happens in quiet, dark, peaceful surroundings. My best to you and your business success.

    • Kong

      Hey John,

      Thanks for sharing this video. It’s makes me feel more motivated.
      I know that when you’re able to move your business from home to an office space, you’re making the good money.


    • Steve Deerfield

      John that was a thoroughly enjoyable visit with you. It means a lot to see how you’re managing your business and home life now. Your new office is very cool. I especially like the balcony with sliders and the natural light. Best wishes, Steve D

    • Alex Kaplo

      Hey great video,

      Thanks for sharing what your office looks like John, I was curious to know how you setup everything. Best of luck and hope your business will explode even more now that your mindset has changed.



    • Hermina

      Hi John,
      I always thought that the ultimate dream was a ‘home business’ so you could have a relaxed life-style. Now you are saying that it is much better to sit in a small office nine stories high, with the traffic going all day under your window. But I see your point, because we have a business from home and stuff is everywhere. Motor bike parts in my office, in the kitchen, in the diningroom. We even can’t have visitors for tea, because the table is full of spare parts that have to be listed. So good luck to you and have a great time out there.
      Cheers from Hermina, one of your newsletter subscribers.

    • Rob Corrigan

      Hi John nice office, I always wanted to work from home but never got much done with all the distractions and interuptions. One day I will have my own but have found a rather different solution to the problem. I made the pub my office. The full story is on my blog


      Well done John



    • Keith Purkiss

      @ Hermina – you really need an office.
      If your doing physical product it’s more important as it takes up space. I moved mine about five years ago into a shop and employed an assistant to run it which left me free to build the business.

      I won’t be releasing a photo of mine unless it’s tidied up a lot fisrt πŸ˜‰

    • john kelly

      Great to hear you share the temptations of lesser marketers like myself John, but Jesus, more productive, is that possible? You already seem to have an assembly line.
      Anyway good to see you in the flesh, so to speak.
      Cheer JJ

    • Robert

      Hi John,

      Awesome office set-up, really smart.

      I’ve always been of the opinion that Internet Marketers should tear away their home personal life from their business life as much as possible and, I guess, this is one of the best ways to go about doing it!

      Great stuff!

    • Jay Mueller

      Hey JT,

      Nice work space! My wife (Lynne) and I had wrote several posts on our blog concerning Home Business and during our research we determined that it is really a must to have a separate work space where you can close off the bussel of the family. I would suggest this to anyone who has a home business.

      We also determined that the more areas that you delve into the more important the separate space is and may even require you no longer work from home. When I move into my retirement home in a year or so, I have already decided to build a business area in my workshop/garage. It is a separate building with power, lights, heating and cooling. All I have to do is fabricate a room.

      Like I said, nice work space. Hope it is everything you need to keep helping us be successful.


    • Ken Biddle

      Hi John,
      Thanks for sharing the video. Looks great, I know what you mean with the distractions.

      If I come to visit, you will not get me out on the balcony either – lol

      For anyone else reading these comments, if you would like to get started on the internet or are just not doing very well then you should seriously think about a mentor.

      I can tell you now from personal experience that you will notfind a better mentor than John. (And know he’s not paying me to say that)
      Do yourself a favour and check out Johns Masterclass. You won’t be disappointed.

      John, you have always remaind with your feet planted firmly on the floor offering sound, practical, and informed advice and coaching. All the very best John, you deserve all the success you can get.


    • PLR Videos

      Pretty nifty and tidy office you have here. Well, mine is not as spic and span but that only proves, how busy I am! lol πŸ˜‰

    • Ray Cassidy

      Very swish – you almost Sune’erlan’ sound salubrious πŸ˜‰ I can echo your sentiment about the distraction ofthe kitchen about 2 metres away!!!!

      Your MPW launch is a real beast of a product, and it’s just the fear of buying into yet another shiney distraction that’s holding me back at the moment. Yet I have got the feeling that you guys have put a lot of heart and soul into this project so I think I might just risk the Β£120 as I have several niches to attack imminently!!

      All the very best, from the Carlisle Marketer,

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