Since I launched Profit From PLR I have had a few questions so I thought I’d share the most common questions with you.

Q: Is Profit From PLR as easy to follow as you say it is, I mean is it really step by step? I have limited technical skills and I don’t think I’ll be able to follow your course.

A: Yes, Profit From PLR is very very easy to follow. I have created a series of step by step videos and all you have to do is watch and copy. You can also pause the videos if you need to. I have also created a check sheet which you print off and simply tick each task as it is completed.

Q: Do you use the methods you actually teach yourself? Most marketers make money telling you how to make money so what makes you any different?

A: Yes, I do use the methods I teach myself, in fact I create a product from PLR material right in front of you. If you want to see the finished product that I used when creating the videos for Profit From PLR go to and check it out for yourself.

Q: How much work will I have to put in to make this work?

A: Unlike most ‘business in a box’ type products that never usually work you will have to put some initial work in. I would estimate you will need to work for around 8-16 hours to set everything up, but don’t worry as I show you everything that needs to be done. Once your product is set up you’re done and everything works on autopilot. Then all you have to do is move onto the next product, and the next, and the next…

Q: What if I buy your product and I am not happy with it?

A: That’s not a problem, if for whatever reason you are not 100% delighted with your purchase let me know and I’ll refund you. I want you to be happy with your purchase.

Q: Why are you only charging $37 for this, there’s a catch right?

A: Nope! There’s no catch, $37 is all you will pay for this complete step by step home study course, however I will be putting the price up to $97 on Tuesday August 25th so you’d better hurry if you want to purchase at the launch price.

Q: What if I need support, will you help me? I only ask as I’m tired of buying a product only to find I have to wait days for a reply to any questions I have or worse still receive no support at all.

A: I take pride in my support and can promise if you have any issues or problems they will be resolved within 24 hours, usually much sooner.

Q: OK John you’ve sold me, what do I have to do?

A: Simply go to

Q: I have another question.

A: No problem, simply leave your comment/question below and I’ll personally respond.

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    • Sean Beardmore

      Hi John,

      I have been seriously considering about your product since you launched and I am closer to making that final decision, which will be a positive one.

      It is obvious to me that this is the best way and quickest way to move forward.

      Now, bearing in mind, I am starting to establish myself having being mentored by ALex Jeffreys over the last few weeks, well over a month in fact, that I have a small following and small list which = a small audience, at the moment anyway, I was hoping you may be able to guide me with launching the right product at the right price as I want be able to create value.

      However, my only question is this, deciding which PLR product to create and promote. I have a good selection of products with PSD files, Source Files and Web Copy and need to put my own stamp on them as you will show on your course.

      Hope I’m making sense with my question which really is choosing the right product niche to adapt/create, given my intermediate newbie stage! 🙂

      If the answer is in your product, I’ll guess I’ll buy it 😉

      Look forward to hearing back from you.


      Reply by John

      Hi Sean,

      Yes, the answer is in my product, in fact this is covered very early on in the second video.

    • Patricia

      Hi John, I am intrigued, however, I have a slow connection(Hi speed is not available where I live) and videos are a problem. Do you have the instructions in print?

      Reply by John

      Hi Patricia,

      I’m afraid I don’t but I do have the videos compressed into a zip file which can be downloaded even on a slow connection. It may take a while but once they’re downloaded you can watch the videos at your leisure.

    • Aidan Breslin

      For anyone considering this I’d highly recommend anythng which John puts together. I am currently just finishing off John’s training in another area where he has step-by-step videos on how to set up a particular type of marketing site (Butterfly Marketing).

      I can honestly say that John’s videos made it so easy – I had his video open in one window, and what he was instructing open in the other. I was able to just follow along with the video and do every step as I went along.

      Consequently I am now almost there with my new site, thanks to john.

      If you’re sitting on the fence, just do it. If you don’t like it, ask for a refund – there won’t be a problem with John

      I’ve been a customer of John’s for over a year now and I would highly recommend his products, and I have no alterior motive – whether you buy or don’t will make no difference to me, but it will make a difference to your online business in that it will make it a lot easier.

      Hope that helps

      Aidan Breslin

    • Barry Wells

      I agree with Aidan. I am currently taking part in one of John’s courses and I have to tell you that he is 100% trust worthy and good to his word. If you ever need his help he’s there, an email away, AND you ALWAYS get a reply, normally within 24hrs, FACT!

      His teaching techniques are second to none. As aidan said you simply have 2 windows open, watch and pause videos on one and carry out the instructions on the second, it doesn’t get easier than this.

      Look on it this way for $37.00 you get taught the knowledge, which you can apply over and over again, selling your own products for the same $37 or more each and every time. Remember, once you know you how YOU KNOW HOW FOREVER.

      John, I’m a masterclass student. Can i buy this now and put it on the back burner for later? It’s simply to good an offer to let pass me by.

      Reply by John

      Thanks for the comments Barry. If I were you I’d concentrate on the Masterclass for now as a lot of the techniques covered in Profit From PLR I have already taught you

    • Barry Wells

      Thanks John, you really are the TOP MAN.

      To all others, read the above comment and you’ll see that John is as honest as they come.

      Respect and Regards,

    • Joe

      Hi John,

      I’m interest to buy your product but I have a few question here.

      1) Do you teach us how to do market research to know which PLR product is going to sell like hot cakes ?
      2) Do you show us how and where to find the PLR product in our niche?
      3) Do you show us on video how to set up the beautiful website like yours ? I’m technical challenge. I don’t know how to create header and banner or ebook cover. Or we can outsource the job?
      4) Do you show us everything to create PLR products from start to finish and ready to sell on Clickbank ?

      Looking forward to your reply.


      Reply from John

      In response Joe,

      1) Yes, I show you how to identify hot markets and the best type of PLR product to use.
      2) Yes, I show you all the places I go for my PLR material.
      3) Yes, I build JV Auction Profits right in front of you.
      4) Yes, I cover everything start to finish

      Hope this helps.


    • Tim

      Hi John,

      I’ve been wanting to start and develop and Ebay Ebook biz using PLR products as the inventory source and have ebooks automatically delivered to buyers using Kunaki and My Digital Dispatch.

      I’ve reviewed the training steps in this product via Jim Cockrum’s site and love the easy step by step method you lay out for people to follow.

      It seems like you have quite a few products which address this type of business model however I don’t know which one to start with?
      90 day powerseller challenge
      Ebook Creator
      Profit from PLR etc..

      Can you tell me which product would be best to start with in developing an ebay plr ebook biz.



      Reply From John

      Hi Tim,

      If you want to sell information via eBay I would recommend

      Profit From PLR does not involve eBay at all and concentrates on selling products via ClickBank.


    • Richard

      Hello John:
      I purchased both your Resale Rights Blueprint and Ninety Day Powerseller courses and my question is: Is Profit from PLR
      just a rehash of the above two courses or do you cover new material and if so what? Thanks. Richard

      Reply From John

      No, this is completely new material. Resale Rights Blueprint covered using One Time Offers and Ninety Day PowerSeller covers mostly eBay. Profit From PLR covers everything you need to know about taking an ordinary PLR product and selling it on ClickBank.

    • Ken Biddle

      For anyone thinking of getting this new product of John’s I can highly recommend it. As john has already said, he shows you exactly how to build your own product in a step by step process. There are videos for each and every stage and it is just like you are sitting next to John as he shows you what to do.

      I market myself and have my own link for this product but whether you use my link or someone else’s I would urge you to get this course if you want to promote yourself as an expert in your own niche. Nothing adds more to your credibility than your own products, and creating your own product does not get any easier than using this step by step video course.

      John is one of the most respected internet marketers out there and there is good reason for his outstanding reputation.

      His products are always of outstanding value and this is no exception. I have reviewed it closely and it does not get any easier than this.

      For anyone reading this with any doubts, then I can assure you with complete honesty that it is of exceptional value at the full price. The fact that the launch price is so low you simply can’t go wrong.

      To your success
      Ken Biddle

    • Sean Beardmore

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the response.

      I’ll go get the videos now and
      let you know how it goes!



    • Paul Lear

      Hey John,

      From your experience, do products on ClickBank sell well, even if the product creator/author is relatively unknown?



      Reply From John

      Sure, there is no reason why a product from an unknown creator can’t sell, especially if you create a quality sales page, and I show you how to do that 🙂

      We all have to start somewhere and are all ‘unknown’ at the start.

    • Mark Terrell


      For anyone thinking of buying this product for just $37.00 should head therehead examined.

      Just get this quick !!!

      I have bought the product and can say it is one of the best $37 i have ever spent.

      The videos are very easy to follow and are of great value, i have never seen so many videos and content for just $37. I have paid $197 before for less videos and less information.

      I will be writing a review and study case on my blog, and i will be following each video and posting about the product i will make, following johns videos.

      Thank You John For Some Honest Straight Forward Information.

      Mark Terrell

    • Gwen

      Hi John,

      I was wondering if the Profit from PLR information is different than from that in the Coaching Program. I know, I know, I should finish that before starting something else 🙂


      Reply From John

      While it is different some of what I teach you will already know but you will still learn a lot from Profit From PLR

      Hope this helps

    • Tommy McLaughlin

      Hey John,

      I have to thank you as I have not been so excited about one of your products than I am with this one ….. a great addition …..

      Don’t have too much more to say than if anyone is unsure about what to do …. jump in and get a copy …. you need to push yourself to get going ….. you are also backed by John’s personal guarantee ….

      So what you got to lose?


    • Jay Mueller

      Hey John,

      Glad to see you are providing your terrific expertise for such a low price…..again.

      Personally I think you need to extend your $37 offer for another week and drive the JV contestants nuts. ;D

      Jay Mueller

    • Eddie


      I have been following you for a while and purchased several of your courses. ProfitFromPLR being the most recent and I have to say ITS AWESOME! I have only been in this arena for almost 90 days and already getting ready to get my first product into clickbank. You have been an awesome teacher. I have LEARNED so much just from Resell Rights BluePrint. This course ties it together really nicely in my opinion. Also.. A side NOTE to anyone that sat on the sidelines thinking John was bluffing. I URGE you to rethink this next time. I have found John to be one of the MOST honest marketers out there. When he says PRICE is going UP! Don’t hesitate its NOT a marketing ploy as his work is much more valuable then even $97 bucks. John, As I am learning almost everything I know from you I hope somewhere in the near future to become part of your Masterclass I have a little bit of money to spend to start building my business, but not yet at the level to afford your services personally. Until then I am motivated to do anything I need to do to reach the level of rank you are on sometime in the near future. Take care!!

      Eddie Junior

    • Robertino


      You really put the price up.
      You were not bluffing ?

      I’ll will have to send in the boys.
      Don’t worry, they will bring their own biscuits.

    • mick fallon

      Hi john i tried five times last night to pay for your product with switch before the price went up and it kept asking me to put the number in again noticed today the price has gone up so missed out “what can you do when your boots let in”i am going away for a week so if i have any spends left i might try agaain , just letting you know your switch wouldn’t accept my debit card
      cheers mick

    • Robertino

      Hi John,

      In the video over at around 00:51 into the video, you say “Especially when you consider, I’m making these fugures on 100% complete autopilot and only took me around 5 or 6 hours to set up this product.”

      Do you really mean that from start to finish, including rewriting, it took only 6 hours?

      Reply By John:

      Yes, you could do this in around 6 hours. Sometimes it could take longer but in the case of JV Auction Profits it took around 6 hours total work.

    • Roy Miller

      Could I ask with your knowledge and experience of the market. Would you produce a PLR product which is current to todays market or revise a product which has sold well and been popular in the past?

      Reply By John:

      I could do either, as long as the finished product provides value and is up to date.

    • Roy Miller

      In today’s internet market it is not unusual to receive information regarding product launches every other day.So you need to be selective in what you purchase and what you reject.Fortunatly I did not have that decision to make in the case of your PLR product,I purchased at the discount price as I can recognise a bargain when it appears.

    • Robertino

      Every dog has its day.
      I waited too long, mainly because I’m indecisive whether to go for my own product, or as a reseller of PLR.

      Still a good price though.

    • robin

      Just got your course. Im intrigued by your incorporation of an optin box into your clickbank products? I understand the reasoning behnd it, but How do your CB affiliates react to it?

      Personally I would pass on promoting a CB product in which the owner has their own OPtin-box.

      An optin box is an opportunity for my cookie to be overwritten and me losing the sale as the owner gets all the contact details, etc….

      are you banking on the fact that their or not so saavvy CB marketers who dont realize this and will continue to drive traffic to your salespage?

      Reply by John:

      I don’t (and neither do 99% of marketers) overwrite cookies, the fact I have an opt-in form makes my affiliates more money as it brings the potential customer back to my site.

    • Karen

      Hi John,

      I purchased PLR Profits after researching and I just had a great feel about it! I love writing so thought this was perfect for me. The videos are fantastic John made it so much more easier for the technically challenged like me and really related to your teaching style. I created a product re-writing 80% of it actually, the issue I’m facing now is with Clickbank and would love your advice please. I received my product from PLR Monthly on your recommendation the subject “YouTube Marketing” but Clickbank have come back with brief details saying they will not accept products that violate YouTube terms of service?! I’m confused over this as there are many digital products about “youtube” and I’m very diligent over the contents I write, NO out of this world money making claims etc, what questions can I ask them John? What step could I take to get approved? They are so brief with virtually no details. I would so appreciate your insight and time.

      Best Regards Karen
      New Zealand

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