Affiliate marketing is no newcomer in the field of online money-making. It is one of the more popular methods of creating an additional income.

It’s a popular method for those wanting to build an online business quickly and cost-efficiently.

However, most that get involved in affiliate marketing do not see profit quickly.

The reason is that so many mistakes are made leading to frustration and then the thoughts of giving up.

Many people with very little knowledge of affiliate marketing jump in and think they can simply get started and will immediately start making money.

This could not be further from the truth.

The reality

The reality is that affiliate marketing success doesn’t just happen overnight. It requires much work and commitment.

If you don’t have the correct guidance you will continue to waste time, money, and energy.

Affiliate marketing requires basic knowledge in areas such as: discovering which advertising method works best, different strategies to master, which affiliate programs to join, and which merchant products will perform the best just to mention a few.

There also tends to be a misconception about links and banners. Some think that they can clutter their website with a variety of links and affiliate banners. That simply isn’t effective.

All this does is confuse and frustrate any visitors you may get. Then they most likely will leave and not return.


Regardless of what your website looks like and how many affiliate links you are using, without traffic to your site, it’s a lost cause.

Affiliate marketing is all about advertising and getting traffic to your links. No traffic equates to no sales.

There are a variety of strategies used to send traffic to affiliate links. The key is to find some that work and stick to them.

The two basic problems that exist with most that are starting out in affiliate marketing are they don’t know how to go about getting traffic correctly or how to manage their product links.


If you are about to start affiliate marketing or are already marketing, you might want to seriously consider seeking out the help of a good mentor.

A quality mentor will help you with getting started correctly without making all the mistakes that most beginners make.

They help shorten the learning curve and help you to experience success much quicker.

I wouldn’t suggest just picking up any mentor just for the sake of having one. You want your mentor to be an expert in the field of marketing.

One that can give you great advice and provide you with many of the tools needed to start and succeed.

Your mentor must have your needs as a top priority. They should want to see you succeed and be willing to work with you until you do.

Your mentor’s specialty should be affiliate marketing. They should be experienced and successful.

Your mentor should process a great wealth of knowledge on how to build an affiliate income.

With the correct mentorship, you’ll be more able to stay focused on more appropriate tasks to improve the development of your affiliate business.

I have personal experience with the mentorship program developed by John Thornhill. It meets all my needs and has saved me much aggravation, money, and valuable time.

John’s mentorship program facilitates profit-making quickly without the detriment of common mistakes.

In Closing

Affiliate marketing is a popular method for those wanting to build an online business quickly and cost-efficiently. However, many costly mistakes will destroy your mission.

Don’t go about starting this business model without first establishing a relationship with a good mentor. Join a well-respected mentorship program.

Diminish that learning curve and start seeing positive results quickly.

John Thornhill’s webinar “Click Here” will explain exactly what I’m talking about. You will hear everything you need to know.

Or, “Click Here” to receive a FREE report entitled “Why You’ll Never Succeed Online”. This report explains everything in more detail.

This is a guest post from Frank Wesley if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.



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    • Frederic Huybrechts

      It’s so true. You could spend years figuring it all out on your own. A good mentor is priceless! And so are you, John!

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