There has been a surge in the use of email marketing as a critical channel for reaching and engaging with customers. But what exactly does a high-performing marketing email look like? In this article, we’ll delve into the anatomy of an effective marketing email and explore how you, as a new marketer, can craft your own.

Step 1: A Captivating Subject Line

The first contact point between your email and the recipient is the subject line. It’s the first thing they see and can determine whether your email gets opened or relegated to the ‘spam’ folder. Crafting a compelling subject line is a balance between intrigue and information. It should be short, engaging, and give a glimpse of what the email contains. 

Step 2: Personalised Salutation

Addressing the recipient by their first name can make your email feel more personal and less like a mass marketing campaign. Use the data you’ve collected about your audience to create more personal and relatable messages.

Step 3: Clear and Engaging Content

The body of your email is where you deliver your main message. Keep your content clear, concise, and focused on the benefits for the reader. Use a friendly and conversational tone to make your content more engaging. Break up your content into short paragraphs or bullet points to improve readability. (Short lines too, as many people check their emails on their phones, and if the content isn’t easily readable, they will soon close or delete!)

Step 4: Visuals

Incorporating relevant images, videos, or infographics can improve engagement rates. Visuals can break up text, making your email more attractive and easier to digest. However, be mindful not to overload your email with heavy graphics that may affect load times.

Step 5: A Clear Call-to-Action

Every marketing email should end with a clear and compelling Call to Action (CTA). This could be a prompt to visit your website, read a blog post, or make a purchase. Your CTA should be visually prominent and its message clear.

Step 6: Contact Information and Unsubscribe Option

Your email should include your contact information, so recipients can get in touch if they want. An unsubscribe link is also essential (and a requirement) to allow recipients to opt-out of future emails, as required by law in many regions.

Crafting a high-performing marketing email requires a strategic approach and a clear understanding of your audience. It’s a skill that improves over time, with practice and constant learning.

In conclusion, building a successful online marketing campaign involves more than just sending out emails. It requires a comprehensive strategy that encompasses various aspects, from content creation to audience engagement.

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This is a guest blog post written by Ian Whyte. If you wish to be considered for a guest post then please contact me.

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