Here’s How You Can Generate More Traffic & Leads in 2 Minutes.

I have known about Facebook Groups for quite some time although I’d never really gave much thought to creating my own group. That was until Omar Martin showed me the power of creating your own Facebook Group. So thanks Omar, I owe you one.

What is a Facebook Group?

In a nutshell a Facebook Group is basically a group of people who congregate on Facebook to share a particular interest. There are 3 different levels of group privacy.

  1. Open – Everyone on Facebook can view the group and join.
  2. Closed – Everyone on Facebook can view the group, but anyone who asks to join must be approved by an administrator. Only group members can view the content within the group.
  3. Secret – No one can see the group apart from members, access to the group is via invitation only.

Why would I want to create a group?

Simple, it gives you another platform for you to market your products and services. If you have a group of people interested in a particular niche or product it makes sense to create a group so you can offer additional products and services.

Let me give you an example.

I created a closed group for all of my WSO Domination customers. The main reason I did this was because my members forum was becoming very quiet.

So I set the group up and posted a link in the members area. I now have a group that has become extremely active and is providing value to each and every member.

However, more importantly, I also have a platform to announce any WSO related ventures as every time a new post is made to the group all members are notified, as long as they don’t switch off notifications in their settings. This is a massively powerful feature.

So if you have an existing product or service why not try adding a Facebook group. Or do as I am doing via this post and add a general group from your blog.

If you do create a group make sure you add value, get involved in discussion and overall make the whole group experience a positive one. I am active in my group, I add polls, generate discussion and above all make the experience positive.

Setting up a Facebook group couldn’t be easier. Simply go to your Facebook account.

Look on the left hand side of the page and click ‘create group’.

Then give your group a name, decide the level of privacy, add at least one friend and click ‘create’.

Give your group a description and click save. Feel free to add more friends at this point.

You’re done!

There you go, 2 minutes work that can lead to more business, more leads and more traffic. Remember! If you want to make your group a success make sure you add value by getting involved in discussion and contributing.

If you want to find out more click the banner below to check out the group I have just set up, feel free to join and see how things work.

As always feel free to leave your comments.

    37 replies to "Why You Should Create a Facebook Group"

    • Edson Buchanan

      Hi John,

      Facebook groups are awsome when you belong to a group that gives good content and actually teaches you something. The main problem I get from them is spamming from the creator of them.

      But I actually never thought of doing my own until I read your post LOL somethings you just overlook things…

      oh and a great way for networking 🙂

      Edson Buchanan

      • John Thornhill

        Hey Edson,

        Yeah, you need to add value, educate your group members and get involved or it will simply not work.

        Try starting your own group Edson and let me know how you get on.



        • Carl Topping

          Hiya John I opened my group the other week Carl Topping’s Marketing Group. I am trying to get my products finished at the min. Not got much time on my hands at the min due to work,kids etc.. but manage to do a bit of online stuff most days and i am still selling on eBay aswell. It is my time to get products out now though as been on eBay since 2004 and most of that time been selling digtal products. I remember buying your old planet sms ebook store years ago on eBay lol. I have bought a few of your products since. Got to say Multiprofit websites has been my favourite as very useful! I have the know how and have for few years now so is just a matter of time untill i reach my goals. By the way you have some great pics on facebook, looks like your having too much fun lol. Catch ya laters, Carl

        • David Giudice

          Hi John,

          I’m one of Omar’s guy’s . Im the deaf guy that he has been teaching. I’m enjoying your blog. Vey cool stuff.

    • Phill

      It’s surprising really just how bl***y obvious some things are but we still never think of them.

      Good tip for sure.


    • Robert Corrigan

      Hi John, great information, we get told all the time about the power of facebook in marketing but you just made this so clear and simple thanks for the info.


    • Dan Sumner

      Totally agree with you JT. Your masterclass group is a great example as well as your WSO dom group too.

      They are great for helping out others, gathering JV’s, offering reviews and posting your latest blog post.

      They can get quite spammy, so a closed group is probably a better idea.

      Great stuff JT, thanks for sharing.

      Dan Sumner

    • Eamon

      Hi John

      Facebook groups are really great to get involved in…I’m in a few groups and the free help that is kindly handed out within them is awesome.

      I’ve met so many new contacts I wouldn’t have met otherwise from being involved in these groups and the creator of one of the groups shut down their “forum” altogether to concentrate more on their group, because that’s what people were asking for.


    • Jenny Wren

      Thanks for the idea. I think it would be better for me to join a group for a bit and see what it is all about before starting my own. Plus maybe I need to have my own product first too, lol.

      Jenny Wren

    • zora

      Hey John,

      Thanks for the great idea and showing how to do this on FaceBook .I’m in your WSO Domination FaceBook group. I think this is way better than a forum I can find my way around better and more interested in what’s going on in there.


    • Linda

      I’ve always thought of creating a FB group, but I can’t even keep up with my fan But, I do think they are beneficial if you have a membership type of site where everyone can openly discuss things. While a forum still may hold value, it seems that everyone is always on Facebook so never hurts to have both, right 🙂

      Good info here John. Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

    • Pauline

      Hi John
      I am in a few Facebook groups and most of the time there is a lot of good information but again like others have said they can get spammy. I think your idea of a closed group is good so I may satrt my own group and see how it goes.
      Thanks for sharing, hope you have a great weekend!

    • Donald

      Hi John,

      I have added groups before, the submariners etc and I have a page but didn’t think of starting a group for Marketing purposes.Will give it a go. Thanks.



    • Craig Pullman

      Hi John,
      what a great way to engage your subscribers! As Facebook already has massive amounts of traffic (one being my teenage daughter!) this definitely makes it easier for forum members to ‘drop in’. The end result is still the same, giving value to forum members.


    • joe

      Thanks John for sharing this, never knew Facebook Group could be this amazing.

    • Shirl

      Thanks for the great post.I think the Facebook group is a good idea with so many people still moving to Facebook and there is only so much time in a day. You have to go where the numbers are.

    • Chin M C

      When I set up FB Fanpage some years back , I had taken a look at FB Group too. But then I settled for the Fan page.

      Recently , FB Groups are becoming popular now that some groups have been using it to grow their list successfully . I had better start FB Group soon as I find it more interactive than FB Fan page .

      Your article is a timely reminder that FB Group is a good vehicle to build a list .

      Thanks John

    • Paul Eveleigh

      Although I’m a member of a few Facebook groups I never knew how to set one up. So found this post very useful, can’t believe it is that simple.

      Thanks for the great info.

    • Mike Taylor

      I’m not convinced that setting up a group would bring buying customers to my sites. I’d like to see actual stats before I decided to invest all that extra effort and time that I just don’t have.

      • John Thornhill

        It literally takes seconds to set up a group Mike. No time at all.

    • Gareth Kentish

      Hi John,
      Simple, easy and soooo TRUE.
      What better way to set up a membership and attentive audience?
      I should have taken your advice years ago.

    • Erwin

      Hi everyone,

      very good idea. I’ve joined a few groups myself and I like it. But I’ve never thought about creating my own group. And after reading this post I think I will do it.

      I’m building my list of subscribres and it may work.

      Thank you John

      And see you on top.

    • Dave Ball

      Great post John, I think the problem people have is like me when they set up a group is getting people to join it. Also I do think that even if your getting someone to sign up to your email list it may also be a very good idea to post your Facebook group URL in the opening email . Its a good opportunity to get people involved while there still interested in you and your blog/product page.John Can I ask you John what was your most successful squeeze page and what did you give away to get them hooked?
      Dave Ball

    • John

      Hi John

      Started mine last week for all the new IMer’s out there. Hopefully we can share and learn together.

    • David

      Hello John,
      I have social icons on my site, and I have thought about making a facebook fan page built seems I just can’t find the time it takes to do it?

      Is it that difficult to make a decent looking page? I am not one to just throw something up in a hurry, and that probably hurts me more than anything, but I guess I really should check into this more, and if nothing else I guess I could outsource that task to someone else?

      Thanks for the email John!

    • Eddie

      Great idea; however requires some commitment and time. I am challenged to keep up with all the emails, facebook posts, groups, tweets. How you guys efficiently manage your time?

    • Winchel

      Great post john.

      Idon’t have a facebook group, look easy.

      thanks for the tip.Better get started.

      A big thank


    • Tina Lindgren

      Hi John
      Great Idea, thanks for sharing. I must admit that I didn’t think people bothered being part of any more groups on facebook – But what really made me wake up and read more carefully in your post was the following:
      You wrote “I make polls” – That’s exactly what I have wanted to do with my list, my blog subscribers and what have you !

      what an easy way to do that and at the same time force oneself to get in real contact with my audience 🙂
      Thanks John!

    • steven guy

      Hi john im listening to your emails yer just give some close info and ill do what i can from here any way my site is about to be built and im developing with your videos one month mentor thanks again. Steve

    • Linda Reid

      Great advice as always and followed the Facebook opening a group to the letter T…let’s see how it goes – I’d like to get more facebook likes to my fan page for Cool Breeze E-Cigs – can you point me in the right direction, I’m sick of facebook approving then disapproving my ads but charging for the privilege!


    • Ricardo

      Why facebook groups vs fanpages?

      Or, why not both?


    • Jesse Ford

      Thanks John. I will create a Facebook group in my niche. You have made it sound smart and easy, and I was of the opinion that these things were complicated and time consuming.

      Anyway, knowledge is power!

    • Terrence Plank

      I like the idea of creating a special group
      to attract like minded individuals. It also
      attracts others promoting the same business
      and they provide input on how they market
      and promote. Everyone benefits.

      Thanks, John.

      Boulder Creek, CA

    • Tega

      This post is really cool, with business being about adapting and utilising what you have avialable to you, facebook could almost also be a members area without the fee, and with with facebook being social it allows people to interact.

      That interaction takes away the feeling of isolation that most internet marketing newbie suffer from. Facebook groups FTW.

    • Donald Gavin

      I really don’t do enough with Facebook to begin with but the idea of a Facebook group is actually a brilliant idea. I belong to a couple run by others but never thought of doing one for myself. It would be a good way to provide content and members of the group could save a lot of time by supporting each other. It could make for a much stronger community.

    • Larry Ford

      Sounds good, but at what point in your business does starting a Facebook group make sense? I’m a newbie. I haven’t yet developed a product, and I’m so new my blog hasn’t even yet got a following. So when?

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