When new entrepreneurs first get online to build the business of their dreams it can be a bit overwhelming.  There’s so much to learn and do, and seemingly so little time to do it.

One thing I’ve discovered is if you don’t control your time, it will control you so here are a few time management tips to help.

Set Clear Goals 

First things first, set those goals! Having clear targets to aim for makes everything else fall into place much easier.  Your goals need to be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound.

Bye-Bye Time Suckers

Spot those sneaky time-wasting activities and kick them to the curb! Every minute saved is a minute you can spend making money. (Hint – stop the social media scrolling!) Use browser extensions such as StayFocusd or RescueTime to limit time spent on non-essential websites and track internet usage patterns.  (Who knew TikTok could be so addictive?) 

Plan Ahead

Planning a to-do list the night before will really help with your productivity.  You’ll wake up knowing exactly what you need to do to hit the ground running.  Your list will focus your direction, help you stay on track and avoid getting sidetracked, overwhelmed and stressed out. (Trust me on this.)

Cash is King

Make sure you prioritize the tasks that put dollars in your pocket. Your time is limited and as important as it is, learning is not earning so make sure to implement things you learn straight away before you forget them.  If you don’t you’ll have to waste time going back to refresh your memory. (Big time sucks.)

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Don’t be afraid to share the load! Delegate or outsource the things you don’t like doing, don’t understand or don’t make you money.  Then you can focus on what does. (Hint:  Consider using a VA or family member to do the non-revenue-producing tasks.) As they say, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” 

Tech to the Rescue

Embrace the wonders of productivity tools to keep you on track and super-efficient. Consider using browser extensions like StayFocusd or RescueTime to limit time spent on non-essential websites. 

Keep Calm, Adjust and Carry On

Stay flexible and be ready to tweak your plans as needed.  You probably won’t see results straight away so review what’s working and what isn’t regularly.  That way you can make any necessary amendments. Don’t get discouraged and don’t quit.  Life’s all about adapting, right? 

Time Block Part

Block out chunks of time for your money-making activities. It’s been proven if you dedicate periods of time for focused work and minimize distractions you’ll get your most important tasks done much quicker.  

Pomodoro Technique 

Break your work into intervals (usually between 25 – 40 minutes) and then have a short break.  It can help improve focus, give you a chance to stretch your legs, and help resist the urge to procrastinate.  Entrepreneurship is all about the journey and breaking things into small chunks will make it much more enjoyable. 

Don’t Multi-task

Whilst multitasking might seem like the ultimate time-saver, studies show when you try to do too many things at once, you end up doing none of them well. It’s all about quality over quantity.  Instead of spreading yourself thin, focus on tackling one task at a time with all your energy and attention. (Hint – FOCUS – Follow One Course Until Successful.)

Friends Make Everything Better 

Don’t go it alone.  Being an online entrepreneur can be a lonely business and not everyone will be willing you to succeed.  When you hit a roadblock it can be tempting to throw in the towel, but remember, “Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit!”  Find someone who understands your journey to cheer you on, and hold you accountable.  


Mastering time management is an essential skill for entrepreneurs,new or old. By setting clear goals, identifying time wasters, and prioritizing money-making tasks, you can reclaim control over your schedule and pave the way for business success. 

By leveraging productivity tools, staying flexible, and seeking support when needed, you can turn time into your greatest ally on your path to building the business of your dreams. 

Here’s to your success!

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This is a guest post written by Michale Shaw, if you wish to be considered for a guest post then please contact me.

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