Please note that this post is really just a bit of fun but I suppose it can be taken seriously if you want to take things to the next level. Just have a read and see if you have made it past the crucial level, if not you know what to do.

Level 1: You have absolutely no idea how to make money online, in fact you are so sceptical you think it can’t really be done and the only people who make money online are scammers.

Level 2: Curious, you start to search ‘make money online’ and you can’t believe how much info is out there. Hmm, maybe there is something in this make money online game after all.

Level 3: You buy your first ‘make money’ product and are devastated when you can’t understand a thing the product is talking about. You need to learn more.

Level 4: In order to learn more you need to research and you find that most of your research involves signing up for newsletters and offers, browsing forums and searching Google. You end up buying a few more products that promise easy online riches.

Level 5: Wow, this is harder than you thought. The last product I bought said this would be easy but it isn’t. Hmm, maybe the next product will help me. All the time you are learning but you never really do anything with the information that you learn.

STOP! If you are at this level you are going nowhere, you need to make it to level 6 fast as at the moment you are just bouncing between levels 4-5

Level 6: Luckily you have been on John Thornhill’s mailing list and this blog post has suddenly made you realise that you simply must be creating your own products to generate income and build a list. So you have a go and you find it’s actually not that difficult once you get going.

Level 7: Wow, people are buying my product, people are buying my product. I can’t believe it, and look at how many people are signing up for my mailing list

Level 8: You rinse and repeat levels 6 and 7 (sure beats rinsing and repeating levels 4 and 5) and find you make even more money from your second product than you did your first. You ask yourself is it really as easy as this?

Level 9: Now you ‘get it’ you simply keep pumping out new products, keep building your lists and keep providing  value to your subscribers, nothing too drastic, just 4-6 new products a year and each new launch is more successful than the last. You’ve made it; you phone your boss and tell him to stick his job where the sun doesn’t shine.

Level 10: You now start to live the life you dreamed of, you have more time to spend doing what you love most, living life and spending time with your loved ones. You go to work when you want and work the hours that suit you. Your friends who doubted you can’t believe what you have achieved, but at the same time they can’t believe they can do it, this is because they are still at level one, but luckily you left that level a long time ago.

Never ever forget that the real money is in creating your own products and services. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise…

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    • Sean Beardmore

      Hi John,

      I’m at Level 6 at the moment, but the goal like many others is to reach Level 10 🙂

      Now, I have been on MWA 2.0 for the last 8 weeks, with so many A-Ha moments, now everything is moving in the right direction.

      Better Still, I purchased your Profit from PLR which was reccomended by one of the students and I’m in the progress of creating my first product for Clickbank, which is extremely exciting for me.

      Going to keep on keeping, until Level 10 is reached.



    • Steven Wilkins

      Hi John,

      Great post as usual. I had been bouncing around levels 4 & 5 for at least 2 years which led me to wasting thousands of dollars on mediocre products that never do what they say on the tin.

      I think now for someone new to be successful online, they need a proven formula they can follow or at the very least an ethical marketer to show them the way.

      I spent 6 months creating my latest product to make sure that it is no way similar to any of the rubbish that exists on the market today and I completley agree that creating your own products is where the money is.

      I think step-by-step videos are the way forward as they clearly show someone new to the game how to get from A to B then from C to D without going back to A again!

      Thanks again fro the great post!

      Steve Wilkins

    • Aaron

      Good post! Once you hit levels 6 and 7, and the mindset of 8 there’s no stopping you. It’s a long road but well worth the ride.


    • Patrick Wooley


      I wish I had learned this much sooner. Thanks to your coaching and the Masterclass, I’m on my way now. I have found that “you” are your own best product and that people actually buy you. The products you promote are great for helping your subscribers also, but are secondary.
      Thanks for your excellent guidance and I feel fortunate to have found one of the few “honest” marketers online. You truly care about your student’s success and it shows in your previous student’s success stories, as well as in your own business. Take care and see you on the inside.


    • Paul Lear

      Hi John,

      What a great way to put it, when it’s laid out like that it’s like turning your business into a game, where you’re always trying to reach the next level.

      I was lucky enough to be on a live call recently, with Rich Schefren, he turns his daily business routine into a game by awarding himself points. And I can totally see how doing this can not only bring some fun into it, but also make you push forward.

      The way you have laid it out here is such a great way to put it, I’m at level 6 right now. I’ve recently invested in your Profit From PLR, and I will be putting it into action very soon. I can’t wait to get to level 7 and beyond. 🙂

      Thanks John, for making things look so much fun.


    • Jacinta Dean

      Hi John,

      So true! So true! 🙂

      Thanks to you I have now finally reached level 7! Happy Happy Happy Dance 😆

      Before I found you (May 2008 I first joined your list) I was wondering around the internet for a year doing exactly levels 1-5. Your coaching is what helped pushed me through to the next level!

      Thank You for being one of the best teachers I have ever had! 😀

      Kind Regards

      Jacinta 🙂

    • Andreas

      Hi John!

      LOL this is both a very funny and a serious post 🙂

      By the way I make money from Affiliate Marketing,(both info products and physical products) and Adsense. (about $1,000/month).
      I do have my own email lists. (about 2,000)

      I have my own information products (but I havent really made money with them)…

      Now seriously in which level am I really?

      Thank you John
      You Rock!

    • Stuart Turnbull

      Hi John

      Thought I’d throw in my tuppence worth in the hope it might help some of your readers jump to level 6.

      I’ve been following your advice for some months now, just launched product no 2 and my list is growing every day.

      I’m at level 9 and the view from here is much better than the view from level 1!

      I was an absolute newbie so if I can do this, anybody can.

      Thanks John

    • Susan Owen-Thursfield

      Great post John!

      Personally I have reached Level 6 and expect to be at Level 7 by the end of the autumn (I originally planned a lot sooner but the kiddies’ long summer holidays meant I have been playing “catch up” whenever I could get on the computer!).

      It’s so simple the way you explain it – There are so many people out there who seem to have your interests at heart but when the dust settles, you realise that actually everything they do/did is to promote themselves. You are a the genuine article and I am so pleased I took the plunge and joined your MasterClass.

      Best regards


    • Andy Cockayne

      Great post, tongue in cheek but definately carries a message!

      Get yourself a mentor ;-), that’s my advice!


    • Tim Brydges

      I would say I’m at level six. I promote lots of other peoples products, now its time to create and promote my own. I have followed John for quite some time, and I should have listened to him from day one.

      John, you can tell me “I told you so”! Just don’t rub it in, lol.

      Tim Brydges

    • Franck Silvestre

      Hey John, let me tell you something. I think this is one of your best posts ever. I am serious, I wish I wrote this.

      This sums up the whole situation pretty well. It took me two years to finally get to step 6, and now, I am at the step 10, and I need to thank you because you are one of those who contributed to make me understand that I could do it too, no matter what.


    • Alan Petersen

      Hi John,

      This is an absolute awesome post. Funny but very serious, excellent advice. Any one struggling trying to “figure it out” should print this out and post it right by your computer so you can see it. I hated when I was “bouncing between levels 4-5”. Level 9, pushing towards level 10 is much more fun. 🙂

    • Ann Martinez


      Excellent post and right on with the different stages we all go through. I’m at stage 6 and grateful for all of your training.
      Ready to move on to stage 7 soon!
      Thanks for the post.

    • Barry Wells

      Hi John, that’s a great way of putting it.

      I was on levels 4 and 5 for longer than i care to say here, ha ha. After grabbing the bull by the horns and signing up to a mentor, YOU, i’ve moved up and am now leaving level 6 and starting level 7.

      I know that i will get to level 10 one day as i have seen others move up in front of me by following the path that i am now on.

      As Andy says above, get yourself a mentor, and the ONLY ONE I would recommend is right here, John Thornhill. Not only does he ticks all the boxes, he adds boxes you’ve never even dreamt of and then ticks them.

      Another great post John, thanks.

      Respect & Regards

    • jimmy

      very nice post, John! I think I’m currently on level 6, but still bouncing to level 5 sometimes. I’m learning to make my own product right now from your profit from plr course, haven’t finished it yet but I will soon 😀


    • Matt Wolfe

      I guess I’m at level 8 now (Which I guess is also levels 6 and 7). I did spend a lot of YEARS floating between levels 4 and 5 though. This is a really great picture of how the internet marketing game works. I feel like I have finally broken out of the cycle and am finally moving somewhere but it took a long time!

      Excellent article!


    • Ed

      Hi John,

      I personally have just finished creating my product , and after the review will be starting the sales letter, and your post has just fuelled me on as i already know that your system works from the success of previous students!

      Plus no *HYPE* Internet marketer , could possibly beat Jim Cockrum by four places taking NO 1 slot in a JV competition, just like you did!

      So once again John thanks for a great post..

      Ed….(Masterclass Student).

    • Nona Sangalang

      Hi John

      This is cool! I am now at the threshold of level 6, after 2 months wandering in the IM wilderness. Thanks God I found 2 genuine teachers in John Thornhill and Jim Cockrum who are there for the long haul. I have learned so much during the last 2 months and am now cutting off all the distractions and help myself make this dream come true – to reach level 10.

      With thanks

    • Eruwan Gerry

      Hi John,
      I’m currently on Level 8 and I don’t mind telling everybody that I got there by taking your advice and learning from you!
      It has been a great ride and I’m taking my business forward with you as my role model!

    • Gwen

      Hi John,

      You always manage to inspire and motivate and help us focus!


    • Jeffery Wood

      I’m stuck at level 6. I created my own product, but it’s not making money. I give it away (affiliate commissions) and sell rebranding rights, but nada.

      It teaches people to setup blogs and forums. You’d think people would want that. Sigh.

      – JEffery

    • Vivien

      Hi John,
      Thanks for your blog post. I’m currently only at level 5. However, I’m greatly inspired after purchasing your Profit For PLR. Am currently researching on my niche market and will be starting on my first product soon.

    • David

      To Jeffrey Wood: my friend, here is my two cents about your website offering the free celebrity blog ebook. I think you are offering too many choices on the page. I can download the ebook, and this is the only thing I would like to see on the page!

      You distract me with an offer of buying the rebrandable version to the product when I haven’t read it yet. Let me read it, and follow a link INSIDE the ebook to buy rebranding rights.

      Also, I am distracted further by links to your blog, privacy policy, home and contact us pages. I just want to decide if I want to read your free ebook without these other distractions.

      You want me to act by downloading the ebook, and I will do this if there are no other decisions to make…

      Worry about upselling me once I get the ebook!

      I would even opt-in to get it, if that is what I had to do. I would add that the page is sorta wide. I had to scroll back and forth to view it and this is annoying. Center your text, and give me an obvious choice for downloading the book – either a download link or an opt-in that explains the bonus in just a few words…



    • David

      I waited so long to get my own product on a website that it became out of date! I just revised, updated it, and it is selling on my website! I am finally at level 7, now, and all it took was TAKING ACTION! Just as John always said… The funny thing is, it took me months of procrastinating to create the product and a single day to revise and get it up and selling! I’m in shock…

    • Tom Harvey


      To echo the sentiments of others, what a great post, breaks everything down into clear stages so that you can understand the processes and feelings you must go through to make a success of yourself online.

      Like many others I was floating around stages 4&5 for the last 12-18 months buying numerous products yet none of them actually delivering what they claimed. I must have read the same re-hashed copy and content about 10 times in some cases!

      Finally I am at stage 6 now that I am on Alex Jeffreys program and things are looking up moving forward, I have made a note of this post so I can tick off the stages as I pass through them…
      All the best


    • mick fallon

      Short and sweet this one John, I wish I would of started with you first.
      would of saved a fortune.
      and made a fortune.
      mind you its not too late.

    • Maddi

      I can feel a fresh breeze of air blessed with opportunity and success when I say I am between level 6 and 7.
      Between them 2 is because I’ve almost completed my first product and I can’t fully say 7 as I have applied for clickbank approval so not any sales yet. (I’m sure they are going to come too after the product is approved) but I can’t really say omg people are buying my product like level 7.
      I wanna say Thank You and actually a BIG Thank You that I am at level 6 because I’ve just finished Profit from PLR which has enabled me to stand at the level I am. I am not going to stop here or as they say from here on there is no looking back and will repeat the process several times till I have websites I can’t even handle :). I am just waiting for the first sale to come in and to actually send you the screen shot of my first sale which YOU, yes you JOHN has enabled me to do.
      I wish you all the best in life and all the success.

    • Mike

      Fantastic post,John, as always …

      I’m currently on Level 6… can’t wait to reach Level 7 and above!


    • Leslie Barnes

      Hi John, I want to wish you and yours a very happy and prosperous new year.
      I am ashamed to say that i have been on the 4 to 4.5 level for over 4 years, much to the disgust of my wife. Promises-promises is all I get when I try to justify the constant drain on my age pension.

      Have resigned up for your monthly mentoring site, so hope that I can get the help that I so desperately need. I will even try to blow a bit of our current 105F that we have had for the past week or so, here in South Australia.

      heres hoping.
      Warm regards
      Leslie Barnes

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