Over the weekend I recorded my very first video interview from my office.

I sat with Dave Nicholson and we discussed how he has managed to generate 1000s of followers on Twitter on complete autopilot.

As this was the first time either of us had done anything like this the video is a little ‘raw’ in places but the content is fantastic.

Have a look at the video by clicking here and let me know what you think.

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    • Paul Hooper

      Hi John (& Dave),

      Great interview, looks like you’re enjoying your new office John:-)

      I think Twitter has become a very powerful social tool, although i think many (if not most) people use it for the wrong reason and basically SPAM the place by just sending affiliate link after affiliate link.

      Used in the proper way, Twitter can be a great place to meet up with people in your niche and form relationships that could turn into JV partnerships. I also think it is a good way to drive traffic to a Blog post, but i hate to see Twitter being abused more and more now.

      Relationship building – Yes
      Selling products – No

      Look forward to seeing more interviews from you John.


    • Stuart Turnbull

      enjoyed the video, John/Dave.

      Don’t worry about it being a little ‘raw’, in my opinion that adds to its authenticity, it comes across as two regular guys having a chat which I find more engaging.

      I don’t see any problem using Twitter to sell, as long as you get the balance right between content and sales links I don’t think many people would object.

    • Ben Johnson

      Hi John

      Good video there, I’m using Dave’s Tweet Dynamite at the moment and so far have gone from 150 follows to 315 in less than 4 days.

      I love Twitter.

      Ben Johnson

    • Sophie Johnson

      Hi John

      That’s a great video. The idea of making an informal interview makes it more interesting that just getting to a listen to one person. He explained a lot of things, too.

      Twitter is such a popular network that it’s always useful to learn about this kind of stuff! You’ve got to be on Twitter!


    • Steven Wilkins

      Hi John/Dave,

      Nice video, I am currently using Tweet Dynamite and have gone from 400 followers to 1200 followers in just 6 days, such powerful stuff!

      Well done Dave for such a great product and well done John for creating this video!
      Great stuff!

      Steve Wilkins

    • Gwen Tanner

      Thanks for the video. I got a little dizzy in some parts with the camera shaking LOL! But anyway, great information from both of you as usual.


    • Ed

      Hi John/Dave,

      Like Stuart just said the biggest appeal to anyones first video interview is in my opinion ,the best capture of a natural conversation which in turn conveys the point home more naturally to the reader, its makes you listen at ease!


    • Kathy Dobson

      Hi Dave and John…
      Loved the video and I love Tweet Dynamite too! I’ve had similar results to everyone else. Just another piece of the “freedom” puzzle I am after. πŸ˜‰

    • Marc Sampson

      Hi John and Dave,

      Great first video interview. I remember your first telephone interview John, with, I think someone Chan, in the USA talking about selling eBooks on eBay and creating eBooks with PLR. I learnt so much from that, just like this first video interview.

      I use twitter, not a lot, but I too love it. What I like best about it, is that you can link it to your blog and Aweber account. so that each time you make a blog post or message to your subscribers, it also gets posted as a tweet.

      Keep them videos coming. I am watching.


      Marc Sampsno.

    • Richard Jagger

      Hi guys,

      Lots of great content as usual, great authenticity to it, but as you say, we all have to start somewhere !

      Keep up the great work, always look forward to the emails, videos, blog updates etc from you and looking to add as many of the tips I learn from you along the way, into my site …

      Look forward to seeing more great vids from you and original content, as always.

      All the best

      Richard Jagger

    • Jacinta Dean

      Hi John,

      Excellent video! πŸ˜€ I like the rawness and the camera shake πŸ˜†

      Lately I have noticed video marketing is the name of the game in promoting a launch and giving out free content information to promote buying a product.

      From a newbie point of view the raw videos are much better to watch than the fancy big guru big productions. Doing what you have done gives us newbies hope that we can do this too.

      Thank you giving out the free content and thank you for being awesome teachers.

      Kind Regards

      Jacinta πŸ™‚

    • Franck Silvestre

      thank you for the video John.

      And thank you for all the links as well.

      All the best,

      the Body Guard marketer

    • Allan (Pengalanty)

      Hi John & Dave,

      I would like to offer a couple of personal views regarding your first video and surroundings.

      You have little or no soft furnishings; the walls are bare. This produces a sound quality with lots of echoes. I personally found the sound “harsh” to listen to. I think it should be “warm & inviting” sound wise. I would suggest you purchase some drapes,
      Screw curtain rails high on the walls and hang velour or woolly type material to absorb sound rather than to reflect it. This would improve the quality of the sound immensely. (More on curtains later).

      >>Introduction of Colour>>
      Videos need to be attractive. Introduce some colour. You have white walls, black settees, black tee shirts etc.

      Now, don’t you think your black settee would be improved in the video with some brightly coloured scatter cushions; a cheap way to introduce some colour. Don’t overdo it perhaps primary colours like red, blue, yellow – the same colours one uses to attract the “eye” with squeeze pages, which have the same effect for the “readers”.

      Thie colour scheme can be enhanced with the wall curtains, especially if the meterial compliments the primary colours of the scatter cushions.

      This should improve both the sound and the picture content. Good luck with your next video. I will look out for this one!

      It’s too early in the day for me to think about these things. I still have to get started! I will watch your progress though and learn from you by watching closely.

      Please, John and Dave, this is in no way intended to be a critisem! I write this as positive point to improve, (My personal view only), the same video with the same content.

      The womens touch and input is missing from your office. How about some fresh flowers in your next video too!

      I would appreciate a response to my comment, even if it is a short personal email to me. I am most interested in what you think about the suggestions.

      I do like your new premises.

      Best wishes for you in your new environment. ~Allan~

      Reply By John,

      Thanks for your comments Allan, I think you are right about everything and we will certainly take this on board for our next video

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