If you’re a relative newbie to Internet marketing or even a novice I am quite sure you have clicked on your fair share of money-making opportunities.

And some you have invested in, as I have.

But one thing I have found (and I’m sure you have as well) that when you signed up you ran into THE WALL OF VIDEOS.


And to be fair, the wall of videos is not entirely the problem. Because you get enthusiastic while you dive into the first one.

But then all of a sudden somewhere in those first few videos, the marketer leaves out something. Or tells you something above your pay grade. Or assumes you know something you don’t. Or possibly a link they provide doesn’t work.

This stops your enthusiasm train on a dime.

You have been down this road before. You know that you need to “hang in there” and give it a chance.

But you wonder sometimes does the marketer really understand you? Do they really understand you when something is completely new?

See marketing is not really just wowing you with all the features and benefits of their program.

Great marketing is educating you along the way.

Well, about now you need some help, you need a tad more education on why your link isn’t working like the video suggests.

Okay, you submit your customer support ticket. 

And really, to be honest, Customer Support is like this drum everyone beats. Like this is the most important thing.

And I’m old school, so I learned about Customer Support when there was no Internet. Whole different ball game. You actually got support.

So, you “cross your fingers” and hope someone gets back to you soon as despite your momentary delay, you are still pumped.

But Customer Support doesn’t come that day. I know. We’ve become a culture of Microwave baked potatoes and we want our Customer Support the same.

But it doesn’t come that fast.

So, what about your desire to make some serious coin?

It takes a hit.

It’s at this stage in your online money-making journey where often you feel like is it you? You know, you see others seemingly making it work. So, you have to wonder.

And then you think to yourself, “Look, I just need someone to help me with this part, and I’ll be back on that horse and riding.”

And that’s really what you’re looking for aren’t you?

Real help.

Not someone that says they’ll be in their Facebook Group to answer your questions and doesn’t. Not someone that says it in their sales video and it doesn’t come true.

Real help is often a rarity. You and I know this. Not just in the program we signed up for, but often in life.

And I’m betting you can probably name the people in your life who stepped up when you needed help and they gave it to you right?

Yes. Me too.

And listen. The reason I’m talking about real help is that if you are a newbie or novice and you’re “still learning the ropes,” then you will need real help.

And what does this real help look like?

Well, to be honest, I’d say it was someone who you felt was genuine when they were talking to you.

Even if they were presenting a sales video, you would be able to detect that even amidst the sales talk there was a genuine desire to help you succeed.

Yes, I know all marketers say this. And I’m not here to judge all marketers.

But I do know real help when I see it.

Because you actually get helped.

Pretty simple.

And not in a few days because Customer Support is so busy with their support tickets.

You get help within about 24 hours.

I mean, if you were stranded on the highway with a flat and cars went zooming by, how long before someone stopped to help?

And in the online world, it’s uber-fast.

You can get it almost instantly.

And when you get real help?

Well, that part you were trying to understand in Module 6, that part that you thought would derail the pursuit of your financial dream, it disappears because someone came online and walked you through everything until your problem did disappear.

Your flat tire was changed and you had a big grin on your face and you thanked them and you were on your way.

That’s real help.

I was at this point recently in a program I’m in and I have to tell you, I felt like a new day had dawned when John Thornhill showed up.

Yes. The gentleman that asked me to watch his video.

The gentleman that said if I had any questions to email him and he’d reply.

And he did.

And I almost fell out of my chair.

Real help.

From across the world.

If you are looking for a program where you can make money and learn from a veteran in the business, and also get real help so that you make it, then I highly recommend you watch the free training from John Thornhill HERE.

Dave Worthen

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