When today I was thinking about what to write in my post today I looked into my mailboxes for ideas. One thing was obvious: We live in difficult times and most of the messages related in one way or another to Corona. Admittedly, this has been a disaster all over the world and for some countries, the worst is still to come.

But is there something positive, something promising and inspiring, something useful we can learn from this horrendous time?

The need for social distancing forced us to use the internet much more than before and in new ways. Many office workers started to work from home. Many teachers worked with their students individually from their homes using the internet. I believe this is a trend that will survive the pandemic and be a game-changer in the coming years.

Using the Internet to work from home has been around for quite some time, but during the Corona period, it has been applied to everything possible. Complete teams and small and large organizations are now learning how to coordinate teams working from their homes. But we will need new tools and also new attitudes to make this into a mainstream way of working together.

Earlier this year I unexpectedly came across an amazing event that struck me as an icon of what is to come for entire teams in terms of working together, in total harmony, while staying at home or at any other location you may choose.

It is a choir consisting of 1075 persons singing together and each one from his or her own location. There is no big concert hall for this choir. Both the performance itself and the internet technology making it possible are astounding and illustrate the creativeness now made possible. Watch the YouTube video here. The choir performs the Finlandia Hymn composed by the Finnish composer Sibelius. The video has some text in Finnish in the beginning but ignore it and go to the music and watch the video. You will be surprised.

Digitalization of work, of services, of leisure, and entertainment are all coming fast. I used to call this the Digital Age. One way to understand what is happening on a grand scale is to see the internet as the emerging nervous system of our planet. The famous environmentalist and futurist James Lovelock says our planet functions as a self-regulating system, a living being in space and calls this being Gaia. And now we see that Gaia is developing.

To live comfortably in the globally interconnected world we need to know how to develop and manage new tools and services in order to stay in touch with our clients, partners, and co-workers.

Right now I am sitting here in my garden while typing this post on my tablet and with a wireless connection, connecting me to you, to the world, to everything and I ask myself: What do I, living in the Digital Age, need to learn to build and expand my list of customers and my business partners?

I feel the YouTube video indeed is a precursor or what is to come: Partnership to Success using online collaboration. So let me ask: What is your passion? Is it writing, design, craftsmanship, performance, sports …. Whatever it is, in the Digital Age we need the Internet to find and interact with our customers, our partners, our mentors, etc. and then to stay in touch with them.

If you are still wondering what is required, how to prepare yourself, then, here is my advice: Register for the free webinar below. You will be able to assess where you are on the route to be fully ready for a comfortable and productive life in the Digital Age. The webinar targets the skills, methods, and tools everyone needs to succeed in the Digital Age. Check them out: Exclusive free training with John Thornhill

But perhaps you are one of those who are already set up to run your online business, but perhaps you feel you need a strategy, a solid roadmap. In that case then John’s training program “Partnership to Success” is just right on for you. He will personally assist you to run your business at full speed. As a special bonus, you can get started for just one dollar! Jump on by clicking here: Partnership to Success.com/one-dollar

But why not stop for a second and think about your own place, your opportunities, and destination in the Digital Age. I would like to hear what you think as a part of my own ambition to develop and share partnerships for our common success stories! Please take a second and comment on this post. But also share this post with your friends and inspire them to think about how they will live a creative and productive life in the Digital Age and with partners around the globe. They will become our supercharged partners as in the YouTube video! Click on one or both of the links above to energize your partnership to success.

Let’s all become Ambassadors of the Digital Age!

Welcome to the Club!

Jan-Henrik Johansson

This is a guest post from Jan-Henrik Johansson, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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