It is well-known how important the quality of content is to the ranking that Google gives to the respective website. This aspect is related to the company’s policy that puts readers’ interests first. As such, the question arises of what Affiliates can do to reach as many customers as possible.

To answer this question, it is necessary to take into account that websites, or blogs, that are exclusively focused on promoting an offer are not well regarded by Google. This happens because Google interprets these sites as being uninformative and limited in terms of content.

The only way to get around this rule is by creating a blog that has a lot of content and that, at the same time, shares the product you want.

We must never forget that content is the key to everything, so the more you publish, with more information, better images, and better quality, the more results you will get. Product promotion should always be something that comes second and not first. Of course, through Google or Facebook Ads, we can directly share the product we are promoting, however, we must bear in mind that this will have a lot of financial costs.

If you want to focus solely and exclusively on the world of Affiliate Marketing, another option is to focus your blog on that topic. As? A solution that is widely used is to create posts that review other products and programs related to the topic. One might think that in this case, Google would harm this content because it is not new, but that thought is wrong. Google values these reviews because this is how readers have more information about the product, more details, and more different opinions to be able to make a more consistent evaluation.

For you to be more successful on this topic, it is important that the content is as current as possible, so a good way is to get in touch with people who have purchased that product, ask their opinion, what they liked, and what they didn’t like and talk about it in your posts. Google values information that is as current as possible, so if you choose this strategy you will always be at an advantage.

Another aspect that has been said several times is the frequency with which it is published. Of course, it is not mandatory to do this every day, but it should be done regularly. You should always publish at least once a week and it should be a post that has a good amount of information, but be careful, no exaggerations!

A good trick for this topic, and one that almost no one talks about, is the issue of titles. It is widely known that titles containing numbers have higher reading rates, things like “The 10 best sites for…”, or “20 Perfect Plugins for…”, or even “5 essential tools for those who….”, however, there is one detail that is important to take into account, and that detail is the use of dates.

When you write a title like “Best Blogs of 2024” it is true that it creates curiosity among the public because they feel that they are reading something important at the moment, however, when a year passes that post will automatically be devalued by Google, and by readers, because it becomes outdated, even if the content is not. As such, it is extremely important to update the titles and content of posts if they make references to dates. This way, not only are you not wasting published content, but you are also telling Google that you care about updating your website, in other words, these are just benefits.

This method of organizing and publishing information helped me a lot in my blog to reach a much larger audience. Even though they may seem like small things, they really make a difference.

This is a guest post written by Ricardo Sarmento, If you wish to be considered for a guest post then please contact me.

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