Today I have an unbelievable story to share with you.

When I launched PlanetSMS Digital mentorship Monthly way back in July I ran a JV competition. You can get all the details by clicking here.

Lee McIntyre, who had been marketing for only a few weeks came third in the competition. I was shocked to hear that he had a subscriber base of only 603 at the time. So this meant he was converting sales at over 30%. Most marketers (including myself) are happy with a 3% conversion rate.

Lee had beaten marketers with lists in the tens of thousands and I just couldn’t grasp how he did it ….

…. until now, you see Lee had developed a system to maximise the revenue from his mailing list. And to be quite frank it’s an amazing system. And now Lee has revealed everything in a brand new eBook titled ‘Mailing Lists Unleashed’.

And as usual I have managed to secure you a pre launch discount. So if you want to maximize your list building efforts and ramp up your conversions head on over to:

But hurry, as the pre launch offer wont last forever. Don’t wait till the price goes up, head on over there now.

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