How would you feel if I said to you that you could simply and easily triple your profits on eBay selling information products? Well you can and if you keep reading I will show you how.

As you should now know if you are selling your eBooks on CDs (which is really the only way to do it because of the policy change on digital items) you can place as many eBooks as you can fit onto a single CD and the shipping cost will not rise one penny. So selling multiple eBooks on one CD is a way to make money if you know the correct method.

Well now you don’t need to do any research or try different methods of selling as I have been testing methods that work and I will simply tell the method that currently works best for me.

As I mentioned before the amount of eBooks you put onto a CD doesn’t change the shipping costs, so why not give the customer the incentive of free shipping if they buy multiple products from you! I have found that setting my delivery options to free shipping if the customer buys three or more items from me works best.

To do this simply login to ‘my eBay’, scroll down and on the left hand side of the screen you will see the link ‘Site Preferences’, scroll down again and you will see another link saying ‘postage and packaging preferences’. Change the postage and packaging preferences by clicking ‘edit’. You should then see the words ‘promotional postage rule’, once again click ‘edit’ and a new window should open. Fill in the details to whatever you want and how many products need to be purchased to receive free shipping, I have tested this and three items currently work best for me.

Now you must tick the boxes which say ‘apply my promotional shipping rule’ whenever you post a new product on eBay or turbo lister. This method will see you have lots of multiple sales and will triple your profits with some sales that otherwise would have just been single sales.

And it doesn’t cost you a penny more to ship the item…

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    • Aaron

      Excellent work!

      After one and a half years of using eBay I had no idea that existed or where to enable such a feature – probably because I was so comfortable making a £1000/month selling digital products on eBay back in the days 🙂

      But thank you for the excellent advice – it’s a very good idea!

      No matter how good one thinks they are there is ALWAYS something new to learn!

      Kind Regards,

    • Vince

      I’ve been doing this for some time, and it does increase sales some, but definitely not by very much. I get semi-frequent multiple purchases, which is always nice, as everything after the first is complete profit. I just find it a pain to create custom CDs, but that’s just because I’m lazy.

    • Omar Martin

      Nice! As always John… you are on the cutting edge of ‘what works’ and you are not afraid to share it with us. By the way.. the blog looks ‘SHARP’ !


    • dan

      excellent info yet again.. it is always good to do offers like this. it will of course definately increase sales.. and more sales = more $$$

      everyone is happy 🙂

      dan – Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors And Find All Their Best Ranking Web Pages

    • Michaela

      Yes, John you area right but it is true if you have a big volume of eBooks to sell.

    • Steven

      I’ve been selling public domain based CDs and DVDs for two years. I charge progressive shipping (i.e. $4 for the first one and an additional $0.75 for each additional one in US) and frequently get multiple item orders. It helps a lot if they have several choices all on the same topic.

      I know other sellers who offer free shipping of essentially the same mix of products and I sell more on a per listing basis than they do. But then again, it may be because I use a DVD case and color artwork cover for the products whereas others just ship them in an envelope or clamshell type of case.


    • Jim Young

      This, of course sounds good. My question is, will it work if you have other store catagories not related to the CD-Rom books? How do you work around that?

      Also, do the customers get angry when they receive only one CD? Maybe they were expecting three CD’s.

      Jim Young

    • Judi

      Thank you, John. I’ve included the special shipping in my listings since you suggested it in the Mentorship Monthly newsletter. I’m also using the CD template you shared, and it’s working wonderfully. That’s a big hint for all of your readers here to join Mentorship Monthly, by the way.

      I haven’t had too many folks take advantage yet, but I think it probably has more to do with the fact that I need to greatly increase my listings. I’ve had no one complain that everything was delivered just on one CD. It was interesting filling in the bonuses when I had an order for a fishing book combined with a “how to write ebooks” product!



    • Kevin Jones

      Im sorry but I would not waste my time with this. Ebooks are getting so cheezy and they are nothing more that old rehashed topics that no one is interested in after they get it.
      We had our fun on ebay and now its time for something else. Time too set your sites alot higher than selling some 10 cent ebooks on a cd.
      I mean really!

    • April Dennis

      Thanks for the info John! I’m working on the classified ads, but eBay is changing the rules AGAIN!

    • Hillbilly

      Thanks John, yet again you spark the ol’ thinker. I have used combined shipping but not free after x purchases. I have found combined to work well also. @Steven I think you got the easy way to avoid having to custom burn. Simple incentive to purchase even one extra CD. Perhaps these two thoughts could be combined…..
      $0.75 each additional and free after three or four.
      I also think your graphics are important, your price point, etc. There are a lot of tweekable factors. There is deffinately huge value in networking with folks like yourself. The more minds together the better all around.



    • Joe

      Great Tip john…will check that out for sure!!!
      Thanx Again…..Joe

    • Jack Heywood

      Hi John, Thanks for your help I’m trying to sell a learn to sew DVD,getting it noticed is hard work as I’m a newbie to the world of selling.Once again thanks. Jack.

    • Nelson Tan

      This has always been a sly marketing idea: Bundle up the products, inflate the price then add on an incentve or give a final discounted price.

    • Topsytips

      Combined / free postage is always a good seller but I tend to agree with Kevin Jones regarding the quality of the products, the vast majority of which can be found for free by spending a few minutes undertaking a simple search on Google!!

      The challenge is for us to come up with some fresh products that are genuinely worth selling with a decent profit margin!!

    • Dave Ovenden

      Hi John,

      Thnaks for once again being totally transparent and sharing your profit making tips with everyone for free – nice one! This is dead easy to implement and is an easy way to boost profits on every CD that you sell.

      By the way – the blog makeover looks great!

      Dave Ovenden

    • Easy Auction Deals

      I think you are better off offering free shipping on add on items. So the buyer pays shipping on the first item and there is incentive to buy anything else they may be interested in right then and there (to avoid shipping fees in the future). Most people feel that anything with “free shipping” has the cost built into the price but free shipping on additional items seems like a bargain still.

      But don’t take anyone’s word, test different things yourself and see what works best for you.

    • Alex Price

      Great idea, I will put it to use right away!

      Keep the good stuff coming John!

    • char

      I also agree with Kevin Jones. I used to buy lots of ebooks (and actually read them too), but these days I don’t bother because it’s the same stuff in a different colored package. Needless to say It’s been ages since I last bought an ebook. So I wouldn’t bother with this tip either…

      I’d rather put an ebook and an accompanying video on one disc and send it. Gives much more value.

    • Alan Ackerley

      Thanks once again for a valuable strategy; plus, the responses here have added a lot more value.

      I haven’t yet set up my stall for delivery of ebooks on CD but am moving ever closer.

      Thanks again for a great Blog.

    • Irene Forde

      Hi John
      Thanks for the info. I usually combine postage, adding and extra 25p/35p for any additional CDs.
      Will certainly give the Free Post a try.

    • Wealthy Affiliate

      Excellent post John. This is very useful information. By the way your coaching program is #1!!


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