Looking to build a great, lasting career in internet marketing? You need one particular trait. This one attribute proves you’re a true professional and impresses clients.

What’s this thing essential to online marketing?

Let’s travel back in time to 2001 to illustrate what this “thing” is…

The clock’s ticking! I have to get a special “package” to the drop-off location with only minutes to spare.

It’s another hot, 100+ Tulsa, Oklahoma day. But I’m not sweating from the heat…instead, it’s from a deadline. I have to get some DVDs to FedEx by 5 PM.

I get to FedEx just in time! The DVDs are now heading to Electronic Arts Los Angeles (EALA), a video game studio, with the game “Medal of Honor: Allied Assault” inside. In L.A., video game testers, programmers, designers and producers will be able to play the game, report any problems, and recommend improvements.

Nearly every weekday, for six months, I faced this DVD deadline. The Internet was too slow back in 2001. We had to physically send copies to L.A. 

A Tulsa game studio called “2015” was making the game with EALA’s help. Many 2015 people later founded the multi-billion-dollar game franchise “Call of Duty.”

EALA was publishing the game that was part of the “Medal of Honor” franchise. Steven Spielberg helped spawn it. Spielberg had just directed “Saving Private Ryan” and created the TV series “Band of Brothers.” The Medal of Honor games were also set in World War II. They were first-person shooters where you got to be part of the action.

The above is a story about meeting deadlines. “Meeting Deadlines” is that essential thing for online marketers I mentioned at the start. Congrats on reading this far to get the answer!

“I am one of those people who thrive on deadlines; nothing brings on inspiration

more readily than desperation.”

– Harry Shearer (Source: Brainyquote)

Harry distills why there’s nothing like having a deadline! You find a way to get things done. In online marketing, deadlines are everything.

Here are 3 actions to ensure your marketing deadlines get met:

  1. A) Set Clear Deadlines with Your Clients.

Make sure all deadlines are spelled out clearly in the contract. Include a date and time for the deadline. Give your client deadlines for their tasks, like providing you with research material. 

  1. B) Track Your Time to See How Fast You Work.

Learning your speed will help you set realistic deadlines. Always add extra buffer time, like an extra 33% past what you think you’ll need. 

  1. C) Break Up Work into Small Chunks.

Take any online marketing job and break it into chunks. These chunks should take no longer than one hour each. 

Here are 3 huge reasons to Meet Deadlines as an online marketer:

  1. Get rehired by trusting clients.
  2. Get word-of-mouth referrals.
  3. Get great testimonials.

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