I am pacing back & forth in the living room, the TV on full blast but I am not hearing a word of the weather report as I glance at the weatherman pointing with his white pointer at the huge droplets of rain hitting the black shiny pavement.

As I prepare for the trip to the supermarket but wondering how I will get out without being seen by the neighbor, I had promised to repay the loan today but I am dipping into the envelope to pay for the grocery.

When faced with financial difficulties, things can become very stressful, discouraging, and embarrassing.

The stress and anxiety felt like a ton of brick on my chest and made it difficult to breathe. However, generating a little bit of income with a side hustle can alleviate a lot of the stress in my life and provide a massive relief for my family.

Darn, I was tired of borrowing from Peter, to pay Paul.

It was too stressful, THIS HAS TO CHANGE NOW!

So I took action. For starters, I compiled a spreadsheet budget to track all the spending, big and small, regular and incidentals for 1 month.

That’s what the financial experts recommend, so I turn to Nerd Wallet for a free app to help me on the journey. I had to know the figures; exactly how much do I need to meet my monthly obligations so I do not run into trouble and destroy my good credit.

I also checked out my bank’s budgeting system but decided on Nerd Wallet’s free easy to use the app.

Then I asked myself the hard questions:

1. What expenditure can I cut back on or totally eliminate?

2. Do I need all those cable channels?

3. How can I reduce the cellphone bill?

4. What else can I reduce or eliminate?

5. Do I need to eat out more than once per month? Or at all?

6. How can I find a quick cash-paying gig?

7. How can I find a second income source?

So I started Google research for a work from home position, which opened up a whole new world for me.

There were a lot of of work from home, work online, telecommute positions, Secret shopping and Internet Marketing companies out there but were they for real?

After much research, I started with completing assignments for a few secret shopping companies both onsite and via the telephone & online.

It was amazing when I realized I could make this into a business or remain as a side hustle in which I could make and keep the money tax-free if I earned less than $600 per year with any one company.

Plus there are many different companies in all different sectors of the service industry.

I made some quick cash to cover the immediate bills. The stress relief was ENORMOUS, now I could think straight and focus on a plan, a strategy to make a more consistent income & more job security as I continued to look for something more permanent and viable to pursue.

That’s where I found out about Affiliate Marketing.

The amazing world of easy to start business opportunities because it requires:

1. No products

2. No large investments

3. Easy to grow the business

4. Low operational costs

5. Work from anywhere

6. No experience required as training is usually offered.

Here is the reputable company where I first got started with a $1 investment that has paid off and is continuing to pay off handsomely and will continue to do so for years to come, as I learn and grow this business.


As I am growing my business, and branch out to new ventures I became an Ambassador for an even more lucrative opportunity with John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success Program.

John is so very kind & is working with me to increase traffic to increase the rate of success. He has allowed & encourages me to post on his blog & social media, an act that is unlike other gurus I have seen in the Internet Marketing arena.

He has helped me in such a very big way and is committed to his Ambassador’s success.

So go check out his webinar here…

This is a guest post from Deanne Woon, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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