I have created another video to show you how the office is coming along, as you can see we have carpets, blinds, desks, seats and a lot more šŸ™‚

I also talk about a common problem we all face and I reveal something right at the end of the video that should interest you. Don’t worry, there’s nothing for sale.

Watch the video to the end and all will be revealed.

As always Iā€™d love to know what you think so please leave a comment.

    28 replies to "The Office Tour – Part 2"

    • Ray Johnson

      Hi John,

      It’s coming along nicely mate – you STILL need an Xbox 360 in there mate for our Liverpool VS Sunderland clashes (minus the beach balls šŸ˜‰

      Good to see you have taste too mate, you’ve got my printer!

      Can’t wait to see when it is finished. Proper plush. Well done JT…



    • Mark Orr

      Hey John,

      What a huge difference you have made already,
      I may need to pop down and borrow some of your

      I look forward to seeing how you progress from
      now. I think we will meet each other very
      very soon. I look forward to that and keep
      up the good work.


    • Andrew Stark

      Hi John

      Nice collection of products, like you I’ve got far too many that are still in their wrappers!

      Will your report tomorrow be a BM site with integrated affiliate programme? Look forward to reading it and telling my list all about it.


    • Adron Wood

      Hello John,
      It’s nice to see things moving along well with your new office. It is always good to be enjoying the kind of successes you have been experiencing the past couple years. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your report. I am sure it will have some great content!

    • Steven Wilkins

      Hi John,

      Glad to see the snow has cleared šŸ˜‰

      The office looks fantastic now, you really have set the bar for which the rest of us marketers should aspire to! I personally cannot wait to expand my business to such a level that I am hiring staff and working from my very own office.

      Keep up the great videos, they are very inspiring!
      Steve Wilkins


    • Sean Beardmore

      Hey John,

      Office is coming along nicely and you have quite a collection there of worthy material, so I look forward to your report John, I have just completed one too on the same subject, look forward to comparing! lol



    • Jim Cockrum

      I think it’s the James Bond accent…but I just can’t get enough of the sexy Thornhill videos. I hope I sound that cool to you blokes on that side of the pond. ;0)

      Look for a bunch more sales of the Multi Profit Websites soon. I’m talking ’bout it again in my newsletter tomorrow. My readers are LOVING it. Lot’s of fans so far.

      Be blessed-


      Reply by John

      You’d be surprised what some people have said about my accent Jim and it’s not usually that it’s sexy šŸ™‚

    • Doug Prentice

      Hi John

      your new office looks very impressive and so so tidy. Reminds me that I need to do my quarterly declutter. Looking forward to getting more great stuff from you in the coming year and never get tired of hearing your voice – takes me back to happy days in Houghton le Spring!

      Best regards


    • RandySmith


      Did Jim mean Brooke Bond? …. You may be a nice cuppa John… But Sexy Voice????


      Seriously though – it’s all coming on great isn’t it!
      Can’t wait for an invite to a “weekend networking get together” (is that what you’ll call them in front of the family, now you have somewhere to use as a base for a good p up?)

      Looking forward to the report John.


      Reply by John

      It must have been Brooke Bond Randy, I’m certainly no James Bond šŸ™‚

    • Maddi

      Ah coming along well there. Didn’t think you could use Windows on a Mac and sounds kind of strange too. You’ve got some proper priceless information there and I don’t think you can calculate its worth keeping in mind what that information could bring to you. Its all about using that info isn’t it.

      As for things still in wrappers that is how most of people are just buying stuff never using it. I’ve got Profit from plr, Resale rights blueprint and mentorship monthly and I am proud to say I’ve put it all to use. The only thing that needs taking action and still in wrappers is ‘Multi Profit Websites’ I’m afraid. But will put it to good use soon.

      Well Looking forward to your report tomorrow.

      And again congratulations on your new office.

    • matt Lucas

      Hi John
      All looks very plush! looking forward to all those blogs you’ll be knocking out from there lol

      p.s. cani have one of those buds from part 1 please!

      Matt Lucas

    • Marc Milburn

      Hi John,

      Really nice to see the office just all furnished and looking good. I worked out where it was, based on your e-mail the other day. Look forward to a visit sometime soon :-p

      Also looking forward to your new report.. will be interesting to see your take on why most people fail online. See if it lines up with mine.

      Speak soon,

    • Patrick Wooley

      Good for you John. Looking forward to your report tomorrow and I’m sure you’ll deliver as usual. The office is looking great. Like Andrew said, you have way too much stuff in the original wrappers, like many of us. Take care and good luck in the new office. All the best John. Patrick

    • Brian

      Nice office John, bigger than I thought, you must be expanding in a big way. Good luck to you



    • Daniel Howard

      Hi John

      Great Video mate… the office looks awesome, You are right about having all the big courses out there and you can still fail…

      I have most of what you have and all fantastic products but you have to follow one business modal and tweak it with new marketing information from the products you have.

      Look forward to more John

      Take Care


    • Ken Biddle

      Hi John,
      Looking great John. You missed the fridge out this time, hope you haven’t got rid of that (essential stuff in there – lol)

      Take Care

      Reply by John:

      I’m afraid there’s only one bottle left Ken šŸ™‚

    • Drew Lachlan

      Hi John,

      Looking forward to that report on why people fail online.

      Been studying online for about 2 years and made $27

      I’ve must have spend around $10K over the last two years and more importantly spend hundreds and hundreds of hours I couldn’t afford.
      ie going to bed late and getting up at 4 am to get a couple of hours in before the day job starts.

      Lost my memory from lack of sleep, woke up many a day with severe arm pain from mousing (day job I work on a computer), had bad eyes from staring at the screen for too many hours and even had to use my other hand on occasion because my wrist was aching from over use.

      I am looking forward to the report and hopefully they’ll be a section on taking action and staying focused.

      Those damn emails full of persuasive offers arriving everyday ; )

      I must admit I do enjoy reading your eBooks and eReports.

      Good luck with the new office and the big launch this week as it’s great to see someone doing well with internet marketing especially someone who spends a great deal of their energy helping others.


    • Mike


      Nice second tour of the offices and the progress you’re making. It was fun seeing some of the same products on your shelf that I also have.

      Looking forward to hearing your synopsis of the situation tomorrow!


    • Katherine Cairns

      Hi John

      You have made some great progress with the new office in the last few days. Looks terrific!!

      You really deserve the success you have had over the last few years and are certainly an inspiration to others.

      Keep up the good work!

      Best Regards


    • Lisa Hernandez

      Hi John!! Jim is right, you so have that sexy Bond voice!! Maybe just to us on this side of the pond =)
      Can’t wait to see your report. Love watching your videos and reading your stuff!
      Appreciate all you do for your readers!
      See you in Johns Online Training!!

      Take care and God bless!


    • Terry

      Nice to see someone has made it,
      and more power to your elbow.
      Keep it up.

    • Aidan Breslin

      Hi John

      Thanks for the video tour – not sure where your office was before (at home?), but the new facility looks great & your plans for the year sound very exciting.

      I have bought stuff from you before, and I’m at the stage now where when a big new product comes out I will check if you’re promoting it as an affiliate as your bonuses are usually excellent (Butterfly Marketing for instance – your video course on how to set it up was nearly as good as the actual product!)

      Anyway congratulations on the new office & all the best with the move.

      Great to see people on this side of the water (i.e the UK / Ireland) making waves in Internet Marketing.


      Aidan Breslin

    • Aidan Breslin

      P.S. maybe you should try out for Bond – I hear Daniel Craig’s getting itchy feet šŸ˜‰


    • Ed

      Hi John,

      I love seeing these tours of your office and i find it encouraging to me to forge forward in confidence and succeed great keep up the advancement and and give me the path to follow!

      Thanks John….Ed.

    • Steve Rechel

      Great job with your office John.Correct statements about most people will never make it selling online.I never lost any money myself as I didn’t have it to lose for one thing and I am too dam smart to place anything close to any programs on my charge card.I am even more impressed if you completely paid off all we saw in your office as well as the office itself in full instead of getting a loan for it as I and I am sure others will agree that you appear to be completely successful.But I do think some people that are advanced in the use of twitter,face book,utube,making videos,and possibly stumble upon a great nich can be successful without the use of a mentor.But for those that choose to let John Mentor them I think he can help make your chances far greater with his knowledge

    • Keith Alston

      Hi John, Love the new plush office, let me know when you decide to rent space out cos I’ll take the chair behind your right shoulder (what better way to learn from a master)Have just got your new report and will be leaving my take on it on my blog tomorrow
      ( http://www.keith-alston.com ). Cheers bud!

    • Tom Harvey


      Great to see the progress that you have made with fitting out the office, really starting to take shape nicely now!
      More importantly it was useful to see the products and systems that you use to learn from and keep abreast of developments and I’m pleased to say that I have a number of those myself, just need to finish trawlingthroughn and learning the material!!
      All the best


    • Thomas J Carter

      Watch ya John.

      Your office is looking great.
      Good Luck this year.
      Dont be working to hard.


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