I have just released a brand new report called ‘You’ll Never Succeed Online’ and I’d love you to read it. When you read the report you will see why I have picked such a hard hitting title.

In the report I highlight what stops people becoming successful no matter how much money they spend online. The title and report may offend some people but I know if you read the report and ‘get it’ you will thank me and I know more people will benefit because of the hard hitting title.

You can check out and download the report by clicking here.

As usual I’d love to hear your comments.

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    • Katherine Cairns

      Hi John

      You’ve done it again!! What a brilliant meaty report and FREE!

      You have certainly provided a massive amount of food for thought and I for one am certainly going to change my “mindset”.

      Thanks again John

      Best Regards


    • RandySmith

      Now there’s a ‘Nuts & Bolts’ report!

      So many True Statements explained – I’m sure it may upset a few John, but then if it does – they were doomed to failure anyway….

      For those who take note of the content – and if they then take some action combined with what you highlight….
      Well – those who have in the past all seem to be making money today!

      I look forward to promoting your masterclass John, You made a massive difference to me 5 years ago, and you continue to do so with many others…

      So I hope those who are on the fence seriously consider making a commitment to their own success this year!

      Warmest Regards as ever

    • Jay Mueller

      Wow John, you are so on track here. Great little report.

      I appreciate that you are giving the past MMC a chance to be affiliates with you on this project. What’s good for you is that I think every one of us had a great time while learning so much, not just from the class, but how you conduct yourself in the business and the real relationships you’ve built with us.

      I know that I would have been one of the missions that just gave up on Internet Marketing if I had not taken the Masterclass. I will always be thankful for your mentorship and training.

      OK let’s get this baby started!

      Thanks for all of your support.
      Jay Mueller

    • Ken Biddle

      Hi John,
      The report is so true. What people are generally looking for is that magic button to press. This is why they fail, fliting from one thing to another. You could actually find out everything you needed to know to make money on-line all for free.

      There is some fantastic content out there for the taking, but there is a lot of crap as well. The problem with researching it yourself is the shear amout of time it would take to sift out the good information from the bad, and while you are doing that you are making no money at all.

      This is why taking part in a coaching course is the best action you could possibly take. The research has been done for you. You don’t just learn theory, you get to learn systems that are actually working now.

      My advice to everyone would be to find someone that is already successfull at internet marketing and align yourself with them. If they are successful then it only makes sense to listen to them and do the same.

      Anyone reading this and has not taken the plunge then take my advise and get yourself a mentor. I have looked at / reviewed / and taken part in various mentorship courses and the Mentorship Masterclass that John Thornhill deliveres is absolutely first rate.

      Do yourself a favour and a start now. The report is absolutely right about mindset. Don’t just have a go at internet marketing, dicide to do it and then beleive in yourself. Think “I am going to be sucessful” and keep that mindset. Don’t give up and focus on one task at a time.

      John, you are an inspiration to us all.


    • Rob Corrigan

      Hi John, just read the report, talk about tough love!! But its all 100% true, I recognised many of my own past trates in the report.

      As you point out its all about the correct mind set and giving freely of your time and expertise,building trust and relationships are important.

      Particularly the mentoring, if I had tried to learn all you have taught us in the Masterclass by myself I would simply have given up a few days in. But your structured step by step approach to product creation means that I now have the skills to do this with confidence.

      I am sure that anyone signing up for the Masterclass 2010 will be in for a real treat.


    • Roy

      Very practical report that could help many people, John, you should consider making a motivational video series out of it to post on Youtube, perhaps one video for each point covered.

    • Kathryn Maclean

      Hi John,
      I almost didn’t read that report of yours.
      The title offended me. “You’ll Never Succeed Online”

      I have been online for sometime now, and I’ll be dambed,if
      I am not going to make it online.

      I did see one or two glaring errors in your report that I have
      committed. Fliting from one program to another and spreading myself
      to thin to succeed. I’m not saying what the other one was.lol
      Great report, I will post it on my blog for others to find.


    • Terry Ritschard, Sr.

      Thankyou Mr John tis refreshing to know there is an honest and thoughtful marketer online as well. Your review was truely noteworthy and I will try to employ all of them in my learning curve.
      Thanks again Terry

    • Jerry Posey


      That was a very good report and so very true. I see all these other people giving away reports just to get you on their mailing list and then the only thing they send you is some free report that you have to get on another list to get and then all you get from them is the same thing. They only push other people’s list or products.

      I’ve started removing myself from all these time wasting lists, but I will stay with you because you do give information that helps me. I look forward to learning more from you and hope I can somehow take advantage of your classes.


    • Kim Homes

      Hi John,

      Great report,points taken. As a newbie the information is pricless. I admire the customer relations you have established a very important part of the business. I know one thing for sure mentorship is a very important part of this business. Looking forward to learning more and more. Great to come across someone with integrity and honesty it goes along way…Keep up the great work. Hope the cold weather is easying the Gold Coast here in Aussie land is very hot.

      Thanks for the report

    • Darrel Ferguson

      Hey John,

      You hit the nail right on the head.

      I know I will be a success on line because I answered a resounding NO to all of the reasons that you could fail on line…

      I was a complete newbie on line in December of 2008. I joined your
      Masterclass in 2009 and I now have several web sites generating an income on autopilot and I owe it all to your Masterclass and your support during what worked out to be 40 weeks.

      I find myself going back to different weeks that you taught and
      playing the videos over and over when I find myself stuck on how to complete some of the things you forget, but the info is always there and I hope I have the opportunity to meet you in person one day.

      I can just say thanks for all your help and If I can ever do anything to help you just say the word.

      Your ability to teach the many things that it takes to succeed on line is unbelievable.

      I just can’t put into words what your Masterclass has meant to me.


      Darrel Ferguson

    • Graham Price

      Happy New Year John – The snow has just about cleared here in Burnopfield …lol Excellent Report John, I for One really do appreciate You talking straight !

      Kindest Regards – Graham Price U.K.

      p.s. Nice Office

    • Steve Troutman

      Hello John.

      Thanks for the good information. I saw myself in your report. On several points. Buying everything that comes my way is my problem. Sticking to one thing until I see results is what I need to do. Thanks. I needed to hear it.

    • Daniel Howard

      Hi John

      I’ve just read your short report, It’s some great advice in there. I created a short report a couple of month ago, on how to push forward with massive momentum, and about the very same problem.

      Always appreciate your advice John and thanks for taking the time to share it.


    • Michael Masarik

      Thanks for the report Why you will never succeed online
      A lot of good points to consider.

      All the best,

      Michael Masarik

    • Ken Soszka

      Wow John – eye opening is an understatement!

      This report should make us all look in the mirror, and see what we can do to improve our approach to making a living online.

      I feel motivated – nice work, as usual!

      Thanks a ton,
      Ken Soszka

    • John Reed

      Hi John,

      “Sound Advice should never go un-regarded!”

      I read the whole report, agreed with you all the way, and metaphorically “kicked my own backside around the room” because I already knew it all but was stuck in a rut ignoring most of it!
      I could have written it myself – FOR myself!
      Why had I let myself lose sight of the basics?
      Heaven only knows (too many new exciting things whirling round the Internet) – but “Thanks” for helping me call a halt to my growing frustration.

      It’s been said so many times by so many experienced people

      Thanks John, got my feet back on the Planet and back under the work desk, with a new and simpler plan to write……….
      Then – I’m going to stick to it
      John O’York

    • Keith Blackburn

      Great report John!

      I think I now avoid all the pitfalls you mentioned (largely because you have said these things before and I listened). However, it’s worth double checking every so often that one is on the straight and narrow.

      Cheers – Keith

    • Fiana

      Fiana on January 20th, 2010 at 2:55 am Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      Hi John,
      Love the report it is honest straight up and to the point …. and I recognized myself in it.

      My attitude has changed, I believe that i will now succeed ,I have started my blog/site.

      The pick a mentor and stop buying new products until you finish what you have bought i’m putting into practice.

      I have picked my mentor which is you so yes i want to join your Masterclass.


      Fiana Ireland

    • Drew Lachlan

      Hi John,

      Just read the report.

      As I was reading your FREE “You’ll Never Succeed Online” report

      I could see none of these reasons you were giving related to me!

      Until I got to page 10!

      That’s Me!

      You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Jump…

      I did it again this morning before I went to work.

      I will try and follow your advice that you gave at the end of that particular paragraph.

      Thanks’ mate.

    • Anatoly

      everything in your Report is true with, probably, some exceptions.
      When you say about jumping from one product to another, you suppose all the products online are good quality? I do not agree.So, if you realize that you got into another BS, you do not have to waste time and move to another product.Staying forever with this BS is absolute non-sense!
      When you say that you do not have to think that most of the products online are scam, does it mean you are thinking differently?
      It’s a sad reality because so many people are writing and uploading different informational garbage online because they have nothing to say.They filled the entire Internet with this garbage.It is uncontrolled situation.People are sitting in debts over the head in a cheap apartment and write Sales Letter with a pictures of somebody’s mansions and sport cars.If to look carefully you can notice that there are actually less than 10 pictures of yellow “Lamborghini” or “Martin Austin” and luxury villas which are uploaded to thousands of websites.
      And here the importance of the Honest Mentor is priceless.Without the Real Person who knows and can teach there are no chances to go though this jungle.Cheap eBooks and Reports are not the solution.

    • zoey

      Wow, never thought about some of this stuff…who would’ve thought, how easy it would be to fail. :O)

      Great article, it makes you think about your personal weaknesses.

    • Mike


      I think any Internet Marketer, experienced or not, can relate to the points you made in this report. Whether you’re caught up in some of these things now, or have been there in the past, there’s a lot of familiarity to it.

      This timely report, coming at the turn of the new year, is just what most of us need to hear. It’s a good motivator for 2010!


    • Misato Katsuragi

      Hello John,
      I read the report ‘never succeed’. I know it was free and everything, but still, I already knew all of that stuff that was in the report.

      Then there was the pitch for some coaching or training program at the end. How typical.

      Yeah, I know, one of the excuses for not buying garbage was that some people think everything is a scam. There was also the thing about seperating yourself from the herd. How ironic.

      I mean, don’t you think that if you did that yourself, that people would be less suspicious of you or your intentions? Half of the people who claim to make any amount of money online, are also pitching some kind of ‘I can teach you to make a gazillion dollars a year’ thing. That’s not exactly differentiating yourself from the rest of the herd, now is it?

      There are those who do think everything is a scam. There are also those who think everything they see is the one thing they are missing to make money online.

      What you fail to mention however, is that there are those who are in-between both of those extremes, who don’t buy most of the time because all of the internet marketing material out there being pitched is garbage most of the time. It has nothing to do with being paranoid or not trusting anyone.

      Most used car salesmen aren’t very trustworthy either, but if you test drove a used car, and half of it fell apart while you were test driving it, would you really buy it? I think not.

      Now, according to your logic, if you didn’t buy that used car, it would be because you think every used car salesman is a scammer, and not because the car was a piece of junk. Do you see how ludicrous that sounds?

      This whole reply probably seems like a bash on you, but it really isn’t. I just thought some things needed to be explained, because you seem to think certain situations are because of this or that, when they are really because of something totally different.

      I mean really! Most gurus out there just pump out one totally useless product after another, and they have the nerve to say that they aren’t selling their sub standard material because everybody else is just paranoid???

      Yeah, right!

      Misato K.

    • Marc Milburn

      Hi John,

      Finally.. an honest marketer reveals the truth about the Internet Marketing game! Really enjoyed the report. Expertly written and a joy to browse.

      Great job.. best of luck for the mentoring program!


    • Gary

      Hey, Big John is doing videos now. cool:)Nice head of hair pal;)
      I haven’t looked at the report yet or read any comments yet, but I’ll take some guesses.
      Technical barriers. Lack of motivation. Expecting too much too soon, and then giving up disappointed. Expecting it to cost nothing to build a net ‘biz. And some people really are not prepared to spend anything. Information overload. One week its hey I got the thing that will work for you! and then the next week, hey I got an even better thing that will work for you! then the week after, wait! I got an even better thing that will work for you.
      Yikes, no wonder most poeple don’t make it.
      It ain’t rocket science.
      Learn. Concentrate on building a list. keep learning. NEVER give up.
      Do NOT expect it to happen in a week.
      And good luck everyone:)

    • Bruce Bosworth

      You know John, this is the first time i have ever felt compelled to post a comment on a blog.

      I purchased your multiprofit website offer back in october 2009,since then,i have been bombarded with offers to purchase this that, and every other thing that you produce. You did manage to sell me your 90 day e-bay challenge and i’m still working on that.

      You probably wouldn’t have noticed, but other than mpw, and the 90 day challenge, i haven’t purchased a darn thing. Nothing wrong with your products either, they are up there with the best in the world, but same thing can be purchased on other websites. So what am i on about then, well, it’s really simple.

      I don’t know if other people get it or not, but i see you as someone who motivates others, and in return receives reward by selling them something. I have to say, that you have really got me motivated, that’s for sure. Since joining mpw, i have produced two original e-books so far, but they are not presented in the usual way.

      The reason they are not presented in the usual way, is because of you. (Pardon me if i’m a bit slow, but i am new to this ineternet marketing thing.) I really enjoy getting your sales pitches, they are the best, you have really driven home to me, that the products are not the business, its the marketing, and you give all of us those lessons for free!

      I won’t go on anymore accept to say that i will have an mpw site up in about two weeks, and again i have to thank you for getting me going, your positive attitude is really catchy. I also have a good product to sell, well i think i do, and guess what, you can only sell it once a year, but the potential is huge, just need that traffic to the website etc.

      I caught a glimps of the snow while the camera went past the window in your new office, bit different from the 35 degrees C that we get here in the land down under.

      Thanks for all of your help,best wishes for the new year.
      Bruce Bosworth. (OZ)

    • Charlie

      Hello John

      I just read your report with great interest from my hospital bed. i have been a reader and on your list since I bought your 90 day powerseller challenge. I can see why I keep failing, its not that i’m all money money, but flip from one thing to another to much.

      A great report from you, an eye opener, i think since reading it, my 2010 might be a success after all!!.

      To you John keep up the good work.


    • Val

      Spot on, John. There are no “magic bullets”.

      Val Waldeck (South Africa)

    • Jacinta Dean

      Hi John,

      Excellent report and very true! I read it with a smile. Back in March 2008 I was exactly that report. Confused, jumping from one product to another, one mentor to another, not implementing the tools I had learned, telling myself everything was too technical, I didn’t have the money etc etc

      I had decided to start the journey of an internet business in May 2007 just after my daughter was born and for that first year I was everything you described in that report. And then one day in April 2008 I was sitting at the hospital with my daughter who was just diagnosed with a condition that needed specialist care. (She is fine now, but scary at the time.) I also had debt collectors wanting money and my husband out of work.

      We had no money and my daughter was facing possible surgery, I knew then that I had to change and CHANGE I did. I found myself a mentor YOU, joined your 16 week coaching program back then, did Masterclass with you last year and I can honestly say I am starting to see small success now. Not the success that people brag about. Not the success that I can give up work over, but some success. enough success for me to know that with determination, focus, perseverance, guts, belief, frustration and more that this business can work.

      I am one of those that only has a couple of hours here and there, some weeks I only did a hour, but I kept the momentum even if it was only 10 minutes.

      If anyone is reading this is unsure about choosing a mentor, then don’t be unsure. I can vouch for John and he is truly one of the most humble marketers I have ever come across.

      If you want a taste of what the masterclass is about I have written detailed summaries on my blog. You can click here to check them out.


      This program was one of the best decisions I EVER made!

      Thank you John. I look forward to a fantastic 2010.

      Kind Regards

      Jacinta 😀

    • Xavier

      Hi John,

      Your report ‘You’ll Never Succeed Online’ was something i knew it was always at the back of my mind, but putting it in a report gives it a fresh perspective and a place to point your finger at to know what you are missing.

      Well written report and all the best for your future launch.

      Kind regards.


    • Doug Prentice

      Hi John
      Just posting this quick comment before I have to dash out. If not I’ll won’t get round to it.
      You hit the nail squarely on the head in so many ways. Yes, I can see bits of myself in many of your paragraphs. This is one report I’ll print off and keep on my desk for regular re-reading.
      Many thanks and more power to your elbow, John.
      Best regards

    • Allan Cazaly

      Good Morning John!

      I have just read your report, suggested to me by a successful student of yours, (John Turnbull. I believe he was on your very first Masterclass Coaching Course).

      I have read your report right through, then I read it through again, paragraph by paragraph. John, this is an excellent piece of work in my opinion – and so true!

      Do you know what? I could print out your report in full and pin it on my lapel, as it describes my perfectly! What an ass I’ve been over the last year or so.

      You might remember that I was one of your “students” on, (I believe), your second Masterclass Coaching program.

      Now I know that you and I had differences during, or just after this course but I am writing to say that still I admire you. I admire your train of thought. I still believe that your “attitude” towards your customers, (And potential customers), is the absolute right one.

      Why? You may ask? I will tell you.

      We HAVE had differences and I became rather upset and perhaps a bit angry at the time. I most likely had the wrong approach to my problem. I mention this so that if you show anyone my response to your request, (Commenting on this report), they might understand why I write this in the way that I have.

      I respect your approach to your customers and of course your business direction and I can see that it is definitely the right one.

      Somewhere along the line, I also remember you saying, “If you want to be successful, follow a successful person”. It might have been somewhere within your Mastercourse.

      I still have your Mastercourse videos, as I can access them through your web site. I do look at these videos quite often, usually picking out the one where I have forgotten what you have taught me, or refresh a technical query, (As I am still trying to get started in IM and haven’t given up).

      Fortunately, I did take the time to note brief details of each video, week by week, in a “Word Doc” that I set up. This has been very valuable, as I can pin point the answer to any problem within your course and log in to your videos which are still available to me as part of your course promises.

      What I am leading up to, is to confirm to your potential, (New), MasterClass Course customers, is that it is an excellent course, AND THE BEST PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE ON LINE. It might seem at first. A bit expensive for someone contemplating your course but one gets absolutely everything one needs for Internet Marketing, with nothing left out.

      I can personally vouch that I have learned so much from you and your course, that I know it is only a matter of time before I can join the small band of successful marketers. I am still following your principals.

      Stuart Turnbull is one of your successful ex. Students, (like me). If he can achieve good results, so can I. With this in mind, with reading your report, which is – Oh so true and factual, I have Brand New Enthusiasm to get started all over again and this time I will find a popular product to promote, based on your principals and confidence that I will succeed this time around.

      Thank you for taking me back to SQUARE ONE with your report. There is no short cut to learning, one must study each of your weekly lessons, beautifully presented I may add, and digest, learn and understand what you are saying, week by week. You truly do take people by the hand and show them everything to do. I can personally vouch for your support too! I don’t think I ever waited more than 24-hours for a positive reply from you, whenever I had a query. Your Mentorship was everything your promised.

      Finally, I can only say those two small words, “Thank You”. You may use any, or all of the above comments.

      Now I know you will be successful again this year.

      My Kind Regards to you and a successful 2010.


    • Keith Dean

      Hi John,

      I have just read your report with interest and it really hit home to me how far I have come in IM since I started around 2 years ago.

      Several points you make are an uncomfortable reminder of how I used to think and behave! I think the most important points you make are stop jumping from program to program and get a mentor.

      I used to buy the next big thing then feel frustrated when it didn’t work. I now realise it was my thinking that wasn’t working – I was to intent on making money online rather than trying to build relationships with people.

      Until I started working with my mentor Kevin Riley I didn’t have any direction. This is a bit like sailing a boat without a rudder so you don’t actually get anywhere.

      You come across well and seem approachable and friendly and also ethical. Some of the people I have seen trying to sell products are so “salesy” and false it puts you off straight away.

      Best of luck for 2010 John and I will keep following your emails!

      Keith Dean
      Pearlydean Enterprises

    • Brian

      An excellent report, very simple but very true. I fall into most of the points writen in there, I’ll will have to change my mindset and I’m going to start right now

      Best wishes



    • Crosby

      John, Great report! About the mentor launch, you touched up on something earlier in this report about finances. I have all the time there is to stay with a program but how is one to attract theattention of a true mentor without financing? In your own report you predict a sellout on your mentoring program! I would love for someone to take a chance on me but keep running into the same problem over and over again…no money no mentor. Seems like all mentors are mentoring but only to those with the money to pay! I would be a great student…open minded, attentive, ambitious, able to be taught and many more attributes. Would you be willing? I am on a fixed income but would be willing to personally worked with you. I have purchased various programs and ‘money making websites’ from you in the past. Guess I must have done it wrong. Keep up the good work John. your honesty is infectious. My name is Crosby and I have been on your list for some time. Peace!!

    • Newbie Traffic Guide

      Hi John,

      Was funny reading this as it hit so many of the right buttons. Every point you had written about I found myself nodding and sometimes laughing out loud as it reminded me of all the things I’ve been doing.

      Alot of the courses I have bought start with talking about getting the right mindset and of course I have mostly skipped those parts and gone straight to the “how to make money” bits, thinking that the mindset stuff was wrothless filler. How wrong I have been and that attitude has set me back several years.

      A good report with some real home truths. The only bit that I didn’t agree with was the implication that the report could have been sold for between $27 and $97. Maybe I’m too cynical, but I wouldn’t have paid that for it. However, I have gladly paid nothing for it, so I’ll stop moaning… ;o)

      Thanks for the jolt up the a*** I’ve been needing.


    • Steven Wilkins

      Hi John,

      This report is spot on and I can totally relate to alot of these scenarios when I first started out online. Thankfully, your masterclass put me on the right path.

      All the best!
      Steve Wilkins,


    • Mike Mott

      Hi John

      Great report!
      I would of course like to say that I don’t recognise any of those traits, but of course I do and I’ve been there!

      Every day its a constant battle to only focus on those things which will allow you to “swim forward” and not just “tread water” as Mike F would say. A low information diet (cutting down on the daily links and emails that arrive) is something else I’m trying to nail down.

      As an ex MC student, I will be there helping to promote the 2010 version-thanks for the opportunity.

      Kind regards

    • Victor

      Hi John,

      Your report just about sums me up to a tee.
      I am an expat living in Spain – how did you manage to see me in my den and describe just about everything I do that is – wrong – yes wrong?

      A great report – and a damn good read – I will definitely keep it handy – when I find myself on one of those – I wonder what that program can do for me – you know the unending search cycle.

      But the monthly mentorship would be out of my reach – honestly – being a pensioner.

      John good luck with all your endeavours – you are an inspiration.


      P.S. I did invest in your MultiProfitWebsites – another one of many sitting on my desktop waiting and waiting for me – I don’t know whether I should put a 🙂 or a 🙁

      Yes I think other than mentorship – It has been a wake-up call!

    • Ray


      it is extremely refreshing to hear someone say out loud what you know but won’t admit to yourself. i to can relate to most of what you said and i am trying to rectify most of it. the one thing that really hit me was the mentor bit and it is soooo true.because although you can watch video, read ebooks, and all the rest. NOTHING compares to having a mentor guide you in the right direction, bounce ideas off, be able to ask questions, email and recieve answers to questions you will have.

      there are things such as ( so called gurus ) talk and talk about what they have done, where they have been, how much they have made, and tell you about people they have helped and how much they made and so on and so on. but what they don’t tell you is what you need to know, all this does is irrotate you.

      to cut a long story short great report and im really looking forward to the master class.



      i didn’t realise your from my part of the world (the north east lol)

    • steve

      have you been standing behind me for the past fourteen months.everything you said in your report has applied to me and i am still getting knowhere even though i am currently in the position where i can spend many hours a week trying.After reading the report though i am going to wipe the slate clean and start again with a fresh new attitude.thanks

    • James

      Hi John

      Great report. Enjoyed reading it.


    • Kevin Clancy

      You tell it like it is, John. I could relate to the “excuses” mentioned, as I have experienced every one of them. It’s now my job to overcome the mental obstacles. Thank you, John, for a compelling report that I want to take to heart.

    • Susan

      Just downloaded report and scan read. Picked up enough to realise that I must read it when quiet so that I can take in all that you say – some so simple just never thought of them.

      Some comments motivating as you had the ‘nerve’ to say it where others skirt round. The ‘Boot up the backside’ that is needed to instigate action.

      Thank you


    • Eva O'Neill

      Dear John,

      I’ve actually never done any marketing and I don’t even have a website. In fact that seems to be the most overwhelming obstacle. Right up front, one can’t do anything without a website. It seems to me website building is a very difficult skill to learn. No one talks much about that very much. I believe I can learn all the other skills necessary. Web Design?… not so much.

      Though I have not done any marketing yet, I can really relate to most of the scenarios you talk about in you report. Mostly the ones about being afraid of being scammed and failing once I start. All your points on why people fail in Internet Marketing are excellent. I learned a lot from reading this report.

      So far I’ve been reading and learning all the trustworthy information on the net I can find. The information I have received from you has been very helpful.

      I believe I have the right mind set (for the most part)to learn and ultimately to succeed. I have the time to invest into learning and development. You make a lot of sense to me. Yes I could use some mentoring.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post,

    • Donald


      That report was amazing. I was cringing and “laughing” at myself. I now feel like an idiot. Most of that report was me, I couldn’t believe it. Thanks for the advice. I will now change my mindset and will not buy another product and use the ones I have. I now know why after nearly 10 years doing IM I got no where, apart from spending a fortune.

      Thanks again mate. You are a GENIOUS and that is why you are where you are today.

      Take care and keep those newsletters coming.

      Kind Regards

      Donald MacLeod

    • Andy Coates

      Hello John

      Just Downloaded your “you’ll never succeed online” booklet

      The content for me at least is spot on, the world is full of people wanting something for nothing or the easy button.

      well as we all know the easy button does not exist! you can not just pay out for a product plug it in and watch you bank balance fill up without putting some effort in yourself.

      If there is such a product where can i buy it from! and shall i get you one while im there?

      Like any business you have to put your time in learn along the way then put more time in.

      I used to be in the energy sales market i ran a team of 20 sales staff and used to train them,and the one piece of advise i would give is “just keep approaching the customers,and you’ll get it wrong until you Don’t get it wrong anymore”

      But the point is you have to be out there asking! just do it

      Attitude to me is Key in any form off selling/Marketing which is what you touched on in your article, and like the song says if you get knocked down (as you will) you just get up again!

      I hope a lot of people read your booklet and see themselves in there, because i think were all in there somewhere!,the trick is being honest enough to admit it

      “Have the best day you can have……its your choice”


      Andrew Coates

      ps this is a copy from a previous blog (put it in the wrong place DOH!) i hope you don’t mind

    • Patrick Wooley


      Finally, someone said it. It needed to be said anyway. As usual, your no nonsense approach hit home with many people online and I’m sure it touched a few nerves. Many people can not face the truth, but your report is valid with every point.

      The last point is probably the best advice online. Get yourself a mentor. Almost every successful online person has been mentored in some way and most of the big “gurus” continue to be mentored long after they’re successful and making millions of dollars online. There’s no shame in continuing your education, although many have issues with admitting they don’t know everything already.

      Just remember that even the billionaires have people that do the majority of their detail work. Rich people constantly educate themselves and even when they hire someone, they’re constantly learning about the process they’re paying for.

      John, your Masterclass has in fact changed my life in many ways. To those that still doubt, I say this. DON’T get a mentor. Continue doing things the way you’re doing them. You’ll most likely see the same results you’re currently seeing.

      Look back in a year and see how much you have spent trying to “save money” on mentoring, by buying courses, ebooks, software etc. Then, after you’re fed up with making no money, think about how much time and money you would have saved by paying for mentoring up front. PS- you can’t get your time back once it’s gone.

      I say this not to get you to join John’s Masterclass. It will have no effect on my OR John’s online efforts whatsoever. But, I too struggled for almost 2 years before joining, not making any headway, spending more than the tuition, and still not having a solid game plan or system to go from point A to point B. John has given me and many others the tools to finally put the pieces together and for that I’m grateful.

      Furthermore, I’m part of an excellent community of like minded and very helpful people that have also taken the initiative to invest into themselves. Mindset is everything in business, so get your head right in the beginning.

      Thanks for the excellent report John. As usual, you continue to deliver.

      Everyone else, even if you don’t join John’s mentoring program, which I highly recommend, DO get mentored by someone. I have to really stress this point. Stop wasting time and effort jumping from one thing to another. There is no “pushbutton” solution, so don’t waste any more time chasing that rainbow.

      Also, do a search for John on the internet. As he stated in the report, I’ve never found a single negative thing said about him, anywhere. Nothing. Now THAT’S incredible for being online for so many years.

      PS- I get nothing from recommending that you join John. He has helped me and many other people and I know he can help you too. Be More. Take care. Patrick

    • Jane Stevens

      Hi John,
      Have to admit to falling into most of the traps you mention and despite making alot of headway in learning how to set up websites, blogs etc. I still have a long way to go – primarily because of information overload. I have started deleting myself off mailing lists as each day I have over 100 emails to plough through and even though they are full of good quality content (ie yourself and Lee McIntyre to mention a couple) I find myself bogged down with knowing where to start.
      I have a couple of blogs up and now want to add email capture but struggle with the egg and chicken syndrome (as I call it)- do I get the list first and then something to promote to it or vice versa.
      I have bought products off yourself and am bamboozled as to whether to sell ebooks on ebay, set up PLR sites, etc etc. Lee McIntyre has recommended getting an interview with an expert but as a total newbie with no list I have no incentive for the expert. Its a mine field.
      Still I have no other job at present so I have plenty of time to read and learn – I am in a much better place (mindset wise) than I was this time last year and with yourself and Lee on my side I feel it’ll only be a matter of time before I can make some money with this grey box in the corner of my living room and thumb my nose to the doubters that call themselves my friends!!!

      Thanks for the valuable lesson and the chance to focus once again on the job in hand.


    • Viola

      This is a report I am going to print out and read regularly.

      I thought I will only find one or two things that I am not doing wrong but ….. Luckily though, I do have some stuff right…

      Your point on herd mentality made me laugh out loud, unfortunately I could totally identify. Ok, I will go now, I have to take off my sheep skin and leave the herd.

      Thanks John

    • Jerry Goodwin

      Wow, what a great report and so true. Some of it really hits home as I have been guilty of some of the same things myself.

      Everyone needs to read this report and especially those that are just getting started or those of us that have started and are not doing as well as we would like to be doing.

      Have a great day and anyone that has not read the report needs to get it and READ it, everything is so TRUE.

      Have a great day

      Jerry The Bicycle Nut Goodwin

    • Simon Bell

      Hey John

      Fantastic 5* report. You inspired me to send out an email to my subscriber list offering my assistance if they get stuck with AdWords 🙂

      On a slight tangent; have you thought about offering regular commenter’s of your blog with do-follow tags? That way your regular subscribers can be rewarded by commenting on your blog.


    • Eric Hide

      Hi John

      Thanks you for the report which I imagine took up quite a bit of time.
      It is difficult to raise a fault with it as it is undoubtedly true.
      Obviously people wish to make money on the web but I fear the this is
      very difficult unless you can build up and establish an intitial sound base that has credible products etc already in the pipeline,
      One off sales are of little value and establishing a base raises considerable difficulties for newbies.

      Wishing you every success in your endearours.

    • Antony Cecil-Wright

      Hi John

      Great report. Hand on heart, I had to admit to myself that I’ve fallen into quite a few of the traps you mentioned.

      But hey, that’s the way most of us learn: Trial and a whole of error.

      Of course you can cut out a load of grief and frustration if you find yourself a decent mentoring program.

      Now there’s a thought 🙂


    • Beverlie

      Many thanks to you for the bold way you lay it on the line. While reading I was just seeing my folly. I believed every marketer and purchased their product, but when it was time to implement their product they were MIA. I lost alot of money, time and confidence.

      I was so glad the day when I saw one of your teaching videos, and from that day I was hooked. In addition,did a Google search on you and I was really impressed with the recommendations given by your past and present students. Then I was really hooked (I just had a good dose of IM drug)

      I started with your November 09 Master-Class,and thank God, I have a blog-site today,(www.beverliegrizzle.com). Although the course is very intense, I have decided to pursue to the end. For where I am now I ascribe it to your help. So many thanks. Keep up the good work.


    • Felicity O'Hanlon

      Hi John

      Great report; no waffle and very important points. Even though as a coach I know most of these, reading it was a refreshing kick up ‘the proverbial’. Truth is knowing something and doing it consistently are 2 different things. Although I started off great in IM and went to work on my mindset and set myself daily challanges, I have in the last 3 months, tripped back into some of the pitfalls you mentioned. Like some self doubt and fear of failure when things don’t work or it gets tough, not being consistent, thinking I am too busy (I do have a teaching job and 2 youngs kids) but without planning it is easy to keep busy and not make the time. Slacking off when the going gets tough. etc, etc.
      So thanks a bunch, great value report. Cracking, short, sweet and to the point. Need constant reminding, need to keep focus on the goals, easier to get distracted when you are working in isolation.
      Recently watched Tom Hua of World Internet Summit saying that it took him 17 months to make his first dollars. I was beginning to think I should pack it in, not having what it takes as everyone who has made it seems to have done so in 30 days or in their ‘first 7 days online’. Have to have perseverence and self belief.

      all the best

    • Mike Harvey

      Hi John, I enjoyed your report and found myself in every section. You must have been writing about me. Just before I read your report I was just about to buy another course I will probably never complete and then I had to pay another enormous bill so perhaps this is a warning to me to complete at least one of the many (very good they say)courses and then I will be able to go to the beach and drink all day. Nice reality if I could only get off my backside and do what they tell me. Unfortunately just like the people in your report I’m a sucker for the next new product.

    • Rob

      Hi John
      I spent the last 3 or so years up to December 2009 doing many of the things in your report, luckily I haven’t spent a great deal of money, about $1000, but I sure have wasted a lot of time.

      I’ve been receiving your emails for sometime and in December last year I read your blog “How Was 2009 For You?” I think your refreshing honesty really hit home and for the first time I got the message: JUST DO IT!

      So I did.

      I rebuilt my website, learned how to make a blog, signed up to AWeber, put up some content and since then I’ve made $23,456.78!!!

      Just kidding I haven’t made a cent and neither have I got any subscribers yet but it doesn’t matter because I have finally made a start. Now I have to learn how to drive traffic to my site, and that’s ok because I now see this as a long term project. Now when I get other marketer’s emails I read them simply to gather information, to see what techniques they are using, I’m not spending money I can’t afford. I have chosen a path, made a plan and I’m sticking to it no matter what tempting stuff gets thrown my way.

      Thank you again for helping me get my head straight. I only hope I can afford your masterclass because I really identify with your ideal of helping people, you’ve already helped me and I would like to pass it on. You are right, success is not about making money – making money comes after you are successful.

      All the best for 2010
      Rob Ainge


    • Tim

      Hi John

      Great report.

      Proof that a good kick up the backside can be beneficial.

      A couple of other marketers (both Brits as it happens) told me that if you’re not making enough money, you’re not helping enough people.
      I believe this is a crucial thought to have implanted within your mindset, instead of just seeing dollar signs all the time $$$$.

      Anything worth having never comes easy, and although difficult and frustrating at times, it’s important to enjoy the journey to success.

      Thanks John, take care


    • Mark Anthony Anderson

      Hi John,

      No messing around hey!
      All I can say is true, true, true.
      Thanks for making the report free, you are a good man.



    • Ann

      It seems to me that successful internet marketers are involved in teaching internet marketing, it just goes around in a circle. It reminds me of a property bubble that is about to burst.  What exactly is going on? If you are not interested in teaching IM techniques is there really a market out there?  As you say yourself if you want information on anything just google it or go to ytube. Is there anybody really buying information products on any other topic, or at least buying enough to generate even a modest second income?  Areas like IM , weight loss, ebay etc are hughly competitive so statistically if you get involved in these areas your chances of success are not great.

      I believe that you have worked hard to develop your business and that you give good value.  But not everybody who works hard will succeed, its just not that simple. Sometimes you need a break. Its like trying to be a successful actor or musician, you are up against it from the beginning.  Lots of people who work hard and apply all the principles you mention in your article will not succeed on line. To suggest that people who fail have only themselves to blame came across as a bit of a cheap shot.

      Yours truly
      Failed Internet Marketer!!

    • John Coates

      Hi John

      Having read your report twice, I think I can confidently state that everyone without exception (I include myself!) will be guilty of one, if not more of the reasons you have identified.

      It’s one of those reports that should be within easy reach, and whenever we feel an excuse coming on, should read the relevant section and continue with our endeavors.

      I missed getting on to your first Masterclass program because I thought I would never be able to learn and therefore would fail (number 12 of your list of excuses).

      I continued to jump from one product to another (number 14 of your list of excuses!) until I saw your Masterclass advertised again. This time I didn’t hesitate.

      If anyone is not convinced of the good sense in having a mentor, let me point out that with John’s guidance my list of subscribers has grown and continues to do so and very shortly I will have a product online to sell. This project has been sitting on my laptop for quite some time and its completion is without a doubt because of the advice received during the Masterclass.

      Wise and honest words from JT.


    • David

      Hi John,

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

      I’ve been at this full time for over a year now and man
      do I need help…:-) This report opened my eyes and gave
      me much needed motivation.



    • Do Surveys forMoney

      Thanks for the free report. It was just what I needed to get me motivated.

    • Lyn Wooten


      Yes I got the invite to the video for the free ebook. Yes I read the ebook..GREAT information for even the pro marketer. If you need a mental boost..If your mind is tired I recommend this ebook be read at least twice a month.

      Regards :), Lyn

    • Trish

      After reading your report, all I can say is; “You are sooooo right!”

      Back when I first started working as a waitress, my dad told me I’d never make a dime on tips IF all I thought of was how much a customer was going to tip me… and he was right. I learned to enjoy working as a waitress and I made good tips because I cared about my customers receiving THE best service and THE best choices on foods selected.

      I learned to love the internet when first introduced to it in the mid-90’s, because the rule back then was “I’ll help YOU learn just so long as YOU help others learn” …and I applied that “rule” to my Administrative Assistant j-o-b too, making THAT job rewarding.

      My father was my mentor… but he has now passed away. You are so right that we ALL work best with a good mentor… so, you can BET I’m interested in what you have to offer in the way of mentoring!

      And much “Thanks” to Dave Nicholson for letting me in on your offer!

    • Shelley

      Yeee-ouch! Hey now, don’t sit on the fence, just tell it like it is John!! Now this, I really admire! Painful, but true.

      I am learning (and taking baby steps) on the technology front, but I didn’t see it as an excuse, (because it is true I currently am pretty crap at it), but I do see it as a skill I need to learn. However, it is amazing how enticing everything else looks when you have to face a ‘dreaded’ task….! Now I can see what I’ve been doing, (to myself), so thank you John for this giant kick up the bum!

      DOWNLOAD THIS REPORT people, its free, and if you think it will make you cringe, well, good! Because then you can either admit that really your heart’s not in it, and find something to do instead that you love, or really GO FOR IT!!!
      Choice is yours, 100%. That’s the ouch!

      Fantastic report, thank you for having the integrity, and the b*lls to write it! Shell 🙂

    • Graham Chipperfield

      Hi John,

      just wanted to say that i really enjoyed treading your report and identified a few areas where i am going wrong, i think the major one is needing a mentor, have been reading about internet marketing, buying courses etc and seem to be going round in a circle unable to find a starting place, so a mentor could be just the thing to put me on the right road.

      Love the office by the way, hope there is more than 1 bottle of beer in the fridge, if i get the chance to visit your office one day i will bring a bottle for the fridge


    • Brian

      Many thanks for another great report John.

      Very effective and free – you certainly are one of the good guys.

    • David

      Well written and more to the truth than I would like to think about.

      Thank you

    • Adrian Norton

      Thanks John,

      It’s always good to be brought back to first base. I particularly liked:-
      “stop thinking about making money and think about helping others and the money will flow all on it?s own.”

      ……..very much where I’m coming from, so there’s hope for me after all. 😉


    • greg c

      Thanks for the report John. It is a good read with alot of truths, some of which i will admit apply to me. The only problem I have with the report is the title. I don’t like the negative connotation suggested by the title so I hope you don’t mind but a renamed the title to “Succeed Online” in my own file. I feel much better about that.

    • Roscoe

      Hi John:

      This report was worth every penny I paid for it. I thought by the title it would be gimmicky, and, in fact, I was right it is indeed gimmicky.

      Now many of the points are valid but then they might just be stating the obvious. I don’t know if they qualify as reasons that I will fail online.

      Few people would dare say that lists aren’t important. I have heard “the money is in the list” about 1000 times from every conceivable source. Can’t we think of somethings else?

      I don’t know what moaning about your circumstances has to do with anything. I’m sure people do it all the time and don’t fail because of it.

      I can find a list as long as your arm of gurus who succeeded despite being bad at learning the technology. I don’t know why that’s in there.

      Does anyone here think everything online is a scam? I’m not exactly sure who thinks in such extremes but you would have to be pretty paranoid and pretty naive. In fact such a person would not likely be reading your report. Better ax that one too.

      Does anyone here plan to do nothing and make money doing it? Well you might say there are lots of people out there who think that the internet is easy riches and they can get away with doing nothing and still make money. Is that the readership you are speaking to? Are you saying we are bunch of bums with not even a modicum of common sense? If I am indeed such a slacker I don’t know why you would want me as a client. Moreover, I doubt I would want a mentor who thought of me that way. Not a helpful point.

      On the flip side, you do have a couple of keepers in there such as helping others and having your clients’ interests at heart. However, I think your report has been watered down by all stretching you had to do to make your points.

      Also I should ask why all the negative vibes? I got the report because of the morbid title and it was just as morbid reading it. That was probably the intent, shock value right? Had you written a success report people wouldn’t opt-in. Hah, very clever.

      Reply by John

      “On the flip side, you do have a couple of keepers in there such as helping others and having your clients’ interests at heart.”

      As long as you took something away from the report Roscoe I’m happy

    • Paul Smith


      It’s the year of the Yorkshireman. I feel it in my bones. Have been to Yorkshire 4 times and some of my best friends live there or come from there, so I think it’s time to commit myself to toughening up (Brian Close was one of my favourite cricketers – near indestructible) and begin succeeding online. So, between you, Randy, David, Dan and Paula Thompson, Keith Purkiss (not sure if Keith is a Yorkshire lad)…. I’ve an absolute champion team to play with.

      My other main connection to Yorkshire is Captain Cook. I am Australian. We pride ourselves on having lots of Yorkshire characteristics, but I’m afraid I fall more into many of the “You’ll never succeed online…” categories.

      So to 2010. At the moment I am totally broke and it’s a constant battle to remain upbeat. I have receipt there somewhere for $250 for life membership of mentorship monthly (which I cannot find just now). I’m not trying to claim back credits, but I was just wondering how long ago that was. Since then of course I have begun umpteen other courses. In fairness I have really worked hard on several of them, but still no ‘success’.

      Here’s to 2010 and keeping my eye on the ball.

      Best wishes


      PS. I came here from Dan Thompson’s blog (John Thornhill is launching his 2010 Masterclass Coaching program in 6 days time (26th January), and if you cast your mind back to last years launch, you know it’s going to be huge.). 26th Jan is the day Captain Cook sailed into Botany Bay. Is that a great omen or what?

    • Paul McCoy

      Hi John, great report. I do actually beleive in helping others and letting the rest take of its self. Its all in the mind set.
      Keep up the good work.


    • Mark Russell

      Hi John…I am a complete newbie, but I found this very good reading and I plan to keep on referring back to it. Thank you!


    • Andrew J Titcombe

      It is great to see a Brit and a Northerner at that who is an IM Expert and willing to share.
      Most training is US centric so I look forward to getting more details on the Masterclass
      Thanks John -loved this report and greetings from Cumbria – even more North than you
      PS Will be out of internet reach when you launch but will check in on Wednesday to get all the info (Nice way to market it by tickling our palettes with slow release details! )

    • Joe Jackson

      I don’t have a ‘clue’ as to what’s going on.. I need a MENTOR

    • Keith Diggle

      Hello John,

      How are you? Thanks for the great report, read like my
      life story. Been there, done that and have all the T

      I shall post a copy by my PC remind me where i`ve come
      from and not be suckered into the same mistakes again.

      Take care and enjoy your weekend!

    • Roger Pickett

      Thank you John for the informative article. Some of which applies to me and some doesn’t, but there is enough that applies to be extremely valueable. The biggest problem I see that I have is skipping from one project to the next and not finishing any! So what I need to do is –do what I know to do–and find help with what is left, but finish what I am working on.
      Thanks again for the kick in the rear, and I WILL have a better report next time. R

    • Orlando Habet

      Greetings John,
      I really learned a lot from your ebook,” Why You Will Never Succeed in IM.” Nevertheless, the book does not describe me. I have been around the internet for approximately three years, I have join three affiliate programs and spent about $2,000.00 and up to date have not been able to succeed online or provide some value to others. In spite of that I did not give up, I kept reading all I can read about internet marketing. Now everything I read about internet marketing sounds so very familiar to me no question about that. What is holding me back is that I am not taking action and lack the confidence to go forward. I am a hair strand away from succeeding and a little direction and push from you would certainly help me. I would appreciate if you can give me step by step action to take so I can finally provide some value to the internet world.

    • Piet Van Lier

      Hi John,

      You hit the nail on the head with this informative report. Everything you mention is not limited to IM, but to any niche or product. Following your suggestions will enhance one’s work habits and make the goal of a successful marketing program more realistic.

      Keep up the good work


    • Ruby Herold

      Hi John, You seem to be the perfect mentor and I certainly need one. I’ve worked daily in 2009 – bought things that led nowhere, but I’ll never give up. I intend to make 2010 the year to succeed and quit jumping from one thing to another (information overload). Hopefully with your suggestions I’ll succeed. Thanks very much for all your information. You sound like a really honest guy.


    • Janis Kittson

      I actually have 3 businesses on the go, with the mindset “Surely I MUST make money from ONE of them.” This is really not on, is it? Reading your e-book made my realise I should be really into ONE business, getting to understand it completely, doing it with the aim of helping the people whom I sponsor.
      Apart from that realisation, there were others. Yes, I tend to hop from one opportunity to another, without really giving any one of them a real go.
      Your e-book was a wake-up call, and a real gem for people like me.
      All the best to you, and to your readers. Hope they got as much from it as I did. Cheers from Janis

    • Keith Purkiss

      Thanks John for giving us this report, those of us who’ve been around a few years have heard you say some of it before. There’s no harm in being reminded though, and many people won’t have heard any of it so I’ve started promoting it to my list.

      @ Paul Smith
      Thanks for putting me in a list of people much more successful than myself 🙂 Fame at last!
      I think only Randy Smith and Dan Thompson are from Yorkshire though. (I’m in Whitehaven, Cumbria)

      @ Andrew J Titcombe
      Nice to see someone else in IM from my area, thought I was the only one 😉

    • Dwight MacKinnon

      Hi John
      Looks interisting, finally an honest man. The point about being able to help others is where I want to be. I feel I did take away a bit from your report. The whole story is not there yet. I would be interested in seeing more.

    • Michael


      Thanks, honest, concise and to the point. Your comments about helping others first and foremost has really made me think where my focus should be.


    • Godfrey Agyare

      Hi John

      Thank you for your informative message about what it takes to succeed online ie Action, Commitment, Persistence, Patience, Right Mindset, Serving Others First (SOF), Personal Develpment, etc.

      However, I’ll appreciate if you’re willing to be my Mentor

      To your great success


    • George Nieves

      Hello John,

      Thanks for the wakeup call. You’re spot on. Thank you for marketing with the usual honesty & integrity you always display.

      Best Regards,


    • Chuck


      I like many of the other repondants fall right into most of the categories you list. 7 months of spinning my wheels has resulted in almost complete paralysis of my efforts to get going online. I am a deer in the headlights of information overload.

      Just in case you ever need any real figures to refer to, I have about 100 email folders (including one for you) set up to sort my daily deluge on inbox emails and those folders contain over 69 meg worth of emails…in a 6 month period!

      Even before I read your give away I have started to delete myself from many subscrider lists. The continual sales pitches amount to a mental bludgeoning. I think my massive collection of emails and sales letters is large enough to serve as a database of information. I now need to pick the one program that will get me moving forward however long it takes.

      Thanks for re-enforcing things I already knew I needed to stop doing.



    • Robert

      Hi John,

      Thank you for the free report.
      Just the links on page 4 to the HOW To Do stuff was great!
      It may be simple to others, but for me the techy stuff is slowing me down and I do not know enough to even look.
      You made it very easy to find.


    • Beth

      HI John another great report from You!

      This report should be given to any new students before they start a course! Hopefully it would reduce the number of people who never finish a new venture.

      Thanks for these great, motivational tips to remind us all – in every walk of life – how to succeed.


    • Steve

      Hi John

      Excellent report! – To the point as always 🙂

      I just wanted to say that having completed John’s 2009 Masterclass Course I am now well equipped to make an online career for myself. The course has enable me to create several products, I now have quite a few sites in different niches, I offer SEO Analysis Services, Basic Web Designing and Hosting and things are doing quite nicely now.

      Without John’s excellent guidance I would not be where I am now…and if you’re sat on the fence and not sure about signing up – ask yourself one question –

      Where do you want to be this time next year? If it’s to be successful as an Online Marketer then look no further than John’s course!

      All the best

    • Ann Boreman


      Absolutely everyone who wants a business online should read your report! So much of what you said rang true for me this last year online. I especially liked the advice to work the program you just bought before buying anything else!! John you know what it takes to be successful online. I hope readers listen to your sage advice.
      Thanks for the report.

    • Carol Holder


      Such sage advice! Immensely glad to have found you. I really relate to all you’ve said, and to all those who have read and responded to your report above before me. Thought I was the only one paralyzed by the information overload I find myself in. Hope with your help that I can start swimming out of the mess I’ve created and focus, focus, focus.

      Looking forward to tomorrow’s release.

    • Eddie Tune

      You’re report was great John. You pointed out the short comings that most of us NEWBIES have to the letter.

      Thanks again John

    • Barry Selk

      I hate to admit this but there are several things in your report that I have experienced. I’m one of the newbies that do have a website, have some products that I would like to market, and have tons of videos. But like you say getting this to all work takes work. I been working on my site for 5 months since I was laid off. My problems have been numerous and I sometimes can’t find the right instructions or answers I need for setting up things, or worst it seems to be missing something. I have always thought it would be great to have a mentor to show me how to do this the right way. The problem I’ve seen is that mentor costs from other marketers are way out of my current budget. They have great sounding training but the costs kill that idea. But like you say, I haven’t given up yet and plan to stay for the long haul. Anyway, thanks for the report! Looking forward to your release. Barry

    • Ernie Dutre

      Hi John, I just finished reading your report and remembered something from my early days of racing. I never went to a race with mindset of losing, I was going to WIN. I never won all the races, but never gave up. Great stuff and for free!
      Thanks Ernie.

    • Sue Schlaiffer

      Hi John,

      A lot of things in your report ring true and I like so many others will agree that you just have to believe in yourself first, then others will too. You must also focus on one thing at a time, and avoid doing one thing after another and not completing any of them. There is also a tendency to buy loads of different products and sign up to too many lists only to become bombarded with yet more information! I have decided to believe in myself because I know I can become successful and I am applying my focus to complete one project at a time. The next important step for me is to get some good mentoring and so I look forward to your next email with details.

      Sue Schlaiffer.

    • Peter Holland

      As ever great insight from a been there done that sort of guy.

      Great Stuff John, it inspires one to push on when the doubter gremlins attack.



    • Anne S

      Wise words that brought a few rueful smiles and nods of the head. This could be a good one to print and hang by the computer to read every now and again! Thanks John T.

    • Jim Ford

      So many True Statements explained So much of what you said rang true for me this last year online. I especially liked the advice to work the program you just bought before buying anything else!!

    • Igor M

      I am new to the world of IM but I can relate to many of the things mentioned in the offline world or otherwise known as every day life. Fortunately, I have changed my mindset before I decided to step into online ventures. I can imagine how a newbie can so easily fail with just a wrong mindset or otherwise starting off with great zest but at the same time neglecting to bring focus to at least one venture. I must be honest, my mind is definitely on the money but the way I have set myself up is to focus on some immediate and realistic goals. Another important thing you mention is where people are entirely focused on money, then neglect the target which after all are people.
      Online world has it’s modus operandi but it still largely depends on other people, not catering for the target or giving poor quality of service will definitely result in failure and frankly anyone with considerable life experience should know that, it is pretty much the law of our tangible universe, what you put in is what you get out. Of course, there are manipulations and scams where that rule may not apply immediately but sooner or later it catches up therefore having a honest and quality relationship with people, clients etc. is the best way to go. Thanks for your valuable info John.


    • Maddy

      Hi John

      Well – that report was hard hitting, succint, and listed a number of things that just don’t relate to me!

      However – I certainly recognised some things that do – and it’s given me a real kick up the posterior! I am spending time writing this but immediately after I click the submit button I shall be back to focusing on my work!

      Incidentally, one heading that did stand out for me and which I think not enough people pay enough attention is the Mindset. What goes on in our minds has a massive influence on our lives and in this context can determine our success or failure.

      Thanks for the heads-up John


    • Mike

      Great no-nonsense advice, as always…

      Excellent work John!

      Thanks once again



    • Bud McKenzie

      Thanks, John for your report. I have two full time jobs and five young adults still at home and I am away from my home at least 3 days out of the week. But, I still have the right mindset and make the time to plan and push forward to reach my goals online. Helping others by any means is the best strategy. I like your tip on providing some form of opt-in box on any thing that you do online. I am currently working on creating a much cleaner and visually stunning email series that really catches your attention. So many emails out there are so plain and uninviting.
      Thanks again,
      Bud McKenzie
      Nova Scotia, Canada

    • Steve Troutman

      Hi John,

      Once again you know just the right things to say and how to say them. I myself have been struggling online for a while now and the tips you have in this report point to a lot of mistakes new people make online. I have downloaded the report and look at it when I am tired and don’t want to stay up anymore. You say this is the time to get busy and “roll up your sleeves and do it again”

      Thanks for the inspiration.


    • Gary

      Hi John,
      I think your information is truely first class! Though I’m barely staying afloat, still have never given up! You’ll never find anyone as poor as I am!
      I have a couple years of content on the internet, however just never have figured out the key! You can be standing at the vault to all the money in the world, but if you don’t have the KEY, it won’t do you any good.

      I don
      t get paid till friday, so then I’ll start your program. Thanks Gary

    • Reverend brian Richards

      Well as you may know by now I am a Pastor when home and a Missionary for many years.However since 2003 I was re-married to a young lady from Philippines, and now we have a 4 yr old son named Joshua. I do have the right mindset I spent most of my life in giving to others less fortunate than myself.Unfortunately well the money runs out for a missionary so does the ministry stop. I being married to a lady from Philippines did not go down to well with both Philippines and the local Australian people. I spent many thousand of dollars yes chasing the dream of being a world known Evangelist with missionary experiences and of course I really do care for the people that I offer my counselling experience too.I have not become bitter through my failers but hopefully I have become better at what I am trying to achieve, whatever that maybe. I have written a book about my experiences, including my failers due to a back injury in what could have been a fatel car accident.I would like to be able to market my books include your own products John that I have read to be very good. I surely agree with all that you have said, and I am fully ready to take the next step into success instead of chasing a dream that can never be? I do desire to make a lot of money online but not just for me and my family, but for the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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