As we enter 2011 many people who tried to make money online in 2010 and failed will blame others for their failure. It’s natural to pass the blame when things don’t go our way and this is usually what separates success from failure. The purpose of this blog post is to identify where you may have gone wrong in 2010 and point you in the right direction in 2011. So I have identified 4 key areas that can separate success from failure.

If you want to succeed in 2011 stop buying new products. That’s right, stop buying the latest and greatest product that promises easy riches for doing very little. We’ve all see these products that will tempt you to buy with phrases such as ‘click your mouse 13 times to generate unlimited cash into your bank account’. I mean come on, do you really believe this rubbish? Maybe not but many people do and the sooner you realize that products that promise easy money for doing nothing are never going to work the better.

If you want to succeed in 2011 get to work. Yes, you heard me right, get to work. You now know that push button riches don’t exist so the next thing you need to realize is that it takes hard work to become a success online. You are never going to make money browsing Facebook or watching videos on YouTube. So start by making a plan and get to work executing that plan.

If you want to succeed in 2011 start generating useful content others will want to consume. There is so much bad content created by various article spinners and programs that produce crap on autopilot that can’t be read by anyone these days that it’s getting ridiculous. Who wants to read random generated crap created by a machine that makes no sense? Not me! Remember that the best content you can create is original content that you put hard work and effort into creating. Whatever you produce leaves a trail on the Internet so remember that any randomly spun work will reflect on the quality of your products. If you don’t know where to start create a blog and start writing, this will soon get you used to generating content.

If you want to succeed in 2011 start creating products of you own. This is the information age, people are craving for new information every day. Provide information that people want to consume and you will see success in 2011. If you don’t think you can create a product or don’t know where to start then find a mentor. A mentor can show you the path to success, can stop you making mistakes in the early days and can be someone to make yourself accountable too. They can also give you a kick up the backside when you start to stray. If you want to find a mentor be sure you do your research first. Google their name and a look for reviews of their previous products. Contact their support desk to make sure they are going to provide the support you need an if you need to ask to speak to them on the telephone. A genuine marketer who has your interests at heart will be very approachable. After all if you can’t approach them how can they help you succeed?

Finding a mentor wont come cheap but it really can be the fastest way to success and when you add up what you have already spent on information products in the past it could be a very wise investment indeed.

Just remember, becoming successful online isn’t easy, there are no push button solutions and the sooner you realize that the closer you will be to becoming successful.

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    • Kiat

      I agreed with your articles even though I find creating products to be difficult. And probably expensive. I like the stop buying products as I bought a lot and do not know how to use some of them. Keep making sense. Thanks.

    • Eamon Diamond

      Hey John,

      I totally agree with John’s first highlighted area [stop buying new products].

      You have mentioned John a good mentior may be a little expensive, but that’s the first truth he tells you, nothing hidden with this guy.

      I’ve been to the places John’s talking about and can vouch for what he’s saying, I can also tell you I’ve taken his masterclass course.

      [Was I reluctant to sign up, of course I was!!]

      But am I glad I did? – You bet.

      John thronhills masterclass course is thee best course I’ve taken.

      John! You deserve a GOLD medal. If there was ever an accolade that would be handed out in this Internet Marketing business you’d be in the top 10 🙂

      Thanks for all your support over 2010 and I’ll wish you a Happy New Year as I’m off now for another weeks holidays with my wife.


    • Craig Stout

      Thanks John. Good stuff! Especially the section on content.
      For me, what it comes down to is this. When I write anything, is it
      something I would proudly put my name to? You’re right, there is
      plenty of spun, churned, and just plain dumb words parading as
      content. It’s like cold calling in sales- even a blind squirrel
      finds a nut every now and again. Of course, for those delivering
      solid content with value, it puts them in a different league. Keep
      up the great content. I appreciate it.

    • Terry Conti

      Hi John, the key points you mention in this post are heavy.
      These points are extremely important for anyone wanting to succeed
      online. I want to say thanks so much for being my mentor. Your
      Masterclass course has the potential to bring you to heights you
      never thought possible, only if you apply yourself. Keep on keeping
      it real John. Terry Conti

    • Timo


      I couldn’t agree more!

      Also, I already joined your Master Class training program. Looking forward to see where I am next year at this very same time 🙂


    • John McNally

      I came to the same “stop buying products” conclusion some time ago John, but it was quite refreshing to see a major marketer advocate this. I’ve still got loads of stuff on my hard-drive that I haven’t looked at yet, probably another couple of years worth if I go through everything. 🙄

      I like to think I can paint, but I never thought of myself as a writer. It was thanks to your Masterclass course, with setting up a blog as the first step, that proved to me writing is like anything else. The more you practice the better you get.

      I’m looking forward to restarting the Masterclass and completing my first eBook in 2011. Thanks for being a great Mentor. 8)


    • Tim Costin

      Hi John, Great Post. I’ve been guilty of puchasing every
      new “shinny box” that came along, hoping that it would help. I’ve
      refunded just about every one of them, but waisted a ton of time
      looking at them. I truly wish I could afford your Masterclass
      course. I’ve heard so many good things about you that I know your
      course would be of extreme benefit to my success. But, alas,
      medical bills and the loss of my job have put a halt to my internet
      marketing education spending. All I can do now is push forward with
      what I know and work hard to make it happen. My last purchase,
      though, was your Affiliate Promo Formula. I just hope this is the
      one that pushes me over the top. To say I need it is an
      understatement. But, I’m not looking for sympathy so please don’t
      feel sorry for me. I have a great attitude and know that I will
      succeed. I want to wish you a Happy New Year and thanks for all the
      great encouragement you have provided.

    • Dawood

      I agree with John. various marketers keepon bombarding
      ma’mail with lots of such get rich quick in 2 minutes emails. also
      have tones n tones of articles on my disk drive. but their emails
      are so tempting with sweet talk. so in the end even if u had no
      intention of buying the product,u end up clicking “pay now” or “Buy
      now”. limited time offer. hahahahahaha. aaaaaaaah, funny

    • Adwello

      A new year and a new focus! Mine will be “Building Value For The Future” and to get me started off I will be investing in Jim Rohn’s superb 1 Year Success Plan because I feel the need this new year to do more than just chat about the latest launch product!

      I really want to excel in all areas of my life and not just my blogging, but also achieving my ideal weight, taking more holidays and writing four marketing books to sell on Amazon. This is the year I develop my own products and build my email lists. Big new goals and an exciting Success Plan for 2011! Happy New Year, John!

    • Peter Whatley

      Hi John, I’ve been following you for sometime now and you’r right I’ve got to stop buying all your products! I’ve got to put into practice what you preach. This year I am going to become sucessful and I think it will be by joining your masterclass course, I know that you will point me in the right direction as you have with so many others.
      Have a great new year to all
      Peter Whatley

    • zahid

      Hi John Thats a great post. I think at sometime everybody
      has got tempted by the HYPE..I know it has happened to me and I
      will be making a strong effort to resist. This is especially
      important when you are starting out, cash is at a premium any way
      and its money down the pan. Which could be put to better use in
      creating product…paying for graphics etc The worst is if you have
      bought…you feel so let down when you discover its all HYPE. Your
      Masterclass course has been my best investment. Roll on 2011.
      Looking to step things up a gear. Regards Zahid

    • Donald


      Another good post. I stopped buying this year,ok, maybe a couple off products, but 2011 will be different. I miss the Masterclass but will be re starting in the next few weeks. You prove time and tim again that you are the top Marketer, honest and truthful to your subscribers.

      have another prosperous New Year.


    • Cragar

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      3.Find the solution-Understanding SEO skills
      4.STUDY AND PERFECT or Re-Create existing answer
      5.PROVIDE PROOF-Utilize what you have learned and show how to implement it clearly and use it yourself to find out if you are getting desired results.
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