Many years ago I was creating websites online. First, it started with simple HTML websites with graphics developed in Paint. They were simple pages selling ebooks. Then I found WordPress and became efficient at developing all types of WordPress websites.

It was a case of learning by experiment and occasionally learning a few pointers from people on the Warrior Forum which was hot back in those days. Of course, that was before Facebook became the place to hang out.

Creating websites was one thing. Then SEO became the buzz word. You had to start optimizing your websites to get ranked in the search engines as more websites came online. Your blog became the most important asset to draw traffic to your website as it still is today.

Then Social Media became the thing you must be part of. Social Plugins were hot because it allowed you to promote your websites with the click of a button. It saved you a lot of time and visitors could also link to your website.

Multi tear Membership Programs became popular and you needed to recruit more people to join your group to make money. Good setup with trusted Business Owners is essential.

Marketing was the big Buzz word. Preselling affiliate products and marketing them. The thing was not really knowing what this “marketing thing” was when you just develope websites.

It was also important to be building big mailing lists. Knowing how to build a relationship with hundreds of people you do not know. Creating pages on your website to entice people to opt-in to your list. Simple one-page builder sites started to pop up.

Now you need to learn to Copywrite. Learning to communicate with an audience depending on what you want them to do. It depended on the type of website, store or sales letter as to which tactics you used.

By now if you were not developing your own products to sell online you were leaving money on the table. You are now creating websites for products, sales pages, membership sites and of course the products themselves.

Developing affiliate programs made it easier to sell your products and recruit affiliates to promote them. So you are creating website JV pages for your Affiliates with everything they need to make it easy to promote for you. Planning your Product launch and dealing with your affiliate team to plan a smooth launch.

It has been a Process over the years creating websites. The one thing that still stands true is you need to be developing your own products, services, and websites. It gives you total control over your own business.

With all these processes to learn, it is even more important now to have an experienced Mentor. I had a decade to learn to create websites and processes online, but now it is an ever-changing space. You need a Mentor who is actively working online to help you.

John Thornhill is now my full-time Mentor and a great bloke to work with. I have trained with John over those years and watched his success and that of his students grow. I traveled to the other side of the world just to meet John and his top student Omar in person.

But creating websites and products takes time and a lot of energy. What if I could introduce you to a program that can earn you money now. I am not saying skip building your own products as that is important to your online success. But you need money behind you and this is the ideal opportunity.

You truly should watch John’s webinar

Sarah McLeod

This is a guest post from Sarah McLeod, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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