“Our Choices Always Shape Our Future; Be It For Good, Bad or Just Living A Normal Life”

One of the eternal truths for human existence is – ‘Our Choices Always Shape Our Future; Be It For Good, Bad or Just Living A Normal Life’. If you are like me, who wants to drive the life on the path of passion, and not just the way the life itself navigates you, ‘choices’ play quite an important role, literally every day of your life. If you are reading this way into the future, I am writing when the world got gripped by a pandemic called COVID-19. And this phase factually placed me the right at the fork of two vital choices, should I follow my path of Passion or do something different right now that will aid my ambitions (financially) for the rest of my life?

Taking a Step Back…

Let’s track back and throw some light on my life’s story for a bit, I’m sure this won’t be too geeky. I am a software engineer, working in the USA. My job is going well, and as I write this now, I’m still relevant as far as the current job market is concerned. But it’s also undeniable that the way the technology is advancing, the situation can change way too soon. Incidentally, due to the on-going pandemic, massive job losses around the world pushed the service holders right on the edge. I am no exception to that situation.

As hinted before, I happen to lead my life guided by my passion, and that is 3D Printing. I want to serve humanity with my competence in this field. Till now, it’s my day job as a Data Engineer which has been paying to pursue my passion past 2 years. But, being pragmatic, this is an unsustainable model on which I am riding on right now, simply because I got massive future dream projects which my job just can’t support. So, all these have brought me to the cusp of taking one of the most important decisions of my life. The no-brainer answer to that is, I have to improve my financial situation right now.

Searching For The Right Way

I started my exploration on the viable options available to start generating revenue over the Internet, clearly, the ocean of money-making opportunities is hidden right there. The research on it opened up a pandora’s box of hurdles, simply because a huge number of people are already chasing the same thing, competition is immense. For an absolute newbie like me, things get harder and harder, if you try to start from scratch. So, I started to work my way up with the mentorship of an email/affiliate marketing program, after about a month I got some ideas on the ways to make money. While the training was quite worthwhile, but in hindsight, it presented the real challenge which was building an Email List from Ground Zero in order to make even a buck on the Internet.

Let’s break it down now on simple terms. Consider you don’t have a product to sell, you can simply become an Affiliate of a product owner/company and market the product. You can get commissions out of each sale, which ranges from 50% – 4-5%. But only if you can sell good number of units of multiple products, then you can make decent money. Now, you will face 3 major obstacles being a beginner.

Choosing what products are performing well in the current market.

How to send quality traffic (*meeting the right eyes).

How you can establish an automated marketing system that will keep generating sales.

These require a long tedious work finding the right products, splurge a large chunk of money on ads and creating the Email Campaigning Automation, which is also an Art that needs time for perfection. The issue further worsens where I need to dodge a lot of already established marketers who swarm the traffic, making me next to irrelevant. While I am not the guy who will shy off from the hard work, but I have to be smart to be able to find a way around it, there has to be one.

The Way Forward

So, I continued my search for a much effective option that can at least get me the required kick-start, which will put me at a pedestal ahead of a lot of people, and something that will be completely worthwhile to put my time and money on. While all these thoughts were hovering through my mind, I stumbled upon a multi-million-dollar internet marketer John Thornhill who shows exactly how to build and to grow stuff from scratch, literally over-the-shoulders with his training. I found out that he is absolutely a wizard in Affiliate Marketing with 15+ Years of experience, owns a catalogue of highly successful products generating 10’s and 1000’s of dollars every month.

Just two days into the training, I was humbled by a pleasant surprise with the offering of his done-for-you business model. It just connects my desire of the hour, a little handhold from a guy who knows the real deal of the trade and helps me navigate the unchartered waters. He shares his highly profitable product campaigns that is generating substantial revenue in the current time, its complete integration with systems of Clickbank & Aweber and a completely Automated Mailing Sequence that runs for 99 days which can be targeted to an interested group of audience. Those are all the tools that you really need to dip your toes. It is quite generous of him that he is handing off his business through the training because I can completely comprehend that is worthy of many years of trials and errors to achieve precision. Now, all I have to do is to drive quality traffic to the products, to earn a decent commission out of them. This finally qualifies the kick-start I was looking for.

In my opinion, it’s always good to start an income source while you learn the nitty-gritty of Online marketing and truly leverage from John many years’ worth of hard work. Now I can focus more on building a quality email list in the course of the coming months, which is the absolute basis of the business. I don’t know about the future, but my gut feels quite strongly about the journey I am about to ride. Check this link to get a free report which embodies a much deeper analysis of affiliate marketing and also you will get a chance to evaluate John’s Mentorship program.


This is a guest post from Bratin Mukherjee, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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    • Natalie Quinn

      I really appreciate this post, I have wondered/worried about how to reconcile the little experience I have with the idea of teaching others, and this post (and in particular the movie reference) really has got me thinking in a different way than I have been.

      Thanks again!

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