I get asked time and time again from my subscribers how to make money online and I tell them time and time again the best way to make money online is to create your own information products and sell them via your own websites. Now that’s hardly rocket science is it?

Yet I still can’t understand why so many people don’t do this. I get email after email from people who have spent thousands on programs in their quest to become a success online and yet when I ask them to show me their websites/products I get this reply…

… I don’t have any.


I ask you again.


You know that the key to success is to create your own products, after all your inbox is bombarded day after day with product launch after product launch. So surely this must tell you something.

Look, if you want to know the ‘big secret’ here it is.

  • Create a product for sale online
  • Drive traffic to the sales page
  • Repeat the process

That’s it! That’s all there is to it.

I could add to that by saying sell the products you create via ClickBank to take advantage of their massive affiliate base and I could say use these products to build a list and I could say create a blog to build an army of followers but I will say this again, the key to online success is to:-

  • Create a product for sale online
  • Drive traffic to the sales page
  • Repeat

Don’t make excuses for not creating your own products, there is a ton of information out there and anyone can do it. Yes, even you, and don’t stop at one product, create product after product after product and in no time at all you will become a success.

Watch any ‘guru’ or successful marketer online and you will see they all share one thing in common, they all have products for sale online and they all keep creating new products.

So now you know the ‘big secret’ to success isn’t really a secret at all you have no excuses.

I will be writing more about creating your own products over the coming weeks, if this is still something you need help with be sure to keep an eye out for my emails and blog posts.

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    • Howard


      You are a straight forward guy! I trust you above and beyond any other Internet marketer out there. Never once have I seen you take advantage of anyone in any of your marketing tactic’s. I am one of your coaching students from last year and all I have to say is you ALWAYS OVER DELIVER!

      I wish you continued success!


      • Graeme


        I second that! And also, it is such a pleasure to hear an English accent – even if it IS a Geordie one!!! (just kidding)

        And – stupid to say, I know – it also shows me that you don’t have to be in the good old U S of A to succeed at this online stuff (even though the exchange rate kicks our butts a bit if we are selling to the Yank market)

        John, thanks, and I can’t wait to hear more of your direct wisdom.

    • Omar Martin

      Hi John,

      I agree whole heatedly. I too get asked that question several times per week. It seems like so many people want the success and the lifestyle but fear the work required.

      My answer is simply this: “There is no magic fairy dust!” There is no easy button and people that promise you instant overnight riches online are simply not being truthful.

      Building a productive internet business is simple but its not easy. It requires a burning desire to succeed and a steadfast dedication.

      I was a newbie not too long ago myself and I remember being pulled in so many different directions. I remember the countless hours at my computer searching for the “secret to success”. In all my searches I found that I had the answer all along but I just wasn’t doing anything about it.

      Once I had structured a road map the journey was a cinch. Mike Filsaime and I are going to be doing something very special to help people get on the right track…. and we’re going to be giving it away. YES. Giving it away.

      Stay tuned.

    • Tyler Jonsson

      It really *IS* that simple! I think that many Internet Marketers often forget that or over complicate things for themselves.

      Nice to hear a successful online marketer bring us back towards our goal! Keep it up!

    • […] blog post was John Thornhill’s latest offering which can be viewed here. John’s message is frighteningly simple – create your product, drive traffic to the sales […]

    • Steven Wilkins

      Great Post as always John!

      Straight to the point and not over complicated as with all your methods.

      Im currently on your masterclass programme and would throughly reccomend it to anyone if you decide to do another one in the near future.
      All the best,

      Steve Wilkins.


    • Gary David

      Hi John,

      That is truly correct. We have to create our own products and drive traffic to become successful, and after becoming successful on the first product, we have to create another product, and then another product and so on.. It’s like franchising, wherein we have to leverage and multiply the number of store outlets to as much as we can, in order for us to build a lot of income streams, one thing to remember as well is to build a lot of stream of income, and not just put all our eggs in one basket.

      Thanks John for this wonderful post, it reminds us to never over-complicate things.


      Gary David

    • Stuart Turnbull

      To all the doubters out there who may be thinking ‘that’s easy for you to say, you’ve got a huge mailing list, every product you create is guaranteed success’ you’re echoing my thoughts entirely.
      Yes, those were my thoughts before January 2008 when I decided it was time to stop doubting and time to start doing.
      16 months later and my bank balance confirms that John is right, so if you really want to change your life for the better, stop doubting and start doing and you’ll find no better mentor than John Thornhill.

      Stuart Turnbull


    • Mandy Allen

      Hi John,

      Great doctrine, looking forward to the rest of MC.

      Enjoy the journey.


    • Gary Simpson

      Hi John,

      I think one of the big problems is continual distractions. Everywhere you turn there are people promoting the latest whizzbang miracle cure for online success. I know. I have fallen for buying all sorts of things myself – and it all takes TIME in investigate all these ideas. And time is a finite commodity for everybody.

      This is why people tend – in the end – to do nothing. They simply get overwhelmed and confused and the brain says, “NO MORE! I can’t handle this!” I wrote about this on my own blog some time ago. The many replies that I received proves that what I say is correct.

      Bye for now


    • Hi John..

      Great article as always…

      Cant wait to learn more about the traffic thing in the MC.

      / Tomas Lodén
      Website Marketing Strategy Blog

    • Keith Purkiss

      Hi John,

      I’ve just ‘Repeated the process’ (after a bit of a gap) and it gets easier each time.

      My first eBook (which you helped with) was a struggle to get to 17 pages but my latest is 70 pages plus 10 bonus files.



    • nuwav

      I am kinda a newbie..for about a month now it take me some time to grasp internet Marketing…the problem for me was there are so many ways of making money online, its trying to find the right starting point…I looked at free information on blogging, site flipping, affilate marketing, ebay, info products etc..what i realise is that its all connected…you can have your own info product, and still do affilate marketing, blogging etc…THE KEY IS TO UNDERSTAND HOW INTERNET MARKETING WORKS AND HOW TO USE IT…


    • Daniel Howard

      Hi John

      A great post, I totally agree with what you’re saying, the more great products that you have the more money you will make.

      YOU can create products in a day or two and start driving traffic to the site, and build from there.

      But with this day and age, many people get chased in many directions and fail to stay productive and then slowly start give-up.

      As John has always said, Create a product for sale online, Drive traffic to the sales page, Repeat the process, just look at what john has accomplished in his business.

    • Margo MacIntosh

      I am convinced your message on The Secret to Online Success was directed at me. Well, maybe not as my ego should not appear to be that big, even if it does. However, it came at just the right time and addressed what I needed to hear. I spent the day studying the best words to use and the how to and everything else having to do with creating a website. I can see that I’ll be working at it steadily for quite a while. Thanks for your message.

    • Mostafa

      That’s the truth. To make money and to be considered seriously by people build your own products.
      This so far the quickest way to start earning an income.

      Thanks John for reminding us that. Looking forward for next posts.

    • Trevor Chambers

      I wonder that as a complete newbie, with no expeirennce in marketing or internet selling, there is any hope of making a success of selling on ebay or simular sites.

    • Paul

      Great post John, very well put.

      @Trevor Chambers: There is plenty of hope in making a success of selling on ebay, it’s the best place to start if you are new. It’s where John started out, where I started out, as so have many other successful marketers out there.

      All you need is a few info products with resale rights to get started, you can then start a blog, sign up with an auto responder, direct your ebay customers to your blog & start building a list from there.


    • Gail Honeyman

      Could you recommend any specific resources, books, or other blogs on this topic?

    • zora

      Hi John,

      This is great information it’s so simple and strait to the point Some people won’t believe it can be that simple after listening to the gurus saying it’s so complicated that you have to spend thousands of hours and money with the secrete software to make money with no website, no product, just push the button.

      Thanks for explaining the real truth

      Regards Zora

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