Tomorrow Michael Cheney launches his much anticipated Delta Squadron training program and I’m sure you have a ton of questions and are dying to know what my bonuses will be. So here we go:

Q: What is Delta Squadron?

A: Delta Squadron is a top level training program that shows “How To Make $1Million in 7 Days” This is a $2000 value training program containing 18 behind the scenes videos Michael recorded DURING a launch when he made $1m in 7 days. It shows you step by step what he did to earn over one million in 7 days.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: The cost of this training program will be only one dollar, When you buy the training program you also get a 30-day free membership to Delta Squadron which includes live webcam training with Michael 4 times per month. Here Michael will be personally training you and you will also have live access to him and be able to ask him anything you wish. After the initial 30 days you will be billed $97 per month and you can cancel at any time.

Q: When does the site go live?

A: The site goes live at 12pm EST on Thursday 21st May.

Q: What bonuses are you offering if I buy Delta Squadron via your link:

A: I strongly believe this is my finest bonus offering to date. Unlike most other marketers that will offer you a digital item that wont even help you this is what I plan to offer you as long as you purchase delta Squadron via my link.

First of all you will get to work with me personally where we will work out a ‘plan of attack’ to help you get the most from Delta Squadron. You will have live access to myself via email, Skype, telephone, msn and video. Whatever works best for you. We will have weekly consultations where we will discuss Michaels weekly training program and how you can get the most from it. We will set a 6 month goal and within that 6 months I aim to have you earning a full time income online.

I will also be here to advise and guide you through every aspect of Internet Marketing in general, just think of me as your personal adviser that you can go to anytime you have a question.

I will also give you access to my 2000+ JV partners, when you come to launch a product (which you will) I will let every single one of my JV partners know about your launch. I have helped many of my friends in the past with this method and it has helped them have multiple 6 figure launches.

I also understand that sometimes things can get quite techy and this is where my support staff comes in. You will also get access to my support staff where you can receive all the technical help you need for anything we decide to create. Don’t worry if you know nothing about html, ftp, seo, php, databases and all that confusing stuff as I’ll have it covered for you.

I think what I am trying to say is I will offer all of my services to you 1 on 1 and you can’t put a value on that. In fact if I ever offered a 1 on 1 training program I would charge at least $5000 as I currently charge $1500 for my Masterclass Program which involves teaching multiple students at a time.

So remember, if you want ‘personal’ access to an established, successful marketer then this bonus is for you. If not then feel free to check out what other bonuses are on offer from other marketers.

Q: Wow John, I can’t believe I can have you as my personal adviser for only $1, what do I need to do.

A: You need to go to when the site goes live at 12pm EST on Thursday 21st May and simply purchase Delta Squadron. I would advise you clear your cookies before clicking on my link to ensure I get credit. Once you have made your purchase send a copy of your sales receipt to and I will send you all the details you need.

I look forward to working with you.

    3 replies to "My Delta Squadron Bonuses Announced"

    • Keith Purkiss

      Thanks John,

      Your bonuses are getting better every time!

      Is this limited to the first so many people or available to everyone?


      Reply by John

      I won’t be limiting this offer Keith but I’m sure Michael will be pulling the offer for Delta Squadron after a pre-determined time.

    • KwikStartVideos

      Plenty of bonus offers out there for this product.
      I’m sure having received your bonus offers in the past that you would provide the most worthwhile.

    • Gary David

      Thanks for the bonuses John,

      Did you also purchase this program and applying it to yourself as well? I mean, $1 million in 7 days is too good to be true. Maybe it worked for Michael and will work for you as you guys have huge mailing list or lots of resources to achieve that goal. Do you think a newbie can achieve that in 7 days?

      Gary David

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