The results of my Success in 2008 Survey are in and there is a lot of interesting reading.

Get all the results plus some info on what I plan to do about the results from this link: (right click > save as)

Once you have read the report you may want to check this video I created today:

As always your comments are welcome.

    21 replies to "Success in 2008 Survey Results"

    • Stanley

      Interesting results on the survey, seems like I am one of the majority that replied. Looking forward to the program, hopefully it is within my budget! Keep up the good work.

    • Ray Johnson

      Hey there John

      Happy New Year to you and family…

      Hope the coaching programme goes well in 2008, all the best as usual… isn’t the mentoring basically just the same as RRB?


    • Paula Brett

      John, that is some video, I’m speechless. All I can say is WOW! 😉

      Best wishes

      Paula Brett

    • Cindy

      Hi John,

      Love this idea. I regret to say that I’ve been following you online for quite a few years and haven’t taken any action. I’ve begun to develop a product to market and have some reseller products. My goal is to have an e-Bay store up and running by the 15th. Thanks to you, I now have a great download page–thank you very much–that will lead to after the sale sales and hopefully subscriptions to my lists at aWeber. Your most recent product, Reseller Rights Blueprint, gave me the kick in the pants I needed. After viewing your video I’m even more motivated to take action and start building lists. I look forward to hearing more about your coaching program and can’t wait to participate. You really do deliver with every product, so I’m sure this will be high quality as well.

      All the best in 2008,


    • Colin

      Terrific video John!If the things that you reveal in the video don’t give subscribers the incentive I don’t know what will!

    • Keith

      Awesome video John! You have given me even more inspiration. Looking forward to 2008!


    • Jeff G

      Hello John,

      I can’t believe my eyes 🙂

      This is exactly what I was hoping someone like you would do. Something that starts at the VERY beginning. I could swear that you had me in mind by doing this program. I truly hope that I get a invite to be a part of this as I know it will be life changing. But I do have to warn you, as a TRUE newbie, I will put you through the test. Just because I know very little at this present time.

      I look forward to hearing more about this fantastic opportunity.

      Till next time

    • Tracey

      Hi John,

      Great video, can’t wait to hear more about the coaching program.

      In the video you mentioned that you had several clickbank accounts that weren’t doing much. As a IM baby, I’d love to hear about those accounts as well as the successful ones. I find knowing that even the guru’s don’t get it right all the time makes me believe I can get there even more. Sometimes it can be disheartening when you’re not reaching the levels that you want to be, so just knowing about both successes and failures of other’s (especially the other’s that you admire) makes my own goals seem more real and acheivable if you know what I mean.

      Looking forward to seeing more about the coaching program soon.

    • Edson

      Hi John

      Your the guy who started it all for me in 07 and I know your the guy who is going to take me over the edge in 08. I cant wait to check out this new site…

    • Peter Ford

      G’day John,

      I enjoyed the video.

      Multiple income streams in automode for 2008.

      Bring it on!
      Peter Ford

    • Jim Cockrum

      I can vouch that you are one of the few class acts out there. Loved watching the video and seeing your success. Let’s make 2008 great man!


    • Gary Canada

      Thank you, John, for the survey results. It is interesting to see that I am not alone.
      Like many others, it is quite difficult to focus on growing an internet business while still involved in earing a living with a J.O.B.
      Count me in for additional training. I belong to Mentorship Monthly. So, as I see it, you are already providing a tool for more training that is quite useful. What now?

    • Randy Smith

      Hi John,

      Happy new year to you and all your readers….
      I should be back online in a few days – but couldnt wait to let ypu know your video was great….. I’m glad to see you’re still keeping it real!… and I’m sure many people will benefit greatly from your new proram… (just as I have from your advice and coaching)

      The survey results were fascinating…and really highlighted a couple of key areas and things to take note of!

      Catch you all very soon (I hope)
      Best regards

    • Dale East


      I found you by accident 3 weeks ago and your products have already given me what I needed to get started. I have built a content site that does well but have for years wanted to get into direct internet sales. I just couldn’t find anyone to give me the actual step by step detail that I needed.

      Well now I’ve found that person and am excited about what 2008 will bring.

      Keep em comming,

    • Keith Purkiss

      Hi John,

      Sorry I managed to miss taking part in the survey, but thanks for report and the revealing Video, and for all your help and tips.
      I’m surprised how many people think they can’t create their own product.


    • chris

      Great video John, maybe I can learn how to be successful!
      Paula, it’s not like you to be speechless!!

      Happy New Year to one & all.

    • June


      Great video, thank you. I am so looking forward to the coaching program and hope it is affordable. Everything else I have seen over the years is always priced way out of my league and I don’t think any of them were worth it. I know you are worth it, but it doesn’t change what I have coming in online right now.


    • Daniel

      Hi John,

      Thanks for all the great stuff that you provide. I was wondering what the difference between the mentorship program that you currently have and the coaching program that you are going to launch is. Should I sign up for the mentorship program or wait for the coaching program.

      Thanks and to OUR Success!

    • Robin

      Hi John,

      Wow. What a video. You certainly tell it like it is and so down to earth.

      There are so many others out there that just want to take our money, but you actually show us the nuts and bolts of how to make money.

      Looking forward to your coaching program,


    • Daniel L. Davis

      Hi John Daniel here;

      I was really suprised to find so many people that are in my same mess. I have been trying to write the ten articles that are called for in the blue print rights. This is rough task at the least for me. I am determined to accomplish this no matter what. I belong to your mentor program but I don`t know how to access it. Tomorrow I hope to start on building a web page. John, I don`t know if I told you but I am 69 years young and I started to get interested in internet marketing at about the same time as retirement income is not all its cracked up to be. All the people that I was around at that time are total terrified of the computer. I went ahead anyway.I have spent my self into bankruptcy (literally) but I go on anyway. I believe I am on the borderline of success using your Blue print program. There are some points in it that had me stopped for a time but I keep on keeping on. Thanks Dan.

      Reply by John
      Daniel, if you have paid for access to Mentorship Monthly you can access the program from
      By using the lost password link you can retrieve your details. If you still need help contact me.

    • Ana-Maria


      I haven’t been able to watch the video. But you know what? I trust you and I need a mentor. So, please count me in.

      Thank you.


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