Following on from part one of this series I now want to discuss something else you must learn to create an effective sales page and that is basic copywriting.

If you want to sell any product or service online you need to learn how to write copy. While this is something I believe some people have a natural talent for it is certainly something that can be learned/taught.

First of all you need to know your product inside out. This goes without saying so my advice is to get your product completed before you write any copy. This way your product will be fresh in your mind. As you create your product be sure to write down all the benefits that your product will deliver to the end user. EG:

Will it make their life easier?
Will it enable them to make more money?
Will is solve a burning problem?

When the time comes to write your sales page try to imagine you are sat at a table with a friend opposite. Now imagine yourself explaining to your friend what your product will do for them and simply put it into words.

These are the sort of things you need to get across.

Most sales pages follow the 5 p’s of selling, they are.



Most of the time your product will solve a problem, you have to make sure you mention all the pain that has to be addressed that your product will relieve. For example when I launched WSO Domination I knew people would have problems setting up successful Warrior Special Offers. So I increased the pain by saying most people struggle to get traffic, don’t know what to create and struggle to get JV’s. I then mentioned that most people didn’t have a clue how to set up a successful WSO and then I mentioned how my product would solve their problems.


Here you must make the reader believe in you and your product. Tell them how your product will deliver more than they expect, how it will solve all of their problems and that you as a person can be trusted to deliver.


Here you need to prove that your product delivers and convince people you know what you are talking about. This is where you can provide testimonials, screenshots and anything else that proves you know your stuff. For WSO Domination I showed screenshots of my earnings from WSO’s and all of the traffic my WSO’s had received.


If you have done everything right the price should be a pleasant surprise, here you need to explain that the price of your product is worth every penny when you think of the problem it will solve and then provide your call to action. This is also a good time to mention there is no risk as you have a money back guarantee in place and it is in fact you who is taking all the risk by offering such a guarantee. How many times have you read ‘all the risk is on me’?


This is where you add more benefits about your product that you may have not mentioned up to now. I usually say something like ‘this is not your usual fluff filled eBook, this is a full on home study course’ and that seems to work very well for me. I then usually mention the guarantee again.

This simple formula can be applied to almost any copywriting situation and this is something you will become better at the more you do it. If you want to learn more about writing copy I would recommend you check out the Copywriting section of the Warrior Forum.

If you missed part 1 in this series you can read it here:

    12 replies to "Sales Page Creation Essentials – Part 2: Basic Copywriting"

    • Daniel Sumner

      Great second edition John, lots of info there for guys to feed on. I liked when you mentioned talking to a friend it reminded me of yesterday making videos. Was it ‘take 5’ when you said just pretend you are talking to a friend in that chair over there :-D.

      Great stuff mate

    • Nic Penrake

      Nice and concise, John, as was your WSO Domination course 🙂 Nic Penrake (senior copywriter)

    • Kelly

      Great post John, I believe now after struggling for years my main problem was I didn’t have all the tools necessary to succeed.
      People don’t realize that this business is a business and in business if you don’t have a plan and sequence of the proper tools lined up, you will fail.
      It is my humble opinion that if you don’t have all the skills, find someone who does, be it a mentor to hiring out the work you don’t have the skills for. It takes a complete business plan to succeed and if you’re missing one component it can’t be completed.
      Thanks again for the info.


    • Eamon

      Great post John and you’ve left it simple for people to understand.

      Them 5 (P’s) are what it’s all about, they’re all important – but especially the P.S. I’ve had ones ask me why it’s so important to add a post script at the end of a sales page.

      I tell them there’s a percentage of people online that scroll directly to the (buy now button and P.S.) because they want to know if it’s worth reading in the first place…then there’s others that will read the entire sale page.

      What your thoughts on the P.S. John?


    • Drew H.

      Great Article When You lay things out I’am always able to understand it I guess thats why I buy Your Courses anyway Thanks For The Lesson John

    • Dan

      Thanks John,
      As always another great article full of key strategies for every marketer to follow. Looking forward to the next one.

    • Andrew Stark

      Hi John,

      Like the new look of the blog, and totally agree that all you need to know is basic copywriting to get across these 5P’s that you have outlined.

      When selling on the WSO with your own product it’s almost essential that you keep things real and sell yourself at the same time as the product, the 2 things should be so closely linked.

      Sometimes when I see products being launched where a 7 figure copywriter has been hired it just smacks of proven hardsell tactics and actually takes away from the product as it trys to sell me on the dream rather the reality of what the product does.

      No point in doing 7 figures if you get a high refund rate and bad reputation as people don’t like to feel they’ve been diddled.



    • David Caudill

      Hello John,

      Great stuff ( as always) Just wanting to say “thank you” for all that you do for everyone not just your students.
      Amazing Thanks again.

      To Your Continued success,

      David Caudill

    • zora

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the blueprint formula outline. It shows you right off the bat a simple plan on what to follow to get a good sales page.

      To Your Success

    • Roberta

      Always good stuff here, John. I keep bookmarking your posts so I can study them again to check on my progress to be sure I’ve understood all the steps. So glad you explain things so well.


    • michael holcomb

      Good post, John, Yes, you make it clear once again that those who fail to plan are planning for failure, unfortunately. After 10 years of trying, you have become a fair writer. 🙂

    • Clive Merrick

      Thanks for all the great advice John, this has kind of de mystified copy writing for me. So many people have made it complicared it is nice to have some clarity. Maybe it is just their own fear getting in the way. I have a clear picture now am going of to implement it all now

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