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Just a few days ago I completed John Thornhill’s “One Month Mentor” course, and I must confess to being so grateful to John for creating this course, that I felt I just had to put this appreciation into words.

At the risk of boring you stiff, my story is very much the same as a lot of would-be internet marketers. I have been online, trying to make money, in one form or another, for well over ten years. In that time I have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to find that secret as to how it is done. I have put my family into financial difficulties twice, but we won’t go into that in too much detail.

You see, I am in my mid-sixties. My wife should have retired in 2007, but she is still working. I should have retired in 2010, but I am still working. To put it bluntly, time is running out. I don’t want to retire into poverty, relying on our pensions, but unless I can generate extra money online, that is the route we are destined to take. (OK, sob story over!)

Over the time that I have been online, I have come to realise that the only route to reliable earnings has to be via something that you have complete control over – your own product in other words. Also, if that product could generate a recurring income, so much the better.

Even though I realised this fact some time ago, I never considered that I had the capability to produce my own product. Many of the so-called gurus will tell you that it is a very expensive and time consuming route to take, and I believed them.

At the beginning of 2011 I had an idea for a membership site, but that is how it stayed – just an idea. I knew what to do and I owned the software to do it, but I was thwarted by a lack of self-confidence, so nothing happened.

Then, in the middle of February, John Thornhill announced his One Month Mentor program. I couldn’t really afford the cost of the course, so no matter how much I wanted to enrol, it was out of the question. Then John announced a payment plan, and I was hooked!

I must confess that I found the first few days of the course a little mundane as John was teaching things that I have been doing for years, but once we got past that point, everything became very pertinent to my situation.

To cut a long story short, John’s coaching has enabled me to generate my own product, an eBook, something which I was not able to do before the course. I have also gained the confidence to allow that product to extend into a membership site which, once again I was unable to do previous to taking the course.

John has a very natural style to his teaching, covering everything in videos as well as providing worksheets for days where they are felt to be advantageous. All points are covered in detail, making the course suitable for beginners right up to the intermediate stage of marketer.

I now feel confident that the future for me will be a lot more positive, and that what I have created once, I can repeat in the future. Rather than providing a fish, John Thornhill has taught me how to catch the fish.

I can honestly recommend that anyone who wants to take this proven route into Internet Marketing takes a very close look at John’s program. Who knows, perhaps it will be you writing up your own case study in a couple of months time.

You can find out more about John and his One Month Mentor Program by clicking here.

    6 replies to "One Month Mentor Case Study – Dave Everett"

    • Dottson Bando

      Congratulations Dave!

      Having your own product is definitely the way to go. All the best to you 🙂

      Warm regards,

    • Bill

      Well done, Dave! I hope to follow your example in the next couple weeks…


    • Fran the Online Writer

      Hi Dave:

      Your blog post is an outstanding piece for the Internet. It is a great success story and many can learn from this. Dave I am really excited to see yous success.

      I want to follow your steps but…..

      Fran A

    • Donald MacLeod

      Hi Dave,

      Congrats on completing the course. Good luck for the future and hope you can retire soon. However, you can retire from your J.O.B. but hey, you can still “keep on truckin” with your Internet Marketing. I am glad for you mate.

      Kind Regards


    • John

      Hi Dave,
      Truly inspiring, and real life situations like yours help to keep me going. Well done, so much looking forward for the 1st one also.
      Have you started planning your next product ?
      Best Regards,
      John Pugh

    • Antioc Valdez

      Good for you Dave. Don´t give up.

      Kind regards.

      Antioco Valdez

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