I have fully updated www.ninetydaypowerseller.com to bring it right up to date for 2008.

There is a brand new eBook website plus a ton of material you can use to create physical information products to sell on eBay.

Check out the website and see behind the scenes by watching the video I have prepared for you:

As a special bonus I am offering $100 off the regular price but only for 7 days.

As always your comments are welcome.

    4 replies to "NinetyDayPowerSeller.com Updated"

    • Robert Black

      John – I just got this a couple of days ago. It’s absolutely fantastic, exactly what I was looking for!

      The web site alone is worth far far more than $67, never mind all the other stuff you’ve included!

      Many thanks

    • Daniel

      Hi John

      WOW the new members area look great, with all kinds of new opportunities to start with. Ive seen your customer services over the years and lets get one thing straight you over deliver on everything product that you create in your business this is truly amazing, and im sure that everyone is amazed by what you have achieved in this short amount of time.

      Thank You

      Daniel Howard

    • Indy Joe

      I thought that when I first purchased the NinetyDayPowerSeller book that I would be receiving any updates at no charge.
      Looks like I lose again

      Reply by John,

      You do receive updates at no charge for life. Just login to the members area.
      Looks like you win again 🙂

    • Sharon

      John – I just recently purchased this and am in process of reviewing it. I’m having trouble playing the video because on my laptop I cannot get the sound loud enough to hear it without laying my ear on the speaker, and my volume is at its highest. Thought you would like to know. If you have any thoughts on this, I would welcome a reply to my email address. Thanks, Sharon

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