We all want to earn more money online and while my philosophy is to keep churning out new products there is a way to earn more money from your existing products, and in this blog post I will provide you with a real life example showing how I am earning more money with an existing product. By the time you finish reading this post I guarantee your head will be full of ideas.

So how do we make more money from our existing products?

Simple! We ‘multi format’ them…

Let me give you a few examples from The 90 Day PowerSeller Challenge Version 4.0.

Here it is live on eBay.

That is the physical CD version sold to the eBay crowd, people browsing eBay may come across that product and decide to buy, notice the low cost and free shipping option to encourage sales, but what about people who maybe don’t browse eBay or don’t want to wait for a physical product to arrive in the mail?

Simple, they can buy a digital version online. Go check it out here.


So now we have 2 versions of the same product online, what else can we do?

We can sell it on Amazon in the Kindle store.

Check my kindle version here.

BTW, I used a great guide created by Val Waldeck to get my book on Kindle and it comes highly recommended. Check it out here.

So is there anything else I could do? Well I could create a ‘lite PDF’ version of my product and give it away to build my list. Maybe even drive some traffic to my freebie via a Warrior Special Offer, check out my free WSO here. I could also add my freebie to a few giveaway events such as this one or maybe do some ad swaps.

Because I want as many people to consume my product as possible I also offer resale rights and even branding rights so it goes viral and the traffic from the actual product is generated on autopilot.

Remember! This is all from one product, and there’s so much more I could do. I could convert my product into a physical book, maybe even create an audio version by recording myself or someone else reading the eBook out loud. I could add more material to it such as video training to create a full on home study course. I could even create slides from the product and hold a ‘PowerSeller Workshop’ and charge people to attend, and of course the workshops would be recorded to give me yet another product…

You are only limited by your imagination. So if you have any products out there that are simply not performing as they should or as they used to, see if changing the format helps. Remember that everyone is different, some people like training videos while some prefer to read. Some may prefer to read it on a Kindle while some prefer a physical book, some people love attending workshops and seminars while others prefer to stay at home and watch online. Cater for as many different people as possible by creating your products in multiple formats and you will sell more. Period!

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    • Mandy Allen

      How true this is, John. Our imagination can limit us, but mostly we are limited by fear, it’s what stops us from taking the plunge in the first place.

    • Ed

      Hey John,

      Excellent post, like you said a very thought provoking concept!

      I myself am going into viral marketing with *newbies Auction Profits*, and just of late my *new* viral report for *Skincare Profits Auction Goldmine*!

      Not only that as time goes by as an Internet marketer, you tend to stumble upon new ways to market your products for big profits, teach other people how to do it, in the form of a *new* product!

      Great post one I thoroughly enjoyed taking time out for later John….John

    • James Hughes

      Hi John
      Great post.
      I follow your planet SMS eBay store closely. The way you approach your product selling is
      As an eBay power seller myself, I’ve picked up some great tips with this informative



    • Rob Corrigan

      Hi John, great perspective, I agree withy Mandy, I have managed to sell one of my products as a PDF, a Kindle book and as a set of videos, just using the same source material. So who knows maybe it will appear in glorious black and white in the future.

      Recycling or repositioning it doesn’t matter you reach a fresh audience evrytime.

    • Matt Poc

      Yeah, that’s true, John. There’s so many things that you can do just with one product… Sometimes it’s even overhelming for me 🙂

      By the way, you mentioned one site about ad swaps, but that site is getting a little bit quiet. The best site for ad swapping, in my opinion, is safe-swaps.com. However, they charge $25 for gold membership and $35 a month for platinum membership.

      But, there’s a feedback system, like eBay use. It’s also much more easier to do ad swaps using that site and they also pay 50% commissions if you reffer somebody to them 🙂

      Also, you did not mentioned about turning your products in to upsells. It is not hard to bundle a couple of products and then give a discount – instant sales.

      Also, another great strategy that I am going to use now is offering 100% instant commissions for the main product and upsells as well and then going there and asking other people to put banners on their thank you pages. I’ve found it’s easier to get a banner or an exit pop up than to get one time mailing.

      Did you, John, find that getting banners on other people’s thank you pages, follow up messages in their follow sequence, exit pop ups on their squeeze pages and sales pages is easier than trying to get a mailing?

      Matt Poc

      • John Thornhill

        Some good points there Matt, cheers.

        I think it can be hard to get any sort of mailing really, it’s all about the offer you are mailing and the relationship you have with the other marketer. If you can create a win win situation for both parties then things are easier.

    • Terry Conti

      Hi John,

      Very good point or should I say points you share with us here. A real eyeopener post on what you can do with just one product you have to generate as many sales as possible.

      If you really think about it you are truly only limited to your imagination.

      Terry Conti

    • Alex

      Hi John,

      great Post, good ideas. I got some point idea in which way I must think. Positive thinking and good Idea can be good result on the end.

    • Adwello

      I like what you say about the only limit being your imagination – how many people use this priceless tool in our “Me Too” era?

      I love your ‘many formats’ concept as in Affiliate Promo Formula – the members area is so awesome with lots of ways to view your material – excellent and trend setting, John!

      But I’m not convinced the 90 day powerseller offers so much any more because Ebay has moved away from the individual across to big business brand names and lost the private auction aspect, so many buyers have migrated elsewhere. Exchange and Mart may have something to offer list builders though.

    • Kerry Russell

      Hey John

      This post is perfect timing for me. I’m just in the process of creating a product in video format. After reading your post I now have many more ideas, just like you said I would.


    • Barry Wells

      Hi John, thanks for the examples of creating many versions of the same product so as to reach as many markets as possible from the same product. Something for everyones taste is bound to generate additional sales.

      I’ve just written a review of Kindle Publishing Made Easy and I agree the product is very good. In order to write the review I used a PLR product and followed Vals instructions to the letter and am now Kindle Published.

      I do intend to create a kindle version of all future products, but can i ask your advice John?

      I received a comment asking if i would create a Kindle version of Ease The Squeeze With Auctions, which is on Clickbank, but with low results. I’m unsure of whether to do this or not, what would you recommend John?

      Also does the digital version of Powerseller Challenge 4 differ much from the Branded disc version?

      Thanks John, Barry

    • Patrick Sekhoto

      Hi: John
      Thanks for sharing you know what, I like your free Ideas you share
      here as one of your student, especially this free tip “Well I could create a ‘lite PDF’ version of my product and give it away to build my list”I will try to use it from Now.
      Maybe it will increse my rate of building my e mail list, as I am struggling with that part of Internet marketing.
      I will definitely put this Ideas to good use.
      From: Patrick Sekhoto

    • lol
      As if I didn’t already have a long enough ‘to do’ list.
      It does have to be said though – that the more options of people finding your content – the more chance you have of getting those …multiple streams of income…

      And as a wise man once told me – “Many Streams Make A River!” 😉


    • David Taylor

      Hi John,

      Gives me some great ideas about rebranding PLR and making several products, or more accurately, several versions of the product.

      Food for thought.

      Thanks John.

      All the best,


    • Zora

      Recycling, turning old into new. It’s great that you can reuse a product that you put so much work into when you developed. It will be even better after you remolded and renew the product. It will continue with new resurgent’s of life. John has products that he has morphed into 3 of more products from one beginning. Maybe even more. Thanks for the excellent ideas.

      zora Blume

    • Jacinta D

      Hi John,

      I had noticed lately you were doing some ‘re-purposing’ of your products. 😉

      I knew about re-purposing a long time ago, but it never really hit me the level you could take re-purposing to until I went to the seminar by Raymond Aaron recently.

      He talked about different ways to re-purpose and reinvent the same product in order to create product packages to suit every type of buyer.

      Some people only want to buy small, some will only buy middle range and then there will be some that will want the whole kitchen sink and as product developers we should be offering the different packages and in different format or else we are leaving money on the table.

      I had a massive ‘Aaha’ moment when Raymond used my little ebook for the class as an example. In 20 minutes he showed me and the class another 20 odd different ways I could be selling my product and the different packages I should be offering to my niche.

      I sat there completely dumb founded and gob smacked so to speak! Talk about a ‘bimbo’ moment.

      I had no idea of the potential I had been missing out on.

      Hence this is exactly what I am focusing on now.

      Thank you for sharing how you are ‘re-purposing’ your products. I am sure there will be many people reading this blog post that will be having many a “Aahaa’ moment.

      I hope everything is going well.


      Jacinta 😀

    • Linda

      Hi John,

      I am trying to create my own product and never thought of marketing it this way.

      Thanks for the tips, they are greatly appreciated!

      Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Steve Wilkins

      Hi John,

      I have several digital products that I would like to generate more sales from and now I know how to do it.

      Technology is evolving so quickly and we must evolve with it. Your absolutley right that some people like to read physical books and some like to read on a kindle or listen to an mp3. I already have my products online, in mp3 version and on ebay so my next goal is to get my existing products onto kindle.

      Thanks again for a great post!
      Steve Wilkins.

    • Ian Ieba

      Hi John

      Great points you make regarding re-inventing the same product.

      I really like what you say about your only limtited by your imagination, and it’s a great way of catering for the individual preference of people, opening doors to additional markets.

      Could not have been better timing John; as I am in the middle of creating my product in your Masterclass! Lot’s of new idea’s now! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing such great idea’s John


    • Wayne O. Stanila

      Hi John,

      I have two products and working on my 3rd. I never gave it much thought as to breaking down one product into multiple sales channels.

      Thank you for your powerful ideas that will help all of us to grow our business.


      Wayne O. Stanila

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