Finally, I have re-opened my eBay store.

Things will be pretty low key for a week or two as I test a few things but rest assured I will share my results. So feel free to browse my store and also feel free to make a purchase 🙂

If you still haven’t watched the video I prepared the other day feel free to watch it by clicking here or try the secondary link here.

I will have the members area of fully updated in the next 24 hours so if you’re a member look out for my email tomorrow. I also plan to re-launch the site early next week and you will see a whole new sales page. Then soon after the price is going up to $167

That’s all for now, I will keep you posted with developments over the next few days.

    22 replies to "PlanetSMS Back Open For Business"

    • Rebecca

      Can’t wait for the update! I joined about a week ago after watching your video so I’m waiting to become very busy 😉

    • David Mackey

      Hi John,

      Just had a quick look at your listings and I must say it looks great. Just walking out the door for work (Australian time here…) so will explore more later.

      One question though, where/who has done your graphics for your CD’s and eBay listings. The graphics look fantastic!

      Great job,

    • Mark McWilliams

      Looks good John, and I’m even tempted to go and make a purchase! 😀 I need to see what kind of standard others have for when I get myself started!…

      @ David Mackey – That would have been Planet Divinity that designed John’s graphics! I’ve had a few from them and I can honestly say that they have been GREAT too! 🙂

      Can’t wait to see the new members area John, and I’m really looking forward to the new eBook site that is currently being built. Dave has put a lot of work into it and I hope the reward pay’s off!

      Catch you later!…


    • Fran Civile


      On the subject of ebay’s change of policy concerning the sale of ebooks is there still enough valid information in Auction Profit Streams to justify promoting the ebook?


      Reply by John,
      All the information is still valid in all my products, all that’s changed is the delivery method. I am also updating all my products and any previous customers will receive the updated products free.

    • Aus

      Hey John,

      Just wanted to ask if you heard about eBay’s new paypal and pickup only policy that is to come in on june 17 and all listing must offer paypay by may 21? Is this for the Australian eBay only or every eBay sites? just wanted to know if you heard about it.


      Reply by John,
      Yes, I actually don’t see that as a problem as I accept PayPal and have always advised you need PayPal to succeed on eBay

    • Des


      As expected, you have set the standards of which many will follow!

      Will be interesting to see how your selts fare, cannot wait for the report 🙂

      Cheers John,


    • JJSmith

      Hi John,
      I just went to eBay and did a search for planetsms. I found you right away, but it says you have no items for sale at this time.

    • Carol Smith

      The purchase of your “site” was my gateway into IM. It has been a wonderful journey since last Oct and I have learned a lot considering I knew nothing. Lots of things on the burner now.

      I would like you to consider a problem with video that many of you don’t experience. I live in a very rural area of Oklahoma (USA) and the only high speed internet is via satellite. They are a picky bunch and limit the amount of bandwidth (usage) per month. Videos eat this usage rate at an incredible rapid rate.

      I have a friend burning some on CD for me that I want to study (tutorial type things). I try to go to “town” once a week to use a friend’s computer. All of this to stay abreast.

      I am not an auditory learner so personally do not like videos but they are unavoidable right now. In my quest to help true beginners I have to find ways around this.

      If any of you come up with a brilliant idea to solve part of this problem, please drop me a note. If you stop and think about it, there are millions of potential customers out there that don’t have all the advantages of urban high speed internet access. When you have it (like I did until recently) you take it for granted.

      Carol Smith

      Reply by John,
      This is one area where a CD Rom would solve this problem.

    • Derek

      Hello John

      I saw your email last night but was unable to respond at the time.

      Please keep up your good work “we are the sheep following the shepherd”.

      Look forward to the updates and further information to be provided.

      Thanks for all your help.


    • Hi John. Something that I am looking for you to share is this. “How can you sell a CD Rom at the cost of an ebook? Is there still profit to be made?” Looking forward to your reply. Thanks John

      Reply by John,
      If you watch the video in this post it should help answer your question

    • Godfried

      Hello John,

      Nice to see you are back with your businees. Looking forward your update.

      Thanks for all the information.

    • Michael Nguyen

      Harjit Irani the price of an ebook is anyprice you want it to be. Its the percieved value that counts. A buyer will think ” I’ve purchased a physical product” so the CD alone will cost money. The content in the cd is what will hopefully make the most profit even if the sale breaks even because its the back end sales and promotion that will do work.

    • ebook membership site

      Looking good, cant wait to see whats new when you update the site.

    • Aaron

      Hi everyone, love this blog. I’m quite annoyed of the whole changes that eBay have made to be honest.. but I’m glad to see that people adapt!

      Regards, Aaron.

    • cyberstar

      how much will it cost you for the cd production and shipping?

    • Tracey Edwards

      Hi John,

      Great to see the store doors are open again!

      I made a purchase just so I could see how the sales process worked from start to finish.

      Let’s see how fast the postie can get a cd-rom delivered from UK to Australia. I’ll keep you updated.

      All the best,

    • Sean Divine


      Great work as always! Finally got to lay my eyes on your physical CD project. Looks professional, crisp, and definitely worth whatever price-tag you choose! Always a challenge for ANY internet marketer to try and keep up with you!

      Off To The Races,

      Sean D.

    • Zara

      Hi John, I’ve visitd your eBay store, added to shop favourites and subbed your newsletters, all the best, zara x

    • Noelle

      Hey, I thought the new website was going to be available on Thursday? What happened?

      Reply by John,

      The re-launch of will take place next Tuesday.

    • Angela

      Hello John

      Anybody that has been around or known you for any length of time knows that if something goes wrong, you will make a comeback. The best thing about it is that we all know when you do make that comeback, it will be bigger and better not only for you but for all of us as well.


    • H Smith

      looking forward to the launch – is first look at this and be good to be “in at the beginning”

    • Bryan


      CD’s are a great way to go now that electronic download is over but I can’t believe you limited your self to publishing for PC’s only. It is quickly becoming a MAC world John and there are a lot of people that won’t be able to buy your product!

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