4 replies to "Monday Morning Rant – You Better Work B**ch"

    • Gary

      John I think you should call it the Monday morning Rant and Road Rage… For the love of god man! You’re driving on the wrong side of the road… Would love to chat but there is much work to do… Speaking of work are we chatting this week? ;-)…


    • Guy Martin

      Hey John,

      Thanks for the kick-in-the *%^! umh I mean motivation.

      What are you saying man, no free lunch today?

      Having a good work ethic is paramount in order to be successful.

      Unfortunately, you and I know too many freeloaders who think the world owns them a handout.

      Man was created to work. It’s how the mind sharpens itself and continues to grow. Not by hanging out watching TV all day collecting unemployment.

      Keep on ranting John.


    • Terry Weatherill

      Hi John
      I’m beginning to love your ” Monday Morning Rants” and I bet they make you feel better too 🙂
      I feel what you say in your latest rant is very true, and, unfortunately I’ve been guilty of this in the past. I’ve been looking for the “golden ticket” or the “magic” bullet, but its not there, this thing takes time and effort to be successful, like yourself, Omar Martin, Dave Nicholson and Marc Milburn.
      So now I have decided that I need to work on myself and my business if I’m going to be successful, as the song says, ” You Better Work B***c, thanks for your rants mate 🙂

    • John

      Hey John…

      How true…you know I used to hate having to fail at most attempts to become successful online…which made me become lazy because hey *you need the drive* NOT excuses…but now I actually enjoy putting the work in and still failing…well at least to some degree!

      You see the one thing I want to say here is this…without putting the work in and failing…YOU can’t learn what works and what doesn’t…once you put the work in and learn this you gain momentum to put MORE work in to slowly but surely see the results come in…

      THEN if YOU stay consistent at doing that…the results *successful progress* will also stay consistent too!

      I feel this is a major point to make on top of your rant John.

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