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    • Glenn Shepherd

      Hi John,

      Well said, buddy! This is such an important point. What I’m finding now is that I can often spot those who are going to do what they say they’re going to and those who aren’t. Having said that, it’s usually much easier to spot the ones who are clearly trying to trick their prospects. Personally, I can only think of a handful of Marketers that I always trust to be true to their word. It’s a sad state of affairs, but it’s good that there are some Marketers who have the reputation for doing the right thing.

      It’s so important not to fall into the trap of using unethical means in our marketing. This is something that I feel very strongly about and I hate it when I see dishonesty in the marketplace. Some people try to excuse it by saying things like, “It’s just business” but for me, that’s a poor excuse and doesn’t wash. If you can’t do business without being dishonest then you need to reevaluate and adjust the way that you do business.

      Just recently I saw a promotion for some plugin – I forget exactly what it was – and I noticed that it had a feature that was designed to give visitors the wrong impression. Now, it was all portrayed as being a wonderful idea and such a great plugin but I thought, “Well that’s giving the wrong impression and is dishonest” so I immediately lost interest. The rest of the functionality may have been good, but as soon as I got a sniff of dishonesty I wanted nothing to do with it.

      Thanks for emphasising the importance of keeping true to your word, John. People will still be dishonest and there will always be people who try to gain the advantage by underhanded means, but if this video helps the decent Marketers avoid being tempted to try unethical tactics then it’s done its job.

      Kind regards,

    • Kevin Fahey

      Hey John,

      Loving the Monday morning rants…

      I think you got the point across pretty well in this one and loved the straight clean cut ending.

      Keep em coming.

    • Dave Thomas


      Loving these Monday morning rants, but watch out for any traffic cops who see you especially when you get overexcited as they’ll pull you over as they’ll be wondering what you’re doing!

      What you say is so true and as a recent member of your programme I am aiming to hold true to my word!

      The other thing about these sites with run down clocks etc, if you’ve seen a few then you know it is all rubbish. Similarly the pop up box when you click to leave will take you to a lower priced offer and this happens two or sometimes three times. As a great buyer of silver bullet offers over the years I used to keep clicking through the first time until it eventually closed so that I knew the lowest price and the “best offer” that they were making available to me

      Keep them coming, but watch out for the fuzz! 🙂


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