7 replies to "Monday Morning Rant – Let The Haters Hate"

    • Sue Worthington

      Thanks John – I am successful now then 😉

    • Sergio Felix

      Absolutely loved the video John.

      One thing I always thought about well known marketers is that they never got any “hate” from their subscribers.

      Apparently everyone has them or perhaps everyone should have at least some of them? (Meaning you do polarize people and are doing things right.)

      I decided to get rid of the AWeber notifications myself because that way when people unsubscribe they don’t get the text box to explain their reasons for unsubscribing.

      Honestly, sometimes that can hurt even if you are doing things right, so I prefer not to know what their “reasons” are (I quote it because they normally use that space to attack rather than give constructive feedback) so I only focus on the people that do like what I do, just like you said on your video.

      Thanks for keeping up with the morning rants and hope you get your voice back soon man, take care! 😉


    • Wael Kaheel

      You are right, let them and never care, one day they will explodes from the much hate in their hearts .

    • Glenn Shepherd

      Hi John,

      That’s good advice. I can’t understand why some people seem to make it their mission to hate, cause trouble and single out someone for personal attacks. Unfortunately, as much as we may not understand it, there will always be haters, fault-finders and people we can’t please, no matter what we do.

      I always find it amusing that it’s often the ones who are moaning about failing and not being able to succeed who seem to be the first to criticise those that are succeeding. You could probably hand them $100 on a plate every day and they’d still find something to moan about!

      As you say, leave them be. It’s their loss to live their lives in that way.


    • John

      Couldn’t agree with you more John…I get jealous people trying to have a pop at me on Facebook in a mild way from time to time…and myself by nature…well I couldn’t give a monkies…I’m working on angles ALL the time to build on my biz…

      …and that to some is a weed up their backside like blood to a vampire…sad but true SO yeah…let em hate…let em be shallow…let em be well *Coronation St*!

      Later John hope you ALL good North East…John E

    • Nigel Griffiths

      lol, I now see why it’s the Monday rant…it starts off calm enough & then kicks in! Love it.
      What do the haters really want? something for free? for you to spend untold time converting them?….either way, it is a waste of your time, money & effort.
      My ‘gut’ would have been to try & reason with them etc which if I am honest, that is probably what I’ll do with my 1st one…but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will take your advice in the long run.
      Loving P2S John.

    • Jamie Miller


      Great video! My whole life I have tried to be a people pleaser, and it never works. You can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you try. There are people out there that just look to find reasons to tear people down, and point out their mistakes and faults. I have leaned that I can’t waste my energy on these people, and I get them out of my life as fast as I can.

      I am member of Partnership to Success and have been following you for awhile, and I have never seen you do anything but go out of you way to help people succeed.



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