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    • dan

      I have this happened to me not so long ago Some marketers i bought some products from “promised” as a bonus to promote my products and when the time came they have not attended however they only have themselves to lose because i will only stop promoting theirs which i have many times!

    • Wael Kaheel

      See that’s why ha, i was waiting for the morning rant glad to see it live at last . Will this is the same thing that is happening with me too about different issues Bob confirms and assures then reassures and when the time comes totally disappears ! I can’t understand it either . But i agree it is time to say goodbye Bob.

    • Ron Killian

      I don’t blame you one bit, it must be frustrating. Sadly, seems so many people are only out for their business. I know I have alot of people want to promote a product, request to promote, but they don’t promote.

      Your right too, it’s only going to come back and bite them, when they need something.

      Great rant 🙂

    • James D Gardener

      hi John,
      I recently completed Your “One Month Mentor” Program which I found tremendous. I’ve been trying to get on the IM scene for some time now and after your OMM Program feel I now have the right Drive and Focus to make it.

      I love your Monday Morning Rants they give a deep perception of the things I must face in the future. Thanks for everything


    • Liane

      Oh Yes, and the other one is when you are offered personal follow up- That can turn into a marathon too 🙂

    • Kevin Long

      Hi John

      Great rant lol.
      I remember when I released my first product, I got 25 JV’s asking to promote, all from Warrior+, I researched them, and excepted most, none of them sold a tap, but never mind, the product ended up being an Amazon bestseller, so their loss, good luck for 2014.


    • Andy Bradbury

      Your right John this personality trait in people does my head in too! The only thing we have in our life that has a higher perceived value than money is our WORD.Better you find out now that they don’t have the balls to be honest with you. As you said they need to man up. Are these kind of people worth doing business with?


    • Gordon Smith

      Ha ha John, well done on not swearing. I haven’t had a launch but I can imagine your frustration in this situation.

      I suppose it’s possible that the offenders might not have seen your email…?


    • Dan Tredo


      My first comment on your blog – and a GREAT rant. That kind of stuff smells of poor character and no integrity.

      Affiliates that blow-you-off when you need them, but come crawling back when they need you should be reading THE GO GIVER.

      But —- they must have missed that book!

      Thanks John
      Looking forward to meeting you at the Marketing Summit in Manchester.

      Dan Tredo

    • Lee

      The perfect rant john.

      Their nothing worse than people who just use you for what you are.
      Just to make them more money or more links.
      should be building friendships and enjoy helping others.

      Thanks john for this rant

    • Mark

      Hi John!

      I just found you blog as a direct result of reading and posting a comment on Donald Gavins blog. You’re in his other interesting blogs section!

      And although, I’ve yet to formally do a launch, you almost experience the same dead pan response when actively leaving comments on other marketers blogs!

      You find yourself constantly commenting on there’s, but rarely if ever, do they reciprocate your gesture!

      So your point is extremely well taken! Thanks!

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