Information product owners know that all of the work required to build a product requires on-going attention after the launch ends.  I have spent years devising ways to drive traffic to my own products and those of my students.  In recent weeks, I have been working on gathering qualified leads from many different sources into a separate names list.

Now, you might be wondering, “John, what does that have to do with me?”

I am so glad you asked that question because I am really excited about the answer.

Separate List Functions

I mentioned the creation of a separate list of names.  Those people will not receive my daily broadcast messages, which are sent to thousands of people who have been following my Internet marketing journey for years.  These new names will receive messages that have been set up in an auto-responder sequence.  Anyone who is added to the list will start at the top of that message series and receive one email per day.  I will add more messages to the end of the list in an on-going effort to create another stream of income.

Cross-sell a Product Assortment

The most amazing aspect of this new effort is that I can add products belonging to other marketers.  My students will be added to the email sequence as their launches come to an end.  Each person will set up a separate sales page and a new list in his or her auto-responder for each product as soon as the launch is over.  For the custom sales pages set up for me, I will send traffic to that custom sales page as new leads enter my list.

Imagine the possibilities when you know about great products.  Your broadcast emails can be inserted into the auto-responder series to continue your sales to an infinite stream of new names.  Sales will continue as you extend the number of products and emails offered.  Since people on the separate list do not receive your broadcast messages, there is no risk of redundancy between the two lists.  You will use the ‘include’ and ‘exclude’ functions inside your auto-responder to prevent crossover in your marketing efforts.

Add New Products

Use your auto-responder to send a series of emails about great products as an excellent way to inform people about your favorites.  As you discover new products, you can write and send emails to your existing list to determine how well people respond.  Make changes and improve your sales technique before adding those emails to the end of your auto-responder series.  People on your separate list will receive your emails when they reach that point in your email sequence.  The rest of your email series is available for new additions to your names list.

Offer Value

The people on your new list will appreciate your efforts to offer products they have never seen before.  You will communicate value to them through the assortment of products that you choose to help them with their businesses.  As you add new products, your customers on this list will receive the helpful information they are seeking.  The possibilities are endless when we work together and cross-promote products.  Your efforts for others will return to you many times as you interact with marketers who have products you do not.

So build multiple lists, promote multiple products and create multiple income streams.

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”
~ William Arthur Ward

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    • Paul

      Hi John,
      Great post- thanks. I’ve been on your list for more years than I care to remember and unlike many of the lists I’m on, much more often than not I actually open emails from you. That’s because I know that there is always going to be some value in your email one way or another. Email marketing, or any other marketing I think only works when providing high value and treating your subscribers well as you do- one of the things I’ve been very grateful to have learnt from you. Thanks.

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