Mother Knows Best
There’s an old saying ‘Mother Knows Best’ that is used in numerous situations and even advertisements. I have a vague recollection of it being used in a TV advertisement somewhere in my dim and distant past.

Be that as it may, one thing that comes across from this well-known phrase is that there is always someone who has a better knowledge of things if you will only listen.

We Should Always Be Listening
From time to time not listening is a flaw that we all exhibit. And it seems to be especially true for many of us trying to make our way in the internet marketing world. We see an example of it when we listen to a webinar and know the presenter is making a genuine income but we choose not to take notice or follow the guidance.

It is hard to put a finger on why we do this. Maybe it is ego or maybe we just think we know better. Whatever the reason, it usually takes us on a circuitous route away from our intended destination of making an online income.

You Are Not Alone
Don’t worry though none of us are alone in doing this. In fact in a recent John Thornhill and Omar Martin webinar – Omar admitted to trying everything out there – probably more than once.

Maybe it is all summed up in the saying
‘There are none as blind as those that will not see.’

Just Starting May Be A Reason
In the early days, some of this could be excused as a newbie tries to find their way around. There is a multitude of claims and counterclaims in the internet marketing world.

However, we should try and get out of that mode as soon as possible.

Most of us usually start with the idea of making money and that is a real distraction. It all seems so simple. Just build a website with some affiliate links and the dollars will arrive. Nothing could be further from the truth

Beware Of The Charlatans
Sadly though there are many who trade on this naivety with pictures of million-dollar mansions, flashy cars, and sunlit tropical beaches.

Then there is an offer for some magical product that will make it all come true. So out comes the credit card as you commit to another unknown product from an unqualified seller.

For example, I recently came across a product that offered a free funnel – but then the first step in building the funnel took you to a high priced subscription funnel product – which no doubt would give the promoter an affiliate payment. In fact, reading the fine print specifically stated that he may make a commission promoting the funnel product.

We all have to do a bit of this until we get a measure of the market but hopefully, we very quickly develop a feel for those who are genuine versus those who only want us to spend our money.

What Are The Alternatives?
We can either continue along the same path looking, getting enticed, and spending our money or we can take stock and reappraise our approach. This is the key to moving on.

What we really need is a guide and a roadmap that leads to success. And this will come with a mentor who has a proven online pedigree and is genuinely interested in guiding and helping you with a quality training program or method.

So How Do You Find This Mentor?
To some extent, you need to be exposed to the online world for a while. This enables you to pick up on comments about some of the names out there and to learn from the experiences of others.

Certain names will start to become more familiar. You can then check out the background of the person you are considering by looking for their website or blog. Anyone who has a good online reputation will almost certainly have a website of some kind.

Do They Mix With Other Reputable Names!
Next look to see who they associate or partner with. This will give you other names to consider and evaluate. It won’t happen immediately but in a fairly short time, it should be possible to put together a workable group. (You’re not looking for dozens)

A few of the names I have found that offer great value include John Thornhill, Dan Sumner, Randy Smith, Dave Nicholson, Omar and Melinda Martin, Steven Alvey, Michael Cheney, Barry Rodgers, and Robert Bolgar. They all have credible reputations and achievements.
These are not the only names out there. But they are some that I have found most valuable and helpful. Whoever you choose to follow pick one or two and stick with them to the end.

See What Courses and Training are Available
Next, see what training or courses they may offer. For example, John Thornhill has one long-established and recently upgraded course Partnership to Success. This course has been running for many years. At least one of the names mentioned above is a graduate of the course.

Do your research and select a course that is appropriate. There are many good courses out there. Just find one that suits and confirm your choice before committing.

Some have a free trial or ask a minimal fee to trial it. Others have a one-off payment and may also offer installment payments.

One course that I definitely suggest you consider is John Thornhill’s Automated Sales Program. Check it out and see what you think.

Final Thoughts
There is no reason why we should all try to re-invent the wheel. Most of what we have today, no matter what it is, is built on the efforts and knowledge of others that have gone before.

This applies equally to learning about and building an online business.

Just because you have an idea does not mean you know how to execute it. Ideas are the building blocks. Only a successful online marketer knows how put them all together.

We just have to be humble and smart enough to listen to those who have gone before.

Perhaps the final word should come from mother
‘If at first you don’t succeed do it like your mother told you!’

Ian Whyte

This is a guest post from Ian Whyte, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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