Plan A B road signEveryday life follows the rhythm of work and personal commitments that develop predictable patterns. Weeks, and even months, will pass without notice while obligations are fulfilled. Then one day, an event will cause significant disruption to your entire routine. For example what if you or someone in your family suddenly become Ill. Have you ever thought what would happen to your business if you suddenly weren’t available to take care of it? At this point, your business can be placed in jeopardy if you do not develop a strategy.

You can take steps now to prevent expensive mistakes when you need to sustain your business during challenging times.

Record Your Thoughts

Surprises are part of life, but few people walk around worrying about what could happen today. You might receive one of “those phone calls.” What will you do in the days that follow? No one really knows what changes to make until the situation arises. You can reduce the amount of time lost if you will remember that your mind is capable of spawning helpful thoughts and ideas about your business at any time.

Pen and notebook – Jot down notes that will be useful to you when you have time to work.

Smart phone app – Quick thoughts can be captured with your favorite app when you only have a few seconds. I personally like the notebook feature on my iPhone.

Voice recorder – For people who do not like to type, a digital voice recorder is the perfect tool to record ideas verbally while you are on the run.

Set Business Priorities

Your ability to choose the most important tasks will ensure that your business will survive. Writing a contingency plan before something happens is an excellent way to improve the quality of your decisions. Your weekly priorities can shift into “crisis mode” if you have a strategy for life’s surprises.

Revenue-generation – Business goals are centered on making money consistently to create healthy cash flow. Money coming in each day can sustain a business through almost any situation. I have a lot of recurring income coming in from selling my own monthly membership products plus I promote a lot of recurring products. If I suddenly couldn’t work the money would keep coming in.

Reset deadlines – Realistic decisions must be made about projects that can be delayed until the work can be completed. Your dreams of rapid success might be delayed in favour of better results when life returns to normal.

Postpone non-essentials – Each day, you will want to make note of tasks that can be completed when time allows. These tasks cannot be ignored until the business is in a crisis situation. Time is not always on your side when tasks, such as paying bills, wait too long.

Rearrange Your Work Schedule

Situations that interrupt your daily life can require you to invert your workday. You might be used to working all morning and then addressing other obligations. Working on your business in the late evening is an option when you have additional responsibilities. Technology offers more flexibility than ever before to work for a little while in virtually any location. All I really need to run my business is my Macbook Pro and an Internet connection.

Forfeit sleep – Your business cannot survive multiple days without your attention. Losing an hour of sleep each night might be the perfect solution for sustaining your business.

Work in short periods – Choosing the right tasks each day will enable you to work on the highest priorities. You will not waste any time making choices when you allow your mind to guide you.

Outsource – Tasks that you would normally complete yourself might be outsourced for the short-term. Talented people can be added to your team when you need them most.

Think Long-Term

Events that interrupt your normal business operation will result in a new way of doing business or everything will return to normal. Either way, you will want to make choices that benefit your business in the future. Careful choices in the most challenging times will reveal your strengths. You will become a better decision maker. The most important aspect of handling those unexpected times in the life of your business is to never give up on your quest for success.

Above all you should always be prepared for the worst. Have plans in place should you be unable to work for any period of time and try to build a business that can still bring home the bacon without you and remember! Selling digital information is one of the most automated businesses you can run.

    2 replies to "Life Can Interrupt Your Path to Success"

    • Andrew

      I think it’s also really important to get away from work (9-5 or IM business), technology, busy schedules and let your mind relax and regroup so you are laser-focused for when you get back. You tend to end up with brain fog and info overload when you don’t take a day or two out every now and again.

    • Mark Curtis

      Nice tips. It’s always important to be thinking ahead. Prioritizing and scheduling should be at the core of any good businessman.

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