With just over 24 hours to go before the launch of my latest product Resale Rights Blueprint I thought I would fill you in a little more on what it’s about.

Resale Rights Blueprint is a 7 day home study course with a difference.

First of all you wont be paying home study course prices and you dont have to wait 6 weeks for a big box to arrive to your home. This is because I have provided everything as an instant download.


This is not like anything else you will have seen before.

I am taking you by the hand and teaching you day-by day and step-by-step how to start profiting from resale rights products in only 7 days.

This is a workable 7 day plan that anyone can follow.

I am providing written material, worksheets, checklists, training videos and all the resources you need, all you have to do is read, watch and copy.

Making money from Resale Rights products isnt hard, as long as you have a proven system in place.

Tomorrow I will be providing the same proven system that has seen me earn over Quarter of a Million Dollars so far this year.

The way you look at resale rights products changes for the better at 3pm EST tomorrrow.

    4 replies to "Just Over 24 Hours to go."

    • Sally

      Hi John

      Do you have an affiliate sign up page?

      Thanks Sally 🙂

    • Randy Smith

      I must tell my list about this course….
      Having been priveliged to have a sneak peak – I will definitely be adding a unique bonus to anyone who really wants to work your plan John.

      And I know my daughter is really looking forward to getting a copy – I may have ‘bigged’ you up a bit there John – but hey – your income proves you are worthy of the praise!

      Which is cool considering you’re a ‘normal guy’ just like the rest of us, not some hyped up flash git…lol


    • eliseo

      Hi John,

      I’m pretty excited about your Resale Rights blueprint. I believe this blueprint will help me quit my day job. I just keep my fingers cross.

    • Alpha981

      Let the Battle of the Freebies commence 🙂 🙂

      I must be on way too many IM mailing list as I have 5 or 6 emails
      from marketing people with the Title “Do not buy Resale Rights Blueprint by John Thornhill” buy from me as my Bonus collection is
      bigger than his/yours…

      As the product is from John Thornhill it will sell on its own without
      having to give bonus collections away

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