I have been getting a ton of questions regarding my coaching program that launches next week, here are a few of your questions answered. If you have any more simply reply to this post and I will personally respond.

How does this program differ from your previous products?
The main difference is I have assembled everything in a step-by-step easy to follow manner and I have covered everything I know. You also have to realise this is personal coaching so I will be personally guiding you every step of the way.

How much can I expect to spend after I invest in your coaching program?
There are some things you must have such as a domain name and a hosting account to store your websites on plus an autoresponder service to build your mailing list. These are monthly fees that can’t be avoided and you can expect this to cost around $40 per month, but these fees will become insignificant as time goes by. You will also need to invest in a few low cost services such as a ClickBank publishers account. Although there are more expensive easier options you can complete this course and the total cost of everything you need should not exceed $200 and remember that is over the course of 16 weeks.

I know absolutely nothing about making money online, can you really help?

That is the main reason I have created this program. Even if you just got your first PC today I assure you that you will be able to follow this program. In just 16 short weeks you will have your own online business up and running.

How much can I expect to earn from this program?

This is the million dollar question that I wish I could answer but I’m afraid I can’t. Everyone is different, has different ambitions and desires and different skills so I can never say how much you can expect to make but I will make you this promise. I will do everything I possibly can to guide you and turn you into a success. I will be here for you every step of the way and you will never feel alone with no one to turn to.

When are you launching your coaching program?
My coaching program will launch on Tuesday 22nd of January 2008 at 3pm EST and coaching will begin on Monday 28th of January 2008. However if you are on the pre-notification list you will get a full 24 hour head start on everyone else to view the home page and see what I am offering. To get on the pre-notification list visit http://www.johnthornhillcoaching.com

How much will coaching cost?
The cost of coaching will be $497.00, this is a one time payment. Now I don’t know how you feel about that price but remember that is for 16 weeks personal coaching and access to me as much as you need for 16 weeks. I have been quoted $15,000 PER YEAR to be coached off one online company so I know $497 is terrific value.

How many people will be accepted?
I will be taking on 25 students for the first run. I have to do this as I don’t want to over commit. I want to ensure I give the best possible service to anyone that invests in me. This may change in the future as I become more accustomed to everyone’s needs but for starters I will only let in 25 people.

Can I do this working a full time day job?
Yes, you can do this along with your day job as I plan to deliver the course via video, audio and PDF. This means you can work at your own pace when it suits you.

How many hours a week would I need to allocate to make this work?
You will need to work on average 5-10 hours per week but occasionally it may be more, EG, during product creation.

Can you offer the possibility of paying in instalments?
At the moment I can’t offer instalments but I may do that in the future.

This covers the most common questions if you have any more simply reply to this post and I will personally respond.

Remember! If you are on the pre-notification list you will get a full 24 hour head start over everyone else so if you want to be part of this head over to http://www.johnthornhillcoaching.com to get on the pre-notification list and look out for my email next Monday at 3pm EST.

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    • Joe Pina

      Hi John
      I have joined your programs, bought various ebooks and subscribe to your various membership sites (Mentorship and Planetsms).
      I am keen to join your Coaching Program but I have 3 questions.

      1) I bought your ebooks +website program which I’m trying to get going in the next week or two. Question: how much more is in your coaching (apart from the 1 on 1 teaching) related to creating the website (which I still need to do, but finding a bit hard to get to grips with).

      2)I would like to fast track the course if that was possible, as I really want to get moving with this business. Is there any way that intensive studying and dedication can cut down the time from the 16 weeks, or is there only so much released each week?

      3) Does it involve Article publishing along the lines of your 7 day course, which I also bought but decided to put on hold for the time being (mainly to concentrate on the ebook business, following your advice to do one thing at the time).

      Lastly but not least, unfortunately I have an appointment on Monday evening (I live in London, UK) at the time of the release. I’m sure that the 25 places will be snapped up in no time. How can I ensure that I get one? Is it possible to pay prior to that time, or to place a deposit?
      Joe Pina

      Reply by John.

      1) This program has nothing in common with any product I have sold in the past. Without giving too much away it’s all about getting you creating your own products and building a list.

      2) I’m afraid there is no ‘fast track’ as I don’t want anyone left behind, we all work together over 16 weeks. After this is over you can work as little or as hard as you wish.

      3) As you are learning everything (and I mean everything) about me and my business one week will cover article marketing.

      I plan to pre-launch on Monday 21st at 3pm EST (8pm GMT) and the payment button will be live (PayPal) and to make it fair it will be first come first served.

    • Sally

      Hey John,

      I know you will obviously be holding your cards close to your chest but…

      1, Will there be coaching calls?

      2, Will we have email support 24 / 7 from YOU PERSONALLY?

      3, Will all sales be focused on traffic from eBay?

      4, Will we be required to create products or use mrr or plr?

      5, Will you reveal anything new?

      That’s my own personal questions,

      Sally 🙂

      Reply by John,

      1, No, everything will be delivered via video, audio and PDF on a weekly basis, this way you can work at your own pace when it suits you.

      2, Yes, for help/advice you will get personal access to me personally via email and in emergency situations via telephone.

      3, No, sales will be focussed on selling ClickBank products you will create, but eBay will be involved along with a ton of other methods.

      4, Yes, you will be creating your own products and I will guide you through the whole process. This will take up a few weeks on it’s own and there is so much I have to teach in this area. You can use PLR material and I will explain more in the course.

      5, I will be revealing a lot of new material, my business is not just eBay as I showed in the first video.

    • Leslie Barnes

      Hi John, Thanks you for the info re your planned training course. I have been very keenly looking forward to its start, but now I am totally shattered. As a 74 year old pensioner who has learned a lot from you, I have been scheming and planning for the past week or so as to how I could filch $40 per month out of the lousy pension that we get from the UK Government for British Natives that fled the shore to make space for the “league of Nations” that replaced us, only to now find that you want the whole lot in one go, was it really necessary to demand such a huge upfront price?

      From a disappointed supporter.
      Regards. Leslie

      Reply by John,
      I’m afraid I can’t do anything about domain fees, hosting fees, ClickBank set-up fees, Aweber fees and any other fees that arise as you run your business. These are business expenses that must be paid or you can’t have a business.

      If you feel the price I am charging is huge I’m sorry, but it’s actually one of the cheapest prices you will see for ‘personal coaching’.

      I may have an instalment plan in the future as I know it’s a big payment but as this is the first time I have done this I can’t do it first time round, I’m really sorry.

    • Richard

      Hello John. Will I be able to pay with a bank draft or international money order? Thanks. Richard

      Reply by John,
      Payments will be through PayPal.

    • Franck Silvestre

      Hi John,

      I’m following you since your “watch me make $10K on ebay” ebook, and you was one of the first IM inspiration for me.

      You OVER DELIVER, really, and your system works. I would recommend to anyone to take your coaching without even thinking a single minute.

      I’ve set up an ebay biz already, like you advised and got tons of feedback, and I must admit that I left it, but I’m back.

      Your system is incredible.

      To our success,


      Reply by John.
      Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it.

    • Tracey

      Hi John,

      A reply that you gave above has me intrigued .. “sales will be focussed on selling ClickBank products you will create”.

      At first I thought that your personal coaching might have been too basic for me as I already feel quite accomplished with selling info products on eBay, building a list etc, however I am yet to create my own product so maybe I’ll be getting my cheque book out after all 😉

      Will you be helping promote our product to your list as well? If so I’m in!


      Reply by John,

      I earned over $150,000 from ClickBank sales in 2007, (see video 1 at http://www.johnthornhillcoaching.com/) and in 2008 I hope to double that so naturally this is the area I will teach the most, but I will also be teaching a lot of other techniques such as everything I know about maximising the viral power of eBay. (See video 2 from the same page)

      I will be promoting some products to my existing subscribers but I am not guaranteeing it as it needs to suit my niche. EG, if your niche were to be dog training it’s pointless me sending an email, I hope this makes sense.

    • john e. brittmon

      Does this course include getting our own websites?

      Reply by John
      Yes, you will be creating your own websites, but don’t worry, I will show you everything you need to know.

    • ann

      Hi John

      I know you want to keep everything under wraps, but do you have an agenda or topic list for your coaching program? I know how to develop websites pretty well, so I wouldn’t want to have to spend 6-8 weeks learning about webhosting and creating and putting up a webpage 🙂 I’m asking because you said its good for beginners, and since I don’t see a list of topics of the course I don’t know what is the plan and will I be able to benefit from the first few weeks or have to wait for the more advanced stuff. I just can’t tell if the program is for me from the sales page 🙁

      Please advise

      Reply by John,

      Hi Ann,
      The first few weeks will be pretty basic stuff, however, this is what the survey told me. That’s why it is 16 weeks long. Once we get to around week 4 things will really start to take off so you would still get value but it may take a few weeks.

      Hope this helps

    • Tara

      Hi Ann,
      I just spotted your post to John, I have been trying to succeed on line since 2000 on and off and been taken for a ride by many a top guru, yet never got anywhere due to their sales page stating it was for beginners, after starting their course and being stumped at day one with all their techie talk and jargon. I can assure you that Johns sales page is true to his word. Believe me he is 100% genuine and his course is unreal, If I can follow it a monkey can be taught ok maybe thats an insult to the monkey but honestly with my heart, John is brilliant and beginners is who he concentrates on. You will get where you want to be with John as your mentor, I’m blown away at the stage I am at, you can take a look at my blog as it is filled with praise for this guy and you can see what I have achieved so far…….

      I hope I am not intruding, I just wanted to reassure Ann and everyone else, as I too have been in their shoes not knowing what is for real, and John is for Real!!! I am where I am today because of John Thornhill….. something I will never in this lifetime forget.. Thank you John…

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