Watch the video to see what my Masterclass program did for Omar Martin.

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    7 replies to "Does My Masterclass Program Work?"

    • Mike

      Hi John,

      Hope everything is well.

      Omar, This is awesome that you have achieved this level of success in 2 years it’s people like you and John that keep the rest of us motivated to keep going and never give up on that dream to be successful even to just get to a portion of the success that you have had so far thanks for the motivating video.

      Thanks John for putting Omar’s video up.


    • Mike Dobridge

      Excellent testimonial! This shows what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication, along with the right mentoring program.

    • Robert Simpson

      Hi John,

      Wow! Now that’s what i call a testimonial…

      If i wasn’t a student of Dave’s I would definitely have invested in your class after watching that short video.

      Certainly spurred me on to do better things.

      Robert 🙂

    • keith

      very nice and incredible post thaks john.

    • Thanks for sharing this John. Omar really provided inspiration to a lot of people, and letting them know that it can be done, as long as you have the right mentor and the right system, there’s no way that you can fail.

      Kind regards,


    • Denise

      Hi John and Omar

      Great video and well done. More inspiration like this…mind you I am a sucker for an American accent 😉


    • Jim Nariel

      Hi All

      I watched this video and was all inspired for action. I agree Ormar was great in terms of the content and belief that it can be done

      super stuff

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