I have created another short video that should open your eyes to the world of selling eBooks on eBay and show you what to expect from my coaching program when it launches next week. Consider it a free lesson 🙂

Simply go to http://www.johnthornhillcoaching.com/ and watch video two. If you have not yet watched video one I suggest you watch that first.

If you have any questions about my coaching program simply reply to this post and I will answer all questions later in the week.

    9 replies to "John Thornhill’s Coaching Program, Free Lesson."

    • Gareth


      Great stuff as always.

      Thing is, I can only get the second video to run for around 4.42 before it stops, even though it seems to be fully loaded.

      Is it me? I though the vid was around 15 mins?



    • John Thornhill


      Try performing a hard refresh by hitting F5. That should solve your problem.

    • Bill U

      The coaching program seems to be exactly what I am looking for. Someone told me why spend all your effort drawing people and traffic to your site through SEO and advertising, when you can put your site in front of millions and the traffic on Ebay? Makes sense to me. My marketing and Ebay knowledge is like Swiss Cheese, solid here and there, but mostly full of holes. I hope this will fill in the gaps and layout the process in an orderly manner from A to Z

      Bill Urell

    • Tracey

      Great Video yet again! – This time you REALLY have outdone yourself. Fantastic.

      I was also having problems with the video stopping in IE, but I just tried it with Firefox and it worked great in that browser.

      Can’t wait to see that third video!


    • Scott Cromwell

      Sorry John, but the second video seems to be the same one as the first. I went to johnthornhillcoaching.com and clicked to play the second video only to discover it is/was identical to the first. I just tried it a second time and now I’m getting an error message to install Flash Player, which I already did but still video 2 won’t play. Not sure why I can’t yet, but I look forward to seeing video #2.


      Reply by John.

      I have just switched the videos to a faster server, have another try as they should be fine now. Remember to refresh the page a few times if the video wont load and let me know if you still have problems.

    • Randy Smith

      Great info as ever John 🙂

      Just one thing – And it may sound daft saying it….
      But people need to know that they will have to ‘Take Action’ with the info you give…

      I only mention it as my Daughter has yet to complete the first step by step manual I gave her – and is spending all her time on msn and browsing ebay !!!

      I’ll be blogging about it soon — unbelievable as it may be after all the months of begging to be shown what to do.

      That said – anyone who does follow your advice is sure to make a regular income…. I know this to be true as it happened to me. (Thanx John) And I still have a heap of stuff not done too…lol


    • Lee

      Hi John,

      Excellence video.Awaiting your product launch and hope this will solve my puzzle of getting start.


    • Joey

      Hi John

      Hopefully, I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’m not a writer, er, can’t is not really the word, I don’t want to write a blog or a newsletter. Just not my thing! That being said, I do think I could write a decent ad or salesletter with direction of course. So after watching your videos, very well done methinks, I’m thinking maybe your coaching is not right for me.

      Reply by John,

      I’m not a writer either but I make $1000s selling eBooks. Everything I write has to be proofread.
      Even if you can’t write you can still create a best selling eBook. Plus an info product needn’t be the written word. How about audio/video?

      If you can’t I’m saying you can but if you don’t want to there’s not really much I can do.

      Something to think about…

    • Jey Lee

      Hi John, That was a much useful video. I got couple of important tips. Thank you so much.

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