Ok, so you’ve just spent ‘x’ amount of time planning, designing and building your brand-new website. It is now ready for the masses, sitting on a domain name that almost flashes in neon lights.

All that is left is the tsunami of traffic to submerge it in potential customers.

*the faint sound of crickets*

…and the tsunami is nowhere to be seen.

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Traffic generation is a stumbling block that has the majority of marketers banging their fists against the IM gates, convinced there’s a magic ingredient they’ve not been told about.

Is it really as hard as you think or are you just over-complicating things; creating a fog that stops you progressing…yet can easily be blown away?

Adrift at Sea

In the beginning, it does seem like an impossible task because you feel invisible.

You feel like you are adrift at sea, floating aimlessly with the doors and shutters of your website still sealed shut, and little evidence of anybody or anything inside – no matter how bright that neon is shining.

But as you begin to learn what strategies there are, you start to see the flickering lights of ports in the distance. One-by-one you sail to these harbours where each one holds a population of various traffic sizes.

You master how to lift your shutters and open your doors to start attracting the first hits to your website.

Drop Anchor

As you get better and more confident at attracting your visitors, you learn what ports work for you and you drop anchor, perfecting your methods and the quality of traffic that you generate.

The tsunami has begun.

It is small but the longer you keep anchored, the bigger it becomes.

Addiction Leading to Riches

Oddly enough, as the momentum builds and the number of daily visitors you receive increases, the more addicted you will get at growing your tsunami.

And best of all, that addiction you have for growth will result in many, many sales…for years to come.

You are no longer invisible.
You are no longer banging your fists against the IM doors.
You no longer fear being stranded at sea.

And you realise that generating traffic ain’t that difficult after all.

It All Starts with A Coffee

So, before you start getting distracted by the next shiny object that hits your inbox, grab a coffee – or a cuppa – and watch the following videos from the Traffic Generation Club.

>>Watch the Videos Here<<

These videos cover topics such as:

  • massive traffic made easy;
  • quantity vs quality;
  • turning words into traffic;
  • optimizing your traffic and
  • a great traffic source that gets overlooked.

It might just be the best coffee you’ve had in a long time.

This is a guest post written by Loretta Raine

If you want to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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