I live in a beautiful valley, surrounded by mountains on the west coast of Canada.

My journey into the online world of internet marketing or IM, includes many unique twists and turns, roadblocks and dead ends.

I know I am not alone, as this continues to be the experience of so many people.

It’s a path many of us take in learning to understand the key aspects of internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Many never get to the other side to reap the rewards that will come by not giving up.

I have also concluded that especially for those of us who are older, getting a handle on many of the technical parts can be really, really challenging. When I started out in 2010, I thought to myself, I have a graduate degree, I have a good level of education post high school, I should be able to figure this out.

If not, then I’ll just find myself a good coach or mentor. Well, a good coach that knows how to teach and offers good support isn’t as easy to find as I had thought, it took me much longer than I ever anticipated.

I applied myself, took action, I spent hours & hours and many late nights trying to get it right. So often a product creator would promote his product by saying, “this is so easy, this is very newbie friendly, even my seven year old could do this”. But why was it so hard to master for people like me? Is there something wrong with me, I know I can follow basic steps and instructions.

A few years ago I came across an article where the author suggested a key reason, as to why people today in the older generation find it much harder to figure out the technical side of things online, as compared to younger people who seem to just “get it” on the first try. Younger folk seem to be naturals and it just comes easy, at least that what it seems to me, compared to those of us who are older.

The author had pointed to a certain year, those born before 1962 were referred to as “immigrants” to todays fast-paced, internet age and those born after in 1962 and after were “natives”. I’ll put it another way, it’s like they were born with a laptop or an iPhone in their crib. It comes so easy to them, it’s like they can complete so many of these tasks blind-folded, where as, for me, I must confess it’s been really difficult to master. Yes, I was born before 1962.

That article came to mind a few times, during my endless struggles, maybe that writer’s theory is true?

Regardless if you’re an immigrant or a native, but especially if you’re an immigrant to the online world, figuring this all out by yourself will take a long time and research reveals that most will never get there at all. Many have given up along the way, finally arriving at the conclusion that it’s not available to them or believing that they’ve been scammed.

How to create a product, how to structure a funnel, how to position the up-sells, how to attract JV partners? Going it alone, learning from your own missteps, mistake after mistake, it can feel like you’re in a thick fog or lost in a corn maze in a farmer’s field.

So how do you find a good coach or mentor? There are lots of coaching programs, but will it add to your sense of feeling lost or give you the tools and support to find your way through and lead to success? Maybe even amazing success. Yes, there are a number of very good coaches out there and I have found one I would like to recommend. He has an amazing track record which includes many successful students.

His name is John Thornhill and even though may himself qualify as an “immigrant” according to the theory I mention above, he is one of those good guys I look up to. He didn’t give up, pushed through the barriers and for years has help many others master and even excel past his own success. He understands that for most of us it’s not easy and offers step by step guidance and a high level of coaching and support. This could change your life.

Allan Lea

This is a guest post from Allan Lea, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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