After finishing my ebook “Email Marketing” -Yeah, I know that’s a plenty plain title and I figure I can change it if it doesn’t do well. My next move was to get eyes to my finished product. I decided to go cold list to do some experiment and here’s how I went about warming up my cold list.

Firstly, be open and honest right away: “Hey, I just found this old email list on my computer somewhere so I decided I’d clean it up and start emailing them, if you don’t want to be here, then just unsubscribe”.

Next, who are you and how you are of value to them: “My name is C L Arrington, I’m a Mentor and Entrepreneur. I help People and Businesses achieve their goals. I could go on and on about what I do, however, my purpose is to help you. That’s Right You!”

Inform them of where you got their email: “At some point, you inquired about running your own business or software solutions for your existing business – most likely using social media for marketing. I want to know what happened, did you get the encouragement and help you were seeking? YEAH, you can email me back; I’m not some anonymous guy hiding behind an autoresponder. So hit reply and let me know what you most need help with achieving your goals”.

Now is a good time to mention a bonus or offer a free gift. You could drop a link to whatever offer you have that’s free. For instance, I used a free gift that’s worth $20 bucks, easy. I’ll drop the link below in case you want to grab it yourself. (Very Important: Make sure your free gift or bonus is relevant to the prospects niche you’re emailing. You become an asset because you’re genuine interest in their business.)

Ok, over my next few posts I’ll continue giving you step by step how to warm up your old or cold email list. So about step one. That part is really easy. YOU NEED TO FIRST SCRUB THE EMAIL LIST. Personally, I’m using Never Bounce (

They don’t have an affiliate program so don’t think I’m saying that so I can just get a commission off you, I have my own stuff you can buy, I’m just personally using that software. When you scrub your email list it really helps you out. It will get rid of most of the email addresses that aren’t valid or will bounce, which will really help you keep your email sending reputation high, that’s important if you don’t want your emails going to spam and you actually want people to get them and read them, I’m assuming you do.

There are many other services to clean your email list, I just use never bounce. It does cost money, so feel free to look around and find a different one if you’d like. So that’s step 1. Very easy. That’s it for today. There are more steps for sure, but those are coming in future posts to you. You’ll find out the next steps in future posts and then it will even make sense to you why I didn’t tell you everything right now.

Don’t have an email list to even clean? Aw snap! Well, be sure to grab your free gift and bonuses below so you can follow through with step 1. Spoiler Alert: if you’re around when I do the final posting for this series you’ll receive a free copy of my latest ebook Email Marketing (I’m thinking of including the full video sales funnel as well – any feedback on whether I should or not will be really persuasive, just saying).

Because Only Results Matter,

C L Arrington


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