Most of us love January because it is time in which we often leave behind the events, struggles, disappointments, and losses of the previous calendar year and put ourselves into a new place mentally and begin to dream about how we would like the new year to be and how things will look when December comes around again.

We have wishes but must convert them into goals. Goal setting is a widely used practice in business and I can certainly remember when I was in the corporate world having to do this every January and being told that my goals must be SMART – Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely.

Develop Habits

All well and good – but to make reaching goals happen there is something else you need. You have to develop and implement habits and once you have a habit or 3 or 4 or more in place you will carry out those habits every day and it is there that the magic happens…and…You Make IT Happen. Your goals are achieved. It could take months, maybe the best part of a year but if you have made your goals realistic and timely they will be achieved!

Without consistent habits being in place, it is easy to be distracted, drift or give up when it seems harder than expected. To create habits you have to create and implement a system and use the system every day, eventually, the system becomes a habit.

Goals Are Not Useless

Goals are not useless. Goals give direction, habits give momentum. Ask yourself what do I want to achieve in your business?

What do I want to happen?

Make an extra $1,000 a month, have enough money to retire or quit my job?

Then ask yourself where am I at with my business?

It is then that you can write down your goals, create a system and out of that make daily habits.

Check where you’re at, and don’t set too BIG a goal if you’re just getting started. Set a small goal, create a system, do the work, and up your goal after that.

Be Accountable

Allow yourself to be accountable to yourself by regularly checking where you are in your progress, and also with someone else. A mentor is the best person to have around who is not directly invested in you or your business and will speak the truth to you in a way that will motivate, correct you and push you onwards to meet your goals

The Best Mentors

The best mentors I have ever had are John Thornhill and Randy Smith. In their Partnership to Success Program, the program is structured with training over 60 consecutive days with steps to implement every day. It is easy to follow the goal of completing the training in 60 days by creating a daily habit of working on it perhaps at a specific time and then being ready to create and sell your own digital product with the help of John and Randy with a coaching call wherever needed. All of the guidance and encouragement is provided, roadblocks, removed and then the best part once the product is complete these marketing giants will promote your product and help you reap the rewards of fulfilling your goals!

You can find out more about Partnership to Success HERE

Paul Elphick

This is a guest post from Paul Elphick, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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