Ranking videos on YouTube and Google is nowhere near as hard as you may think. I have been using this same process with very few minor adjustments and great success, for years.

When you follow the same process I detail in this post, there is absolutely no reason at all that you won’t get the same or even better results.

I’ll walk you through, step by step, starting from scratch with a brand new channel to ranking videos in only a few minutes.

Starting a New Channel

In this video we’re going to make a new channel on your YouTube account, name it, create and upload your images and adjust the default settings.

So let’s make a start.

First, go to your ‘Settings’ where you can add or manage your different channels. You can have up to 50 channels so create your new channel, giving it a unique and relevant name.

You can have channels for completely different subjects that you want to make videos for without any of them interfering with the others.

Before you upload your videos you need to customize the channel so that it looks nice when people come and is attractive to the search engines, particularly Google. To do this you need to add channel art and a little thumbnail image.

The easiest way to do that is to go to Canva.com Canva.com, open a free account and design your images.

In Canva, the YouTube channel image size is done all for you. You can start with a blank screen or you can use some of the pre-prepared templates.

You will notice that the text is pretty central and you will lose some of the text if you put it too close to the edges.

Save your image, go back to YouTube, add the channel art.

You may need to use a little trial and error to get the image just right!

YouTube Video Upload Defaults

The next thing we need to do is to upload a video. When you upload your videos you want to make sure they are “Unlisted” so they won’t go public until you want them to.

The reason we choose this option is that you want to be able to make sure your description, tags and thumbnail are all good before you share your new video to the world and allow those little spiders to visit your offering.

Taking your time to do this correctly will give you high rankings.

So that’s step one; we’ve set up a channel and we’re almost ready to upload our video.

YouTube Video SEO

In “Ranking Videos on YouTube Part Two”, we move on to this very important stage where we’ll be covering Video SEO – looking at getting your video ready to upload and actually uploading it.

I’m going to walk you through step by step, starting from scratch with a brand new channel to show you how to rank YouTube videos fast – in only a few minutes! The key is good video SEO.

So let’s make a start by making an extra channel on your YouTube account (YouTube is a part of your Google account.)

University and College Reviews is the name of the new channel in the video and that’s where we’re going to upload some videos and rank them high on Google and YouTube.

First of all, you need to go to your “Settings” where you add and manage your channels. Create the new channel by naming it for your main keyword… this helps to rank videos on page 1.

Upload Defaults – We want to select “Unlisted”.

So now when you upload a video won’t go public until you want it to and the reason for that is you want to be able to share it, check your video SEO, make sure your description and everything is good BEFORE the spiders see it and that will give you high rankings.

Ranking Videos on YouTube Part 2

Here we’ll be preparing and uploading the first video. This part of the process is known as video SEO (search engine optimization).

Once we have our video made, we want to look for factors that will help us rank, one of those factors is to find your keyword. Name your video file with relevant keywords before you upload and fill in the title, sub-title, tags and comments in the “Properties” of your video.

These tools will help you find relevant keywords and optimize your content in the fastest time possible – Keywords Everywhere, VidIQ and TubeBuddy.

The video description needs at least 2 – 3 paragraphs of text. This is an important step that most people overlook. YouTube needs to know what your video is about before they can rank it so your video description is the best way to let them know.

I recommend you either write a 2-minute transcript of the video or at the very least 2 paragraphs explaining its contents. It should include all your main keyword phrases 4 times in a natural way and LSI keywords (latent semantic indexing) too.

Another ranking factor is link authority. So in this example, we look up Tufts University on Wikipedia, copy that link and put it in your description. Linking out to at least one authority site helps your video rank high.

Do the same with competitors’ websites and videos – take the title and link and put those in your description. For additional video SEO, make a playlist and put that link in the description and all future videos. That way your playlist will take up another spot on top of the search engines!

Add hashtags to your description like these – #videoseo #youtubemarketing #rankvideosonyoutube – will also help the whole process of ranking your videos.

Upload an attractive thumbnail which you can also make in Canva.com. Again, name the file and use the “Properties” of your image to enhance the SEO.

Optionally you can add an “End Screen” and “Cards” although these do not affect the ranking of your video, so you can skip these on your first video.

Finally, publish and share your video. Use as many of the options given to you by YouTube – Facebook, Twitter, Blogger etc. and embed your video on your own blog too.

Video Uploading Checklist

► Keyword in title

► Add description

► Upload thumbnail

► Add video to Playlist

► Check – No, it’s not made for children

Under More Options

► Add Tags

► Select your video language

► Select category

Click Next

► Add an end screen

► Add cards

Click Next

► Hit Save

► Share on social media

► Play video through once

Ranking Videos on YouTube Part Three

So now you have uploaded your video, let’s check the results and see how well you’ve done.

Sign out of YouTube and use an incognito window to look up your video on Google and YouTube.

Search for your keyword and see how your video is ranking. You should be there, in at least the first 3 on YouTube and quite possibly on Google too.

NOTE: If there were no videos on the Google page itself before you started, they may not be allowing videos for that keyword. It may be tougher or even impossible to rank videos on Google on that page and as that’s not likely to change, move onto another keyword.

However, when you put more videos on the channel and link them all together, all your videos will get an SEO boost.

Ranking Videos on YouTube Part 4

To keep your video on top, give it a “Backlink Boost”. When you publish your video, the first thing you’ll see is buttons to share it but I like to do just a little bit extra here and recommend you do the same.

Go over to Ping-o-Matic. Here you can enter the Url and the title, make sure you check all the services then ping it out so the search engines can find it quickly.

That’s all you have to do there. There’s nothing fancy!

And then… like all good marketers, go the extra mile.

Head over to a Google Drive. So all you’re going to do here is put your title and description on the sheet and grab the share button.

Head back to Pingomatic and then instead of the YouTube Url, we put in the Google Drive document URL and send that out.

And that’s all there is to it.

So that’s how you rank videos on YouTube and Google in just a few minutes. As you can see we’re using all free tools for this so it doesn’t need to cost you anything.

Remember, take the extra time, go the extra mile, put in all those good video SEO techniques, and then you won’t have any problems in ranking your videos on YouTube and Google.

All that remains now is for you to take action on this.

I’m taking action by showing you how to rank your videos because I’m learning a lot more about marketing online from following the free training in this webinar:


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This is a guest post from Ed Kirwan, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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    • Steve Deans

      Hi Ed. Absolutely brilliant post on ranking Youtube videos, one of the best I’ve read. I am implementing your advice as we speak on some new videos of my own. Thanks so much!

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