In this fast-paced world of high tech, constant bombardment from the 24-hour negative news cycle, emails flooding your inbox with the next big opportunity that “Guru” after “Guru” is pushing, it’s no wonder why so many people suffer from “Information Overload” and no longer pursue the dream of owning an online business.

The effects of “Information Overload” can lead to frustration, desperation; crippling the mind, body, and spirit, leaving you with a feeling of being a failure. After many years of going down this road of self-destruction, I made a commitment to myself to share this journey with others, on how I was able to start to turn things around and make some positive strives in what seems to be such an elusive industry of “Making Money Online.

Step #1 – Find a Proven Mentor
I have been struggling for years trying to get one business after another off the ground. I always used to have that “I will do it myself” attitude. This is a sure way to reach the point of information overload and failure very quickly.

Experiencing the empowerment of working with a mentor has opened my eyes to collaborating with someone else. Working with successful entrepreneurs and like-minded community has allowed me to explore my true potential and open my eyes to the incredible power of working with others in helping to achieve my goals.

A mentor can show you what steps they have taken in reaching success while avoiding the most common pitfalls and mistakes that are made in this business, ultimately leading you away from the fast path to destruction.

So many individuals are drawn to the online lifestyle because of the low start-up cost and ease of entry needed compared to your traditional brick and mortar business. This is why according to many sources, 90% of all Internet business start-ups quickly end in failure for the first 120 days. That is a staggering NINETY PERCENT!

The grim statistics alone are enough to prevent someone from even attempting to get involved in this industry. Not to mention, that even though it is easy to get in and get started, you need to have the mindset that this is a business and has to be treated as such. Another mistake that most people make is that they take it for granted and treat it more like a hobby instead of a business. Let’s face it; a hobby will not make you money.

When I finally came to terms with the reason I was consistently failing, I made the decision to find a mentor and partner with John Thornhill.

The reason for my decision is that John has a proven track record of success, an easy to understand step by step learning platform, and an automated system in place that can help streamline your success. Following a plan and strategy that allows me to learn at my own pace in a methodical way, actually being spoon-fed the information, only then did I finally start seeing small positive results of success in my own business.

I am very excited about my progression through John’s system so far and looking forward to the journey. I will be scaling and taking my business to the next level so that I can start seeing even more positive results.

If you are at a point where I was, struggling to put it all together and just need someone to hold you accountable while helping you through the process of achieving positive results and getting that first online paycheck, then look no further.

Why am I sharing with you the key to online success? I have been struggling for years looking for training that is step by step and proven to work. When I finally took that most important first step and found a proven mentor, I started learning a lot about marketing online and what it takes to start an online business.

I felt the need to help others overcome the struggles and share my experience by giving them the opportunity to go through the proven system that shows how to create automated income streams. Free training for this webinar can be accessed here: Partnership to Success.

To Your Success!

Jason Gounaris

This is a guest post from Jason Gounaris, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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    • Newton Onukwusi

      Mentors seems quite difficult for me to find

      • John Thornhill

        Contact me and I will help you.

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