Want to know how to make your first affiliate sale?

Well, the answer may surprise you. After all, we’ve all seen those flashy sales pages out there, promising the moon… but if it were that easy, you wouldn’t have clicked this post (and I wouldn’t be writing it).

But, it’s true.

After just 1 week of promoting this one QUALITY affiliate product, I made my first sale.

And I’m going to break down exactly how, step by step so that you can follow along if you wish.

Step 1 – Product Selection 

The first step was product selection.

We all know how many products there are available these days – it seems like more than we can keep track of pop up every single day.

So the first thing that I honed in on, was really finding a reputable product, and not just that, but a reputable person behind the product.

I was at the point in my life where I was DONE with “testing” a bunch of things to see what sticks…

I had tested, and tested, and tested, and even though I had bought all the courses, all the “magic” email swipes and all the upsells… I still had yet to make any affiliate sales.

It hurt, And there’s a good chance you’ve been there too.

So what ended up happening?

The first REAL step was making the committed decision that this time – I was IN. 

I knew it wasn’t going to be 1-click and then loads of money pouring into my bank account as all the gurus promised.

Experience and a lot of trial and error had taught me that.

I had accepted that I would need to learn a new skill and do some of the set up myself.

I was ready.

So once I truly decided that I was in this (that’s the REAL first step, that most people never do) I moved on to product selection.

If you’re not new to affiliate marketing, you already know that selling low ticket products can feel like you’re on the slow boat to China.

One $7 commission here… another $4 commission there… for all the time effort and attention (not to mention money) I had put into this, I was sick of it.

I decided that I needed to find a product that paid out commissions of at LEAST a couple hundred bucks.

Why? Because I was in this for real.

I knew that it would be a long time (or never) before the low ticket sales added up to enough to provide a stable income.

So that was what I did – I started by searching for a high ticket product, and a quality, reputable one at that.

It was not an easy search. I looked up several of the highest-earning products on ClickBank, but all of them made claims that didn’t feel realistic, and thus I didn’t feel good about promoting them.

After quite a lot of searching, I came across a program that was VERY different. 


Because it wasn’t a course.

It was an actual ENTIRE funnel system, emails, and everything…

essentially a “passive income in a box” business that appealed to me. 

And after seeing the entire presentation, and doing my own research on the product creator himself, I decided that I was in.

And this product was none other than John Thornhill’s Super Funnel.

The 2 things that stood out to me above all the rest – were

1.) John’s honest and open demeanour on the webinar, which you can attend for free right here.

He doesn’t make unrealistic claims or drive Lamborghinis or flaunt his mansions like all the gurus do.

The second thing was, I loved how passive the product was, and how it provided literally HUNDREDS of opportunities to get paid from just sending traffic to ONE link. If you want to see what I’m talking about, click here.

After making the firm decision that I would go all-in (plus, feeling so excited for all the opportunities to get multiple times a day for the next year) I set the entire thing up in under an hour.

John makes it simple and easy to get going even if you’re a complete beginner, in just about 30-60 minutes flat. And that’s not an exaggeration.

Traffic: How I made my first High-Ticket Affiliate sale with only an $80 ad spend 

The final piece as we all know is traffic. It was time to get some traffic to my link and subscribers on my list.

After hearing about a very UNIQUE traffic source (that John has a video training on inside his member’s portal) I settled on Microsoft Ads.

I had a few simple settings set up, such as keywords such as “affiliate marketing” “how to get started with affiliate marketing” and “affiliate marketing for beginners”.

The entire campaign setup is beyond the scope of this blog post, but let me tell you — this blew me away.

After spending just $80 on Microsoft Ads and 1 week later, I checked back to see that I had made my first high ticket sale and generated my first $190 in affiliate commissions at the time of writing this blog post.

The best part is, that buyer is on a payment plan.. which means there are more commissions to come from just this one customer.

I’m very excited about the future of this, and again – there is a training on Microsoft ads inside of John’s program, which I am happy to be a member of.

If you want to see how and why this product is entirely different from anything you’ve seen on the market, and how I was able to finally see success in just a week, you can register for this very unique training here.

That’s it.

Trust the process, find people who are more successful than you are, and do exactly as they say.

You can follow in John’s footsteps, just like I did, by registering for his free training today.

This is a guest post from Nicholas Moreno if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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    • Anne Selcer

      Thank you Nico Moreno for setting out your step by step instructions. I can always count on you to make things clear and concise.

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