First of all, this blog post only applies to people from the UK. If you live outside of the UK it won’t apply to you, (sorry) but there is still a valuable marketing lesson to be learned in this blog post.

This all started when I wrote this post on Facebook explaining how I had moved to a new energy provider and how I was going to save £400 per year by switching from one provider to another. I was with Sainsburys Energy and was moving to E.ON as they came up the cheapest on the USwitch comparison site.

However, upon seeing my post a friend got in touch and he basically told me he was with another provider called Bulb that does not show on USwitch, so I should check them out and see if I can save more.

He then told me how they are very green energy company that uses 100% renewable electricity, and how good their service is as he had been with them for months and was very happy.

He then said one more thing that caught my attention.

“If you switch they will pay you £50 and they will pay me £50”

Wow, that’s some offer. How could I resist the chance of a £50 credit? So I checked them out and found out I could save £627 and 2 minutes later I was signed up.


Now I just have to sit back while the switch takes place.

No matter who you are with this company is worth checking out, they will even pay your exit fees to get you out of your current contract.

And get this, if you do switch via this link you get £50 and I get £50. It’s win win.

I honestly can’t think of one reason not to go with this company.

My advice is to check them out and see how much you can save, remember that the whole process takes minutes.

And if you do go ahead remember that you can also earn £50 per referral. Just mention Bulb to your family, friends and work colleagues and you could even cover the cost of your energy bills.

Now for the marketing lesson, can you see how Bulb are getting their customers to refer them with a £50 reward? This is viral marketing at it’s best, the customer becomes an affiliate and the whole process keeps going. Are you encouraging your customers to promote your products as soon as they purchase? If not you may want to look at implementing this into your sales process.

Please note this blog post contains a personal recommendation to Bulb and I do not represent Bulb or any Bulb employee.

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    • Becky Willis

      I think it is awesome when companies such as energy providers offer an incentive to their new customers. When you are able to promote another company and receive money back for doing so it is a win in my book.

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