Hey guys,

In this video we show you how we took an original product from a PLR site and everything we did, step by step, to get it online and making money!

You get to see everything we did to turn an ordinary product into a successful product that will go on to generate us an income for years to come.

This is 100% pure content that can help you get the most from the PLR material sitting on your hard drive.

PLR Jackpot Webinar Bonus

Here are some links mentioned in the webinar:

Now go ahead and duplicate exactly what we just did to make YOUR OWN income stream!

    3 replies to "Free Training Webinar, How to Profit From PLR"

    • Pauline

      Hi John
      thanks so much for sharing this, I will sit down at a quiet moment and go through the webinar, one of my goals for 2012 is to create my own product for the first time so this will help me do it! I have lots of PLR just collecting dust on my hard drive that I can use.

      • Kevin Long

        Hi Pauline

        I’m one of John’s students, and have just finished my first eBook, and all because of John’s coaching program, if you’re not on it, I would highly recommend that you invest in yourself and get on it.

        Hope you did’nt mind me commenting, all the best.


    • Kevin Long

      Hi John

      Thanks for the great video, and also for the freebies, Profit From PLR is awesome, i’m watching the video’s now, just thought i’d drop you a line and say thanks to you and Dave.



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