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    2 replies to "EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD STORY!"

    • Duncan Whitmore

      I’m not entirely sure that – if writing a blog post, at least – visual manipulation of the text with different fonts, colours etc. during a narrative necessarily achieves the same effect as visual aids when delivering a story orally.

      To my way of thinking, some of the suggestions here are more likely to be a nuisance rather than a help.

      At the very least, such devices should be deployed conservatively, otherwise the result will be a garish looking page.

      • Jim Davis

        I believe Marti has some valid points, and many of Marti’s suggestions could be used to bring attention to specific areas you want visitors to focus on. But I also agree with Ducan. If these techniques are overused, then you are more likely to distract readers and push them away.

        Limiting your post to two fonts and one or two ways to stress specific topics would serve you best. I also believe keeping the same selected group of items from post to post would work better also. Changing the style and fonts and emphasizing items in each post would become annoying. Now changing things up for an occasional post would be a nice change, but I don’t believe that would work in your favor changing everything in each post.



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